For Money and Love

Todd Strasser

For Money and Love

For Money and Love

  • Title: For Money and Love
  • Author: Todd Strasser
  • ISBN: 9781416935339
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback

An offer she can t refuse.Kate Blessing is not your typical high school junior She s a good student who s into guys and the latest designer jeansd she s also part of the mob Her father, Bobby Blessing, is the head of the family, and her mom, Amanda, is the brains behind the operation Kate may not partake in the family business, but she knows what goes down She sAn offer she can t refuse.Kate Blessing is not your typical high school junior She s a good student who s into guys and the latest designer jeansd she s also part of the mob Her father, Bobby Blessing, is the head of the family, and her mom, Amanda, is the brains behind the operation Kate may not partake in the family business, but she knows what goes down She s proud of her family and of course, there are plenty of perks her indoor pool, Caribbean vacations, expensive haircutsBut when Amanda gets fed up with Bobby s cheating and moves out, someone needs to make decisions, give orders, and keep things running Kate has no choice but to step into her mother s shoes and prop her dad up.Bobby may be the face of the mob, but it s not long before the princess is running the show.

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Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadTooKate Blessing is very used to her life. She gets all of the designer handbags, the latest clothes, and any car that she wants. It doesn't even bother Kate that the only reason she is able to afford these luxury items is because her father is a mob boss. Having a family full of mobsters has never been a problem for Kate; she has always been around the lifestyle, just never a part of it. At least that is what she thought at first. He [...]

"MOB Princess For Money And Love"by:Todd Strasser is a very interest book. I can relate to my main character,Kate. Whose family happens to be a mobster family.Kate is the youngest outof te family.Her family commits scams,theft,and Dvds. Kate have never been a part of these scams ,however she loves the indoor poll and everthing that she recieves from the scams like money.Kate and he family lives in a rich neighborhood.Kate is a senior in high school. Her boyfriend Tanner that he has needs.So that [...]

When I picked this book up, I was intrigued by it. It just never lived up to it potential. It was very cliché. In some places, it even poked fun at being cliché, but I though it was over the top. It takes incredible suspension of disbelief to believe not only that a 16 year old girl in running the mob, but that her father just handed it over to her, as he has too many other problems to deal with. Maybe my imagination just isn’t that good. I kept waiting for something big and mob like to happ [...]

"For Money and Love" by Todd Strasser was quite different then how i expected it too be. I was thinking that it would be more of a girly book, but it wasn't like that at all. I picked this book because a friend had told me it was a great book to read, so I decided to give it a try. "For money and Love" is about a family who is part of a mob; Bobby the father, whose head of the business. When Amanda, the mother, gets a divorce and leaves the family, its time for Kate, the daughter, to fill in and [...]

Her mom just left her dad; her dad's girlfriend is pregnant; the SATs are getting close; and her dad's business is falling apart. Well, not so much falling apart as the fact that "Uncle" Benny Hacksaw, her dad's second-in-command, is trying to take over the organization. Did we mention that Kate Blessing's dad is a mafia boss? Oops, minor detail especially for a high school girl who has to run the family business from behind closed doors!I had high hopes for this book -- I love cheesy mafia nove [...]

Ok so I think I secretly wish to be in a huge family like the one in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I'm not sure what that has to do with this book, except I think of Italian families as big ones too. Except the family in this book wasn't that big (unless you count the mob "family"). All in all this book was a short read (only 19 short and very easy to read chapters), perfect for procrastination on my summer reading book. I liked the main character, she was smart and calculating and loyal, even thoug [...]

Kate Blessings is your typical high school junior - if typical means your dad is a mob boss, your mom leaves when he gets his girlfriend pregnant, and she has to talk to her dad's associates before they all leave him high and dry. That kind of typical.Kate's mom leaves and takes the maid, so Kate is left filling in for her mom - helping her dad, taking care of her brother, and taking care of the house. Not to mention school and the SATs.She also has a thing for Teddy, a friend of hers, and Nick, [...]

I thought this was a good book. This book is about a 16 year old girl who's parents broke up and her dad depends on her to hold the mob together and in order. I love all of the drama in this book. I still think it is kind of akward that a 16 year old runs a mob. I think this is a big job for a teenager and it would be difficult because she has school and she has an upcoming test. In my opinion, her father is putting to much pressure on her. I can relate to the challenges Kate must face. I really [...]

I thought this book could have been a great one like "Son of the Mob", but it just didn't live up to it's potential. The idea behind this book was good, but something just kept " rubbing me the wrong way". I'm not sure if it's the writing style or maybe the events in the book that are so cringe worthy for me, but I kind of wish I could have my time back.

When I first saw this book it caught my attention because of the whole Mob thing. I never have seen many Ya books that have this as part of the plot. By the end of the book I just didn't feel it lived up to the potential that was there. The main character Kate is likable very mature for a high shcool kid. Would I read or recommend this book to close friends? Probably not.

There was so much wrong with this book.1. Her friend's a ho2. She's a ho3. Shes's really dumb4. She gets used by everyone, even her family and no one cares about her5. Her friend should NOT have gotten over the whole carjacking thing so quickly, she barely gave it a glance6. Neither of the main guys were attractive to the readers, one was weird and the other was an obvious player

A pretty good book in general, but I'm really not that big of a fan when a book leaves you with a cliff hanger so you HAVE to read the next one. That's just the writer caring only about selling more books or just having no idea how to finish the plot.

This book is so cliche and I hate but I'm sucked in. I have to keep reading. Kate is so dumb but I have to read it. That's all I'm gonna say bout this book.Until the next book I read, don't do what your dad said was the one thing to never do!

totally ridiculous. a bunch of stereotypical mobsters dorking around, and we're expected to believe that the teenage daughter is in charge while her best friend hacks into the bank's computer system in 5 minutes flat?

i gave this book a rate of 2 because it didnt really catch my attention but still i manage to finish it.

Kind of a cliche idea, but decently done

All of these books were just so-so. Another teen story with some humor.

Love this. I'm a big fan of the Italian mafia for some reason. lol. Todd Strasser is a great author I've read a few books by him and have been satisfied each and every time.

Loved, loved, loved. If you like Son of the Mob, read this series. It's funny, a romance, friendship, and family in the "business."

this book was pretty good but after the first one i tried to read the second and i just couldn't get through it.

I really liked this book.

This was a great book it has to do with love and secrets as well as money and betrayal. I highly recomend it!

High school junior, Kate Blessing, tries to live a normal life although her dad is a mob boss. When the organization experiences problems with a rival organization, Kate's dad asks for her help.

well written and paced plotGood story, strong characterizationworthwhileI look forward to the other novels in this seriessss.

Güzel kitaptı.Ama o ne biçim sondu??? Şimdi ne olacak??? diye soru bıraktı gerisinde :D

read for Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults nomination

Alyssia Recommends:MOB Princess by Todd Strasser: A young girl running from the family business. Very fun and exciting!

The begining got you reading and not letting you go. You wanted one thing to happen and then another thing happened. The end of the book had you wanting more and loving the end at the same time.

ok im just going from memory here; overall a good read i recommend it.

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