62: A Model Kit

Julio Cortázar Gregory Rabassa

62: A Model Kit

62: A Model Kit

  • Title: 62: A Model Kit
  • Author: Julio Cortázar Gregory Rabassa
  • ISBN: 9780811214377
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback

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As one of the main characters, the intellectual Juan, puts it to one person the City might appear as Paris, to another it might be where one goes upon getting out of bed in Barcelona to another it might appear as a beer hall in Oslo This cityscape, as Carlos Fuentes describes it, seems drawn up by the Marx Brothers with an assist from Bela Lugosi It is the meeting plAs one of the main characters, the intellectual Juan, puts it to one person the City might appear as Paris, to another it might be where one goes upon getting out of bed in Barcelona to another it might appear as a beer hall in Oslo This cityscape, as Carlos Fuentes describes it, seems drawn up by the Marx Brothers with an assist from Bela Lugosi It is the meeting place for a wild assortment of bohemians in a novel described by The New York Times as Deeply touching, enjoyable, beautifully written and fascinatingly mysterious Library Journal has said 62 A Model Kit is a highly satisfying work by one of the most extraordinary writers of our time.

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I just read this again for IDK like the 10th time. It is my favorite book of all time ever and I'd like to tell you about it. I think what I'm actually going to do is like a CliffNotes sort of thing, where I tell you first a few reasons why this book is nearly impossible to read the first time, then give you the cast of characters and a few things they do, so that if you do try to read it, you'll have some hope of figuring out what's going on before you're 3/4 of the way through. I suppose that [...]

Staggeringly good. Ultimately it might be 62 and not Hopscotch or Blow-Up that endears Cortazar to you forever - but one way or another, you will be endeared. Cannot recommend this highly enough - strange elliptical and haunted sad beauty, it reminded me of a night long ago I watched the reflection of a foreign city (Pisa?) iterated in reflection on the surface of its river - oily, deep in a dream, stars strewn if you looked closely enough and wanted them to be there - but all in inverted undula [...]

cortazar'ın en uç noktası bu roman. okurlarının mümkünse tüm külliyatını tamamladıktan sonra tırmanmayı denemesi gereken bir zirve. tuhaf karakterlerin tuhaf varoluş sorgulamaları. zamanda, mekanda sıradışı gidiş gelişler, satırdan satıra değişen anlatıcılar, bilinç akışı, çözülmeyen gizem, muamma ve tabii metaforlar metaforlar. başdöndürücü.

The impetus, or even the blue-print, of this novel is Chapter 62 of Cortazar’s own novel Hopscotch. In that chapter a “chemical theory of thought” is referenced; a theory that posits a wholly materialistic basis for psychological processes and human motivations and desires, reducing human behavior to by-products of neural activity. In this chapter the narrator sketches the idea of a novel that would replace individual human behavior by social behavior and neural activity by character activ [...]

Haunting and disconcerting, formally confused and elegant, a novel as a system of correspondences, scattered both spatially and temporally, a vast map or set of maps which perfectly overlay in uncertain fashion, whose ink under weight of tears and dark waves gradually bleeds through into a single compound form, bleeds and coagulates anew into a highly ordered system of ambiguities, a dark constellation that guides the unwary down unfamiliar streets and through empty arcades to eerily circular re [...]

For Dennis Cooper's blog, I recently transcribed a super rare interview Cortazar did in the late 60s while writing "62: A Model Kit." He talks about his process, the book's structure, and other interesting bits: denniscooper-theweaklingsThis book is jaw dropping amazing. The episodic "Hopscotch" may have higher highs, but this is Julio Cortazar's greatest novel from start to finish. It's unlike anything else I've read. The closest analog might not be in literature but Jacques Rivette's wild film [...]

“En un tiempo, Morelli había pensado un libro que se quedó en notas sueltas. La que mejor lo resumía es ésta: “Psicología, palabra con aire de vieja… si escribiera ese libro, las conductas standard (incluso las más inéditas, su categoría de lujo) serían inexplicables con el instrumental psicológico al uso Que a cada sucesiva derrota hay un acercamiento a la mutación final, y que el hombre no es sino que busca ser, proyecta ser, manoteando entre palabras y conducta y alegría sal [...]

