Infinity Blues

Ryan Adams

Infinity Blues

Infinity Blues

  • Title: Infinity Blues
  • Author: Ryan Adams
  • ISBN: 9781933354743
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback

Ryan Adams, one of America s most consistently interesting singer songwriters, has written a passionate, arresting, and entertaining book of verse Fans are going to love it, and newcomers will be pleased and startled by his intensity and originality The images are vivid and the voice is honest and powerful Stephen King, author of Duma Key Ryan Adams writes with equal Ryan Adams, one of America s most consistently interesting singer songwriters, has written a passionate, arresting, and entertaining book of verse Fans are going to love it, and newcomers will be pleased and startled by his intensity and originality The images are vivid and the voice is honest and powerful Stephen King, author of Duma Key Ryan Adams writes with equal parts precision and recklessness the blood he draws from the text is easily as unnerving as its unapologetic tenderness He is proof that poetry will find its writer Mary Louise Parker, actress Infinity Blues is Ryan Adams at his personal, unforgettable best Strong and beautiful and funny and pure Like all his work, it s soul poetry of the highest order Cameron Crowe, filmmaker This is much better than reading a friend s journal It s like watching somebody you love in the bathtub talking to himself You re like, wow, he s even good at taking a bath After reading Infinity Blues which I think is a great title , I give Ryan Adams the best compliment I ever got and the only reason for reading anyone s poetry Ryan, I really like your mind Eileen Myles, author of Cool for YouRyan Adams may be known primarily for acclaimed albums such as Cardinology, Heartbreaker, Gold which includes the popular hit songs When the Stars Go Blue and New York, New York , Love Is Hell, Cold Roses, Jacksonville City Nights, and Easy Tiger, but the world renowned singer songwriter has always been a poet and fiction writer at heart With the release of Infinity Blues, his nonmusical writing is for the first time ever unveiled in book form Mr Adams s work rings of an emotional authenticity that provides perhaps an even deeper insight into the man than is revealed through the songs that have resonated with his hundreds of thousands of fans the world over.RYAN ADAMS is usually performing in some city on the globe at any given moment with his longtime band the Cardinals Adams is known for his prolific nature, which in the last ten years has produced various international hit albums Adams has also produced Willie Nelson s Songbird album and contributed to records by Toots and the Maytals, Beth Orton, the Wallflowers, Counting Crows, and Cowboy Junkies additionally, he has appeared on CMT s Crossroads with Elton John He was a longtime Manhattan resident before relocating to France in 2009, and he listens to A LOT of heavy metal.

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Ryan Adams has been one of my favourite songwriters for years now, and though I don't read poetry much, I figured that since I loved his lyrics (which are essentially poems), I might like his poetry. I was right, though not in the way I thought. Ryan has a gift with words and playing them off each other, but Infinity Blues also displays his humor, his dark side, his fears - it displays his range.I took about two months to read all poems, because I've found that poetry isn't actually fast to read [...]

I'm on page 63. Is it too soon to say I'm disappointed?"oh godblah, and yuck and YOU know and she knows and you will never cry for a time before a sound tells you whyand how for a thought hits under your heels and smashes to the ground underneath the wheels of my rig full of cock and hope and eventual betrayaland you knowand she knowsand I did notbut she is full of fearwhich makes me hot.""Elf Mountain,i rely on youand a soft gang of unicornsplusthe medicineto help me find that strange thing--th [...]

Ryan Adams is Ryan Adams. There really is no other description. Read this interesting collection of prose and poetry and you will know what I mean. A man involved in many projects, Ryan is best known for his work as a musician. If you happen to have love unrequited in your life right now, please listen to 'Heartbreaker' on repeat and you will feel much better. Side note: Ryan's record company was pressuring him to name his first solo album, and while on the phone with the record execs he came up [...]

This is some raw, heart-felt poetry. We read this at night before we go to bed and enjoy the intimacy. It is like rereading your diary.

"so go outside and watch the stars come updon't get caught up in way that it's designedit isn't for usto analyzeit's up there for us to feellike somehoweverything that got touchedturned to the light." There are some brilliant gems in this poetry anthology, but quite unfortunately it requires some serious digging

HmmSome of these are good.Some are awful.You claim they are fiction.But some seem autobiographical.

Im sure somewhere there is a garbage dump inhabited by this book

I wouldn't call these poems as much as stream-of-consciousness emotings. The best part is just watching Adams' mind and emotions work so frantically. I am sure it's exhausting to be in his head.

To directly quote Mr. Adams from his own book:"oh godBlah, and yuck."and" I am a fucking fool you knowfor thinking this is poetry."Do you remember that bad "poetry" you wrote in high school and you know how happy you are that no one ever saw it? This collection feels exactly like that. Painful. Wannabe Kerouac hipster nonsense. I love much of Ryan Adams' music and think he can be a damn genius at times. Perhaps if he becomes as prolific a poet and fiction writer as he is a songwriter more will s [...]

