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  • Title: Tyler
  • Author: Linda Lael Miller
  • ISBN: 9780373773640
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Whether winning championship belt buckles or dealing with Hollywood types for endorsement deals, former rodeo star Tyler Creed can handle anything Except standing on the same patch of land as his estranged brothers Yet here they are in Stillwater Springs, barely talking but trying to restore the old Creed ranch and family.Lily Kenyon knows all about family estrangemenWhether winning championship belt buckles or dealing with Hollywood types for endorsement deals, former rodeo star Tyler Creed can handle anything Except standing on the same patch of land as his estranged brothers Yet here they are in Stillwater Springs, barely talking but trying to restore the old Creed ranch and family.Lily Kenyon knows all about family estrangements and secrets The single mom has come home to set things right, to put down roots for her daughter What she doesn t expect is Tyler Creed, whom she s loved since childhood Now the handsome, stubborn cowboy who left home to seek his fortune just might find it was always under the Montana sky.

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This was my first book by Linda Lael Miller and I'm not quite sure what I should say. I know she has written a zillion books so I'm aware she is quite popular but this oneOk, here goesFirst of all, there were a dozen little plots that all centered around the hero, Tyler Creed. Tyler is on his way home to Montana after being on the rodeo circuit for about 12 yearswhere he became famous. We meet him in the parking lot of Walmart where he is swapping his brand new Escalade for an old man's beat-to- [...]

I think of the three Montana Creed books, this one was probably my favorite. It had a little extra zing to it. Tyler, for as stand-offish as it was, came off rather endearing. And the romance between him and Lily was excellent. Montana Creeds: Tylers is the 3rd book in Linda Lael Miller's Montana Creeds series which is about 3 brothers who have been estranged since the death of their father. It's important to note that this series should be read in order. The books are pretty connected.Tyler is [...]

There is this hot guy who comes back at home with a chip in his shoulder and meets again his young love. He is hotter than hot. And he has had an alcoholic father and a suicidal mother. Girls, let’s heal him!There are two scenes so utterly ridiculous that will stuck with me for life (view spoiler)[: 1. An orgasm induced by his mere proximity in the supermarket. I think he touches her arm with his finger.2. Him asking her to marry during an orgasm and wondering if the yes is to I want to marry [...]

Considering how many books Linda Lael Miller has written, you'd expect some books to be better than others, but wow. This one contained a magical sexual technique causing female orgasms in public by touching only a woman's hand, which is over the top for even this author. The heroine, Lily, has no problem getting back together with Tyler although he dated her while sleeping with someone else. She never asks him about this and the entire infidelity issue is never addressed between the characters. [...]

This is my first book by Linda Lael Miller. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I wasn’t expecting for our hero Tyler to get a free pass on what happened 13 years ago with Lily. Tyler is home to face his past and face the Creed demons that plague him. (view spoiler)[The emotional development is non-exiting for our leads. Tyler was married, but his wife died. Lily was married too, but was getting a divorce when her husband died. Tyler and Lily are back home for different reasons and meet up aga [...]

Sweet, sexy romance and nice family story. Lol at the Walmart scene.

Montana Creeds: Tyler by Linda Lael Miller is the third and final book in her Montana Creeds contemporary western romance trilogy about three brothers.It's youngest brother Tyler Creed's turn to take center stage in this book. Tyler has finally decided to come home to the family ranch to figure out a few things, like his relationship with his older brothers Logan and Dylan. Along the way, he reconnects with Lily Kenyon, the girl whose heart he broke when they were kids. Lily is now widowed with [...]

This is the brother in the series who is the most hurt, both by his brothers and by his parents. The youngest of the three, Tyler refuses to come home to make up with his siblings, but when he finally gets back to the ranch, there’s more waiting for him than he could have ever guessed. Not only is Lily back in Stillwater Springs, but he happens upon a young boy who may be his son.Lily left town years ago with a broken heart after Tyler went from her bed to another woman’s, but now a widow wi [...]

Ahh Tyler, tô de olho em você faz tempo!!!Adorei meu bem!!!Achei que você passou tão rapidinho!!!

A decent read. A few unnecessary cuss words in my opinion, but a good story.

Lily's father has a heart attack. She returns home to small town Montana to take care of him bringing her 6 year old daughter, Tess. She soon runs into her high school love Tyler Creed who has also recently returned home. Lily and Tyler quickly resume their relationship and are soon engaged. Lily returns home to Chicago to sort out her affairs and get things ready to move. Tyler discovers that he fathered Davie with a waitress, Doreen, whom he had been sleeping with during high school while dati [...]