I enter my city without knowing how.A friend of mine recently said in a review of hers about a book that I loved and she hated that it was "emperor's new clothes". I wouldn't have the arctic articles necessary, or the down to the bones baring all to defend myself in someone else's mind about what I related to about being dreamtruck. I couldn't say if I was "right" or anyone else was "wrong". I'd be afraid to know. I try not to look down, like an afraid of heights thing. My gut felt what it felt [...]

A tale of two cities. One is Madrid the other imaginary. A tale of two novels written by itinerant, international authors both of whom had Spanish as their first language. A tale of two experimental novels. One I loved; one I did not. Can you guess which is which?Cortazar published 62: A Model Kit in Spanish in 1968; the edition I read was translated in 1972. Alfau published Locos: a Comedy of Gestures in 1936 in English. Cortazar had Argentinean parents but was born in Europe then moved back to [...]

This book came from analytical, almost scientific beginnings, the concept of which is detailed in chapter 62 of Hopscotch. But the experience of reading this book is anything but scientific, it is like waking up from a dream: you genuinely feel things in your own logical way, but now that you're awake and back in this world it is impossible to put into our human words, words that are real ones, that seem so insufficient, mere human words which are the same instruments that Cortazar uses to make [...]

El experimento de Morelli en el capítulo 62 de 'Rayuela' termina siendo una maravilla de novela. Con mucho del aire de la misma 'Rayuela', '62/Modelo para armar' se siente como una segunda parte o al menos como una ramificación digna del tronco de origen. Cortázar en su mejor momento, con un estilo particularísimo, esa manera de pasar casi imperceptiblemente de un narrador a otro en medio de un mismo párrafo, como si las consciencias se pegaran unas con otras y se confundieran. Un nuevo gru [...]

An abstruse and maddening afterthought from Hopscotch, this novel is Cortázar’s most challenging and experimental work, bursting from Chapter 62 in which Morelli contemplates writing a book “in which standard behaviour would be inexplicable by means of current instrumental psychology” (blurb). A series of intellectuals in Paris, Vienna, and London intersect inside the thicket of Cortázar’s shifting and free-floating prose, in which tense, character, setting, and narrator can change wit [...]

Hay libros buenos, que uno los lee con atención y al terminarlos, listo, ya estuvo, te quedas con un buen sabor de boca y pasas al siguiente libro sin mayor trámite. Y hay otros libros que son más que buenos, que te atrapan, que necesitas leer con calma, y al final de cada párrafo necesitas detenerte a reflexionar, a contrastar lo que dice el libro con tu propia experiencia, y casi deseas que el libro no acabe. "62/Modelo para Armar" es de estos últimos. Maravilloso, magistral, inolvidable. [...]

Very interesting and unusual novel. It's a bit slow to start with and not an easy read by any means but well worth the effort. It's too bad more people haven't read Cortazar.

Primer acercamiento a Cortázar.No había leído Rayuela, ni los cuentos, nada. No tenía ningún prejuicio o expectativas, tal vez por eso lo he disfrutado tanto. Sólo me habían "avisado" de que era una lectura complicada que te exigía concentración, paciencia e implicación.La primera parte de la novela es un poco caótica. En realidad lo es la totalidad de 62/, pero lo cierto es que después de varias páginas vas familiarizándote con los personajes (muy poco a poco), con las relaciones, [...]

Cortazar is one of the most fearless, innovative and wide-ranging of the group of "experimental" writers who came to prominence largely in the 1960s. And there's certainly something hippie-faux-intellectual-bohemian about the crew of Argentian ex-pats in London, Paris and Vienna throughout this baffling-but-addictive book, which was grown out of one of the "disposable" chapters in Cortazar's earlier more famous masterpiece "Hopscotch". The characters drink every kind of alcohol you can think of, [...]

“If I were to write this book, standard behavior (including the most unusual, its deluxe category) would be inexplicable by means of current instrumental psychology. The actors would appear to be unhealthy or complete idiots. Not that they would show themselves incapable of current challenges and responses: love, jealousy, pity, and so on down the line, but in them something which Homo sapiens keeps subliminal would laboriously open up a road as if a third eye were blinking out with effort fro [...]

I have two copies of this now, thanks to a wonderful Canadian woodsman named Shanna Banana, and to my own selfish tendency to buy books for myself around Christmas time. They arrived two days apart. Oops.So anyway, I can part with one if anyone is interested. It may take me 6 years to get it to you because the post office is just too much for me to handle apparently, but if you haven't read it and want to and actually will, I will send you the pretty cover featured above, and hold on to my prese [...]