I'm at a bit of a loss for what to do with is one. There's a handful of stellar, beautifully crafted poems in this book. There are a few that lend themselves to being set to music in your head, almost like a pile of discarded, half-written songs. And there are a LOT that could have been phenomenal with another revision or two. Is it worth weeding through the junk to find the gems? That's a Ryan Adams-esque question in and of itself.I would argue that the most honest poem in the batch is My Watch [...]

I feel a little bit like a giddy thirteen year old girl as type this, but I absolutely cannot wait to read this! Besides, now that he's sober and married (sob, sob, sob), this is all I have to sate my Ryan Adams addiction.Also, I was looking at other reviews of this work, and how dare someone named Cyndi (the phonemic similarity to my own name is torturing me) brag about her signed copy! Oh, you think you're so cool, Cyndi? Well, at least I got to stand next to Neal Casal! So there. Sigh.

Disjointed, rambling, stream of consciousness, self absorbed and sometimes self loathing poetry of sorts. Wonderful and strange stuff. Like cracking open the egg of Adam's mind and stirring the yoke. It seems to MEthat a messageof this sortshould be read aloudto only those you lovein a bathtub of empathywaters of safetycovering in a warm sheenfrom outsidejudgmentalismaspilled heart.Whatever.And even though I just wrote the above, yeah, it reads something like that. And I love it. And I get it.

I love Ryan Adams as a songwriter, but his 'poetry' fails to retain any poetic glamour from his songwriting. Much of the content is Bukowski-esque, and if you've read him before, you know that the work can get pretty boring pretty quickly. It reminds me more of a 13-year-old's journal than the work of a wonderful musician.Not to say it's a complete waste of time though. At least it's not Fifty Shades of Grey.

Fans of Adams' music will be inspired to read this, and may or may not be disappointed. Adams' music is incredible, and he is a gifted wordsmith. His poetry however, has definite hits and misses. Part teenage stream of consciousness, part serious reflection. His poems wash over you like a forgotten dream, a cloud of bar smoke and everything you wished you could forget about someone who ripped out your heart.

Underwhelming poetry. Book droned on and on about nothing, and tried to pack way too much into one book of poems. I'm not afraid of curse words in literature, but I don't think this guy could formulate a poem without using the f-word. Self-loathing and being gruff are the shaky crutches this book stands on. I just didn't care for this book, or see its point.

libro di poesie del cantautore ryan adams, non tradotto in italiano e perciò solo in lingua originale. chi lo segue riconoscerà un ragazzo sensibile giovane, ultra prolifico nelle sue cose da dire, nella sua sofferenza, nella dipendenza da droghe, negli amori che non sono mai veri amori e in uno dei pezzi si chiede: è il primo o l'ultimo bacio, quello che realmente conta?

As a singer/songwriter, Ryan Adams is perfect to me. I will never tire of his emotionally charged rock n' roll. Reading Infinity Blues feels like I am his best friend and he's telling me his innermost secret thoughts. His poetry and prose can make me laugh and cry, and that, in my opinion, is the best kind.

Not exactly what I was expecting, somewhat hit or miss, but a decent collection. There were a few that I thought were downright bad, but overall it was an enjoyable journey through the mind of one of my favorite artistsme of my favorites: Spit Hits My Face, c'mon, let's go, Joy, & My Watch Hates You.

I am a massive fan of DRA's music, but this collection of poetry just doesn't hold up for me. It has some good moments, but overall it's pretty adolescent, lacking the depth and real emotional rawness that make his lyrics good. Disappointing, even though I was eager and ready to love it.

A stunning book of verse from one of the most prolific and inventive songwriters on the planet. These poems are beautiful, bleak, dark, depressing, funny, acerbic and best of all, an insight into the mind of this amazing man. A treasure.

Ryan Adams' poetry is extremely disappointing compared with his lyrics/songwriting. Even just taken on its own, this collection is forgettable.

I love Ryan Adams. Love. His poetry is really angry, strange that doesn't come out in his music.

This is Ryan Adams I dig it. It's more like a conversation with a drunk dude with adhd. ? A good book to pick up and read easily.

Poetry by an extraordinary poet.

Not great but not horrible.if you like him it's actually pretty good.

Actually read 1/3. I'm glad Ryan Adams' day job is making great music, because I didn't care for his poetry.

My friend has a copy of INFINITY BLUES, so I read approx 20 poems. Once I gave it a fair chance it became fun and, at times, surprisingly insightful reading.

reminds me of a throwback to beat poetry. if you like raw run on thoughts, this is up your alley. if not, you may get confused, but still may be amused. lovely imagery, he does it every time.

The best gift I've ever received. Signed by the man himself. Did I mention this was the best present ever?

i adore ryan adams' prolific music his prose is just as haunting just as touching and just as human.

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