This is perhaps the steamiest book of the series. I was blushing while reading it. Tyler said some things that would make any woman blush. And pardon me for what I'm about to sayop reading if you're a prude. I realize this book probably qualifies are a trashy romance novel so I should know what to expect. But I dislike the fact that the female character, Lily, repeatedly kept saying "Do me." Reallyat's just tacky. I mean this particular series actually has some substance to it but by her repeate [...]

of the 3 Montana Creeds books, I believe I like this one the most. Both characters had alot to work through and come to terms with. Tyler his father's and mother's deaths and Lily the death of her Husband. Whew! and the sex was hot too. Not a typical Miller read to me though seems like she branched out and I enjoyed this book immensely, especially the eplogue at the end of the book. All 3 books are definately keepers for my bookshelves.

Overall I enjoyed this story. The plot was good and I liked all the interactions with kids and family but I didn't care for the relationship. Believing the hero loved the heroine, after the way he behaved in high school, was a stretch and the quick restart just wasn't realistic. Lily returns to her hometown to take care of her ill father and picks up old boyfriend Tyler on the road after his car broke down.

The last in the Montana Creed series, this one was not quite as good as the first but better than the second. The plot line was less rushed but still in too much of a hurry. There was no time to really get involved. During the last third of the book, Lily and Tyler weren't even in the same town much, each dealing with their individual lives. There needed to be more after Lily got back from Chicago instead of the quick wrap-up.

Good. I have to say I missed the feelings between Tyler and Lily because there was a lot of sex (unprotected sex but hey we're in HPland ;) ).But I love this familiar aura in those books. Lots of children, dogs and good feelings.I liked this author very much so I decided to delve into her books and keep reading.

This was a great read, couldn't put it down. All 3 of the Montana Creed books are good but I really liked this one the most.

Lacked romance, actually, there was no romance. Lily needs a backbone, bad! She is a wimp that accepts anything Tyler throws at her. Not really believable.

A Fabulous Read!!!!I loved this book as much as I enjoyed the other two. I fell in love with all the Creeds and their families. I love Linda Lael. She's one of my top 10 authors. I recommend this series plus any book you read by her. I promise you want be disappointed.

TylerI love the way you get to know each character, the way they banter off one another. Such good stories the way Linda Leah Miller writes always wants you to keep reading and never put it down. This series has been great to read.

I enjoyed reading.

I enjoyed all three books in this series, but the sexual descriptions were way too long and detailed for my taste.

I like this one better then the last one. The story was better, the challenges were more interesting and the romance was more loving. The characters were more realistic.

I'm accustomed to her books being mature not xxx. The story was great but there was too much about their sexual habits.


Author: Linda Lael MillerFirst published: 2009Length: 4534 kindle locationsSetting: Contemporary. Stillwater Springs Ranch, Montana.Sex: Explicit. Reasonably frequent.Hero: Former rodeo star. Widower.Heroine: Widow. Single mother.Cheating: Tyler slept with an older woman while dating Lily in high school.Trigger: Tyler's father was an abusive drunk.Trigger: Tyler's mother committed suicide.Another Linda Lael Miller book, another stray dog and gifted child…I didn’t like Tyler. Lily was a doorm [...]

Okay, other than the error below I gave this 3 starts. So the series starts with Logan (5*), then Dylan (4*) and now Tyler (3*). I'd like to give it 3.5 starts but can't. I'm rounding down due to the error below. All the characters pick up strays, abandoned or mistreated, but now instead of animals it applies to a kid as well. It was obvious from the previous books who Tyler would fall for, so no big surprise there. What did surprise me was each "date" was nothing but an excuse for monkey sex! T [...]

All good things must come to an end I suppose, but I didn't want this trilogy to end. At the same time, I was interested to see how bad-boy Tyler would be roped into joining the other two in their venture to make the Creed name honorable once again and get the ranch going again.Logan started the Tri-Star Cattle Company, but it wouldn't be Tri-anything unless Tyler decided to sign on. Would he?When Tyler does come back to the ranch, he finds an unexpected squatter in his cabin, a young teenager w [...]

This is the third and last in the Montana Creeds Series. and probably my least favorite, but still a enjoyable read. Tyler is the youngest of the three brothers, and the most wild as well. The story starts out with Tyler trading his Cadillac for a truck; with a older couple. The man that owns that truck is baffled, but accepts the trade; who wouldn't?. Tyler is driving down the road heading back to Stillwater Springs and his pickup breaks down. He decides to call and find a tow truck, if he can. [...]

Disliked the book so much,I could'nt even finish this bookTyler-Lily they were dating and Lily proposed and he said no its too soon and side by side he was having sex with this 15 years older woman Doreen,now its been 13 years and now he is back after his wife Shawna dies in accident these two meet up after 13 years he calls no asking how are you,no asking or updating on what happened in past 13 years in their respective life's just he calls she says yes for dinner date and when they meet they h [...]

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