Una lettura disorientante.Ci si chiede, nel leggerla, dov'è ambientata la scena, di che si sta parlando, e si torna indietro per rileggere meglio.Tanti racconti, tanti luoghi in uno, tante facce di un unico prisma, componibile appunto.Geniale, Cortázar!

-A ver, Andrés ¿Si no te gustó Rayuela, para qué lees esta madre, sabiendo que es básicamente "Rayuela - VR Missions"?-Pues por pendejo, por qué más.

What I loved about 62: A Model Kit is that even when I wasn't entirely sure I had the full scope of the story by the end I knew that I had. Everything weaved together and I allowed myself to be swept along. I didn't discover until the end where the city ended and the real world of the characters began until the very end. I had a few "Ah hah!" moments here and there, where I'd flip back and make a connection to a particular development. Where the characters they spied on were really Helene, or He [...]

Oh my god. This book was sooooo hard to read. It skipped around in the chronology and the narrator changed frequently, sometimes even in mid-sentence. I'm not making it up. And there were sentences that could be an entire page long, and seemingly unaware that punctuation existed. It was such a frustrating book to read! I don't even really know what it was about. Definitely a one, or maybe even just a .5

Кога го читам Кортасар, дишењето ми престанува или никогаш дотогаш не постоело.

"62 - Bouwdoos" is een soort satelliet of vervolg van Cortazars meesterwerk "Rayuela", dat ik kort geleden weer eens herlas. Het is ook veel minder bekend dan "Rayuela" en wordt door veel mensen ook opgevat als een herhalingsoefening en een veel minder sterk boek. Maar dat is echt onterecht: "62- Bouwdoos" zal vast wat minder sterk zijn dat "Rayuela", maar het is wel retegoed en ik herlas het met veel vreugde. Het is een geweldig romanexperiment, zeer associatief, surrealistisch en van een voor [...]

Una secuela de Rayuela si es que se puede decir eso de esta excelente novela, nos lleva a Paris, y otras ciudades europeas con personajes perfectamente estructurados y humanamente bellos. Triángulos amorosos, vampirismo, y la aventura que lleva siempre encontrar a esa persona a quien creemos amar.

Среди нас есть такие, что притворяется сумасшедшими, просто от тоски или от желания бросить вызов; иногда, правда, само притворство приводитБис-бис. Читать Кортасара все равно, что гулять по летнему ночному парку в маленьком городке, где все друг друга знают, вместе с хороши [...]

Como siempre me dejo maravillada. 4.5No es un libro fácil de leer por su estructura(PERO QUE ESTO NO LOS DESANIME, TE VAS A QUEBRAR LA CABEZA AGARRANDOLE EL HILO PERO VALDRA LA PENA),no hay capítulos, las pautas entre las historias de los personajes son marcadas por espacios mas prolongados entre un parráfo y otro, sin indicaciones de que se ha cambiado a la historia a otro personaje. Tambien hay saltos en el tiempo sin previo aviso. A pesar de ser varios personajes y vivir en diferentes ciud [...]

This is simply put one of my favorite novels of all time; I just read it 1.5 times, and I think in Samuel Beckett's "Mercier and Camier", he proves how trivial it is to summarize an avant-garde novel. And so it goes, this is avant-garde fiction at its ABSOLUTE best. Reading it feels like you're in a different dimension the whole time; each sentence makes sense in some spiritually-derived sense, and you can feel the white magic of the prose heal your troubled nerves. But not white magic in the Gr [...]

um arranjo de personagens que parece se mover por conta própria, como se esse movimento fosse o resultado de características próprias de cada elemento, bem como de suas proximidades relativas. Os afetos se complementam sem contudo produzir um arranjo estável e imóvel, ao contrário, o jogo de espelhos e o despropositado são combustíveis do movimento. Em cada arranjo parcial persiste um espaço, uma falta, que será preenchida logo a seguir, apenas para mostrar outro espaço a ser ocupado. [...]

Un libro anche filosofico se vogliamo, ermeneutico, nella sua ricerca di uscire dalla forma classica del racconto, per lanciarsi in un tentativo altro, più realistico paradossalmentepiegodilibri/recensioni

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