The Bed and Breakfast Star

Jacqueline Wilson

The Bed and Breakfast Star

The Bed and Breakfast Star

  • Title: The Bed and Breakfast Star
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780440867609
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback

Where do baby apes sleep In apricots I m Elsa, and that s one of my jokes I tell LOTS of jokes and I m going to be a big star one day I do my best to cheer my family up but no one seems to laugh much any Not since we lost our lovely house and had to move into a bed and breakfast hotel

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I read and then re-read this book several times as a child; I loved the character of Elsa and her fondness for cheesy jokes (although at that age, they aren't cheesy - just hilarious!) As ever, Wilson writes of a difficult subject in this story, and unfortunately one that effects thousands and thousands of children every day. Homelessness is a very real issue, and as an adult it is intriguing to be able to look back at this story and see it through the eyes of a child. Staying in a bed and break [...]

A book that I've read over and over again as a child, and now re-reading it as an adult! One of my all time favourite authors, whilst growing up, who has the gift of reaching out to millions of children! Jacqueline Wilson is able to conjure stories which every type of young person is able to relate to, either because of their families, love lives or social lives. This book is about a young girl, who is incredibly mature for someone who has to deal with half the things she faces. An incredibly re [...]

I remember this book and The Suitcase Kid, were the first gritty Jacqueline Wilson books I read. What I have always admired about Jacqueline Wilson is the fact she never romanticised anything in her writing, and I've always been in awe of her amazing, unique ability of being able to empathise so well with children.This book was harsh and realistic, but appropriate and entertaining for children. And to be frank, I think some modern children's writers could learn a real lesson from Wilson.

I thought it was really good

I’ve read this book before, I’m a little ashamed to say - lifted it furtively from my younger sisters bookcase (because they weren’t really books for boys).The narrative in The Bed and Breakfast Star is driven in the first person by Elsa, with lots of I did’s and personal thoughts and feelings, this child’s eye narration feels like a very intimate and personal account of her life, nothing is left out for the readers sensitivities. Reading the book as an adult, Elsa’s accounts of her [...]

I always adore Jac Wilson's book. I love almost all of her books, but surprisingly, this book isn't one of them. Why I don't like this book?The characters aren't likeable. Elsa is too irritating (to me) with all the jokes. She only think about herself and her ambission to be a famous comedian. Actually I kind of amuse by her toughness since she never cried whenever her stepfather hit her. I also like her way taking care of her brother and sister when her parents are too weak to even get up from [...]

'The Bed and Breakfast Star' is not a typical child's book that focuses on bunnies and other imaginative adventures that you'd find in a typical child's book. If anything, Jacqueline WIlson tells a story of a girl called Elsa, whose life is spent relocating in different parts of the country due to her mum's boyfriend losing and finding jobs. She keeps herself occupied by telling herself and others, whoever gives her the time of day, some inventive jokes. However, she's constantly shut own and to [...]

An excellent childhood read and one I will always remember. Through Jacqueline's creation of the vibrant Elsa and her family, a story of hope is told although at many times there is little to be found for the young 10 year old, her step brother Hank and her step sister Pippa. When Elsa's mother marries Mack (or "smack the Mack" as Elsa calls him due to his abusive tendencies) things go down hill fast when he loses his job. They are forced to live in a grubby run down Bed and Breakfast for which [...]

This book is another fantastic creation from Jacqueline Wilson. It has a great storyline with a great plot. The story is so simple yet so brilliant and this book will and has attracted many people.The Bed and Breakfast star is about a young girl named Elsa and her family. Her life was quite normal until her mother married Mack. Mack kept failing to keep his jobs to the point where Elsa and her family had to move to live with Mack's mother (which Elsa's mother did not like at all) so they moved t [...]

Dame Jacqueline Wilson (a very deserved title!) is, in my opinion, the best contemporary children's writer. She writes perfectly, in content, theme, style and accessibility for children from aged 6 to 13 (ish - of course this varies among children). She writes flawlessly for children, I could not find a single fault.She is never patronizing and introduces young people to important life issues such as love, poverty, friendship, adolescence, separated parents, illnesses and so much more, in a mann [...]

Wilson is great at making realistic characters that you can quickly come to term with, giving realistic reactions to events.Her books are great at getting children to really think about actions and their consequences, really opening the eyes of children to the world. Some of her books are sensitive reads yet they are all great at sending life messages to children.I feel as though Wilson books are a must in the lives of young children, a way of opening their eyes to the real world in the right wa [...]

I've never read a Jacqueline Wilson book but I'm vaguely familiar with the Tracy Beaker TV show so I was intrigued to see what all the fuss was about bearing in mind how popular her books are and how many there are as well. It's worth pointing out that I'm a 34 year old mum of 2 rather than the 9+ audience this is probably aimed at which may have shaped my opinions a lot. Elsa is sweet and funny as are her siblings and the book is well written for the age it's aimed at BUT(and this is where the [...]

Love how Jacqueline Wilson takes ordinary every day people in terrible situations and sprinkles them with her unique magic. What we have here is an amazing 10 year old girl who wants to brighten up every bodies lives with her random humour. Sadly her timing is usually slightly off and the jokers are often terrible. Or is just the situations? Still, they manage to come out the other side ok and the jokes become amazing. Love the zany illustrations! Why cant all books have them?!

Entertaining but heartbreaking story about being homeless from the perspective of a child. Jacqueline Wilson once again manages to tackle serious, depressing topics with humor, imagination, family and friends. Sad story with humor thrown in and a happy ending. Allows people to see what it really is like to be homeless but still seeing the world around you in a childish way.

