The Winners

Julio Cortázar Elaine Kerrigan Alastair Reid

The Winners

The Winners

  • Title: The Winners
  • Author: Julio Cortázar Elaine Kerrigan Alastair Reid
  • ISBN: 9780940322318
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback

The Argentine writer Julio Cort zar, called by Carlos Fuentes the Simon Bolivar of the Latin American novel, was one of the scintillating geniuses of twentieth century literature a writer of sly wit and immense sophistication with a keen eye for character and the workings of social life The Winners is the story of a luxury cruise, bound for an unknown destination, which rThe Argentine writer Julio Cort zar, called by Carlos Fuentes the Simon Bolivar of the Latin American novel, was one of the scintillating geniuses of twentieth century literature a writer of sly wit and immense sophistication with a keen eye for character and the workings of social life The Winners is the story of a luxury cruise, bound for an unknown destination, which runs terribly amok Funny, frightening, lyrical, and humane, it is a deeply satisfying philosophical novel about crossed lives and wayward love, as well as a brilliant meditation on the myth of the New World.

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El epígrafe que Julio Cortázar eligió para “Los Premios” es perfecto. Tomado del capítulo IV de la novela “El Idiota”, de Fiódor Dostoievski, nos anticipa: "¿Qué hace un autor con la gente vulgar, cómo ponerla ante sus lectores y cómo hacerla interesante? Es imposible dejarla siempre fuera de la ficción, pues la gente vulgar es en todos los momentos la llave y el punto esencial en la cadena de asuntos humanos; si la suprimimos se pierde toda probabilidad de verdad."Hay que acla [...]

The Winners' epigraph asks the question What is an author to do with ordinary people? The hope is to hold the reader's interest with extraordinary or compelling story lines; but if they are to achieve any measure of verisimilitude then these tales must be populated with characters who are recognizably - and mundanely - human. Cortázar has answered this query by plucking representative types from across the strata of late fifties Argentine society and dropping them amidst an updated and mysterio [...]

Cortázar’s premier potshot might leave one frustrated at the lack of limbic lexical loveliness as per the Hopscotch and co.: the novel is an episodic and conversational one, with ponderous flourishes and moments of mischievous humour. The prose, especially in the alphabetical philosophasterations, reaches moments of undenible wonder, and shows Cortázar’s early word-wizardry (in trans.), however, the multi-character toing-and-froing is not always satisfying (not to mention confusing), and t [...]

Aunque se podría decir algo parecido de muchas obras literarias de cualquier género o época, en este caso la idea cobra un sentido más completo: leer ‘Los premios’ es como observar a los personajes a través de un agujerito desde la habitación de al lado, contemplar las escenas desde dentro como un espectador presente e invisible.La presencia constante de un misterio u otro es el hilo conductor de todos los acontecimientos. Los protagonistas han ganado un viaje en un sorteo pero, ni siq [...]

The winners of a lottery, a bunch of sundry people thrown together by pure chance, have received tickets for a mysterious luxury cruise. But once on board and out of port they are isolated and quarantined ostensibly to eschew a contagious disease. So they sail to a destination unknown and to an unknown destiny.“And it is as if in the disorder of rapid thought and in the fluctuation of his blood, a law is slowly coagulating, the law which is the mother of the future and the beginning of an inex [...]

Възхитителен. Това е първата дума, която се появява в мен, щом си спомня за тази книга. Освен че ме плени и не ме остави да я пусна, книгата (за пръв път) ме накара, след като я прочетох, да потърся критика, за да разбера повече за автора (както и да забележа, че на испански името м [...]

It took me awhile to enjoy Cortazar's writing. But once I did, it was brilliant. The story understands it's a story. And his sentences and dialog sometimes allow gaps to be left as words can do. He'll describe things and then also say things the vague way we've come to understand them spoken. His writing is almost like a Godard film, where he would intentionally add messy edits that reminded you that it's a movie. I didn't like how many characters there were at first. And they aren't introduced [...]