Read as a child, a teen and a adult. These books are my comfort blanket and I will always come back to them. Couldn’t recommend highly enough xxx

so far the bed and breakfast star is going really well I love a good Jacqueline Wilson book

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“Aku kembali menjulurkan lidah, karena muak diomeli semua orang sementara aku tidak bersalah.” (Elsa – h.68)Elsa hidup bersama ibu dan ayah tiri, ditambah dua adik kecil yang sangat disayanginya. Kemarahan secara verbal seringkali datang kepadanya sebagai bentuk pelampiasan stres orang dewasa. Kehidupan Elsa berpindah-pindah, sampai dia menomori dan memberi penilaian tempat tidurnya setiap kali berganti tempat tinggal. Kepindahan untuk kesekiankalinya, mengantarkan Elsa dan keluarga ke Roy [...]

good book

The Bed and Breakfast Star is a book written by Jaqueline Wilson. The book is about a girl called Elsa, who is the narrator of the story. She is very cheerful and loves to tell jokes. Elsa lives happily with her mum in England until her mum falls in love with Mack the Smack, a Scottish man whom Elsa dislikes because he frequently uses smacking as a punishment. Elsa's mum marries Mack and they have Pippa, Elsa's five-year-old sister. Mack has a job but loses it. Then Elsa's family move to her ste [...]

Really loved the idea of this book, that this family have hit hard times and are stuck living in a bed and breakfast. Really interesting to see how the family cope, and how Elsa, the main character still manages to make the most of it!

The Bed and Breakfast Star by Jacqueline Wilson focuses on the young Elsa growing up through tough times as we watch her life deteriorate domestically from bad to worse. We see her move from house to house to eventually living in the ‘Royal’ which ironically was a ‘shabby’ bed and breakfast hotel. We as readers can see Elsa’s internal struggle which she covers up with a thick skin which paved the way for her love of comedy; in particular jokes. It is clear that her stepfather ‘Mack t [...]

Elsa adalah anak sulung di antara 3 bersaudara, dengan adik perempuan bernama Pippa dan adik bayi lelaki bernama Hank.Elsa hidup dalam keluarga yang retak, kemudian sang Ibu menikah kembali dengan seorang pria Skot bernama Mack.Awalnya kehidupan keluarga ini biasa-biasa saja, lalu morat-marit saat Mack kehilangan pekerjaannya.Tak punya tempat tinggal hingga mereka harus bernaung di hotel bed and breakfast yang kondisinya digambarkan sangat mengenaskan, dengan binatang-binatang kecil yang bukan p [...]

Semi-Spoiler alert! I don't really tell you what happens, just topics that occur throughout the book!The Bed and Breakfast Star is the sort of book that doesn't have a snappy happy end. It depicts life perfectly- and we get to read about it in little Elsa's point of view. Being older, we understand that she's going through child abuse, poverty, and discrimination based off the fact that she's a bread and breakfast kid (homeless,nearly). Elsa gets blamed for things that she doesn't really do, and [...]

The Bed and Breakfast Star follows the life of a young girl called Elsa and her family. The story is based upon the misfortune of Elsa and her family having to move from home to home throughout the duration of her childhood. Elsa’s father left her when she was young and her Mum met a new partner and went on to have two children, Pippa and Hank. Whilst Elsa adapts to having new siblings she finds developing a relationship with her stepdad (Mack) challenging nicknaming him ‘Mack the Smack’. [...]

My forth reviewThe Bed and Breakfast Star by Jacqueline WilsonThis is a tale about a young girl named Elsa. She is the eldest in her family which consists of herself, her mother, two siblings and a person she insists on calling her step-father.Told from her perspective the story is full of jokes(which she loves telling) and an imaginative way of viewing the world – which is depicted in some of the illustrations. Eg. When she talks of her brother and sister being ‘halves’ (half-brother and [...]

Re-read I definitely think this is one of Wilson's best books. She's always on good form when she writes about kids who have difficult lives, because she never does it in a patronising manner. Of course, reading as an adult, books like The Bed and Breakfast Star can be a difficult read, because you know the happy ending is temporary and can see that the issues go so much deeper. Writing a book that is completely suitable for junior readers but yet offers something extra to adults is a rare talen [...]

Hmm Untuk karya Jacqueline Wilson kali ini, terpaksa deh kasih satu bintang. Nggak suka karena adanya unsur kekerasan, merokok, dan memaki, yang kayanya nggak cocok untuk anak-anak. Terutama anak-anak Indonesia ya.So, disarankan yang baca ini orang dewasa saja :)Karakter utama, Elsa, tergambar dengan tabiat yang kurang baik. Rasanya nggak dekat dengan sosok si sayah. So, cukup sulit untuk ikut masuk ke dalam cerita.Buku ini menceritakan tentang Elsa dan keluarganya. Mama, Papa tiri dan dua adik [...]

The Bed and Breakfast Star is about a girl called Elsa and her family. When Elsa gets a new step-dad, her life seems to go from bad to worse. When her step-dad, “Mack the smack” loses his job, Elsa’s family find their selves so poor that they have to live in a grotty bed and breakfast, ironically named “Royal Hotel”. Elsa deals with the changes and difficulties in her life by telling jokes as she dreams of one day becoming a famous comedienne. She finally has her moment of fame when di [...]

The Bed and Breakfast Star is Elsie, a ten year old whose optimism endears the reader and whose 'sparkly' nature contrasts the depressing and run down accommodations that she, her mother, step father and half siblings find themselves living. Her dreams of being a comedian and making people laugh acts as escapism from her less than colorful life and even had me laughing out loud a couple of times. Elsie and her family struggle to cope after Mack (Elsie's step Dad) loses his job and they are force [...]

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