Winners of a lottery embark upon a mysterious cruise-ship to unknown location. Since the passengers make up a determined microcosm of society, the more urgent instances of intrigue tend to be subsumed in metaphysical socio-political allegory on how people accept or rebel against the unknown and arbitrary, but both parallel levels are handled pretty well, though not so elegantly as in some like the later 62: A Model Kit. Honestly, I could have stood for more immersion in mystery than philosophica [...]

The one-star rating is not related to the quality of the novel as such; I guess it is a good piece of literature if most people say so. I am, however, blinded by the deep dislike I developed for this book and its characters. I felt detached from the story, the conversations felt forced and unnatural and every so often I found myself thinking: 'Yeah right!'.

es la primera vez que me quedo hasta las 6 a.m. leyendoInesperado, como espero de cada pieza cortaziana

«Los Premios» es la primera novela publicada de Julio Cortázar, en ella narra la historia de un grupo de hombres y de mujeres quienes representan a la sociedad porteña de la época y ganan en la lotería un pasaje para un crucero sin destino conocido. Una vez a bordo los pasajeros van a tener que lidiar con un enigmático suceso que está dado por el hecho de no poder ingresar en la popa, que dará lugar a diferentes reacciones en los distintos personajes. Es una novela muy interesante y ent [...]

كانت المحاولة الثانية لقراءة خوليو كورتاثار وللأسف لم تكتمل مثل سابقتها شعرت أنني وسط ثرثرة لا تنتهي ،وحوار لم أدرك إلي أين يتجه !!! للأسف لم استطع أن أكملها ،ولكني لن اقيمها من محاولة القراءة الأولي ،بالتأكيد سأعطيها فرصة أخري قريبا

Poate ca prietena mea are dreptate si nu pot eu sa ma bucur de naratiune cand nu face nici un sens pentru mine dar cine accepta sa porneasca intr o croaziera castigata din senin pe un vas de croaziera care numai a vas de croaziera nu semana, intampinati de niste oameni mega suspiciosi?!! Macar de ar fii fost actiunea ceva palpitant dar mai plictisitor de atat nu stiu daca se putea si ma intalnesc cu destule personaje banale care se plang toata ziua la servici ca sa vreau sa mai citesc despre ele [...]

The Brussels-born Argentine Julio Cortázar (I think his parents were diplomats or something) is one of my favorite authors, although before this I had only read his short stories, and only in Spanish. I wanted to take a stab at one of his novels after reading two Roberto Bolano novels, who counted him as an influence, and whose style and voice is evident in the work of Bolano. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like not many English language readers know his work, although he wrote the short story " [...]

قراءة خوليو كورتاثار في رواية ( الرابحون - 475 صفحة ) تحتاج إلى صبر ماراثوني، إلى وضع الأصبع في البداية، ثم اليد. إلى الوثوق بوعود الروائي إلى أن كل شيء سيكون على ما يرام بمرور الوقت، إلى مفكرة وقلم، لكي لا تنسى أن باولا هي عشيقة راؤول، وبيبا اخت خورخي، وكلوديا زوجة تريخو، ولوسيو [...]

Hopscotch is a favorite of mine. It's dreamlike, funny, and moving by turns, and it's all cut-up and Bohemian and shit. I guess that sets the bar pretty high.We get glimpses of Cortázar's later work in this early volume. Especially in the sections that begin with letters rather than numbers. My, those are gorgeous, meditative things. But it doesn't really satisfy as a novel. It tries to generate a sense of alienation and absurdity, but it's not written with enough force to be convincing in the [...]

Interesante, la dinámica del misterio y el encierro siempre son atractivas, y si le sumamos buenos personajes, relaciones humanas en toda su complejidad y contradicción, una sutil crítica social, el resultado es una novela inesperadamente adictiva, algo diferente a las otras de Cortázar por ser aparentemente más "light", pero es sólo la apariencia. Siempre el trasfondo son los vínculos, las dinámicas que se dan entre las personas, con sus miserias y sus virtudes, de forma más o menos ex [...]

Un crucero insólito de 3 días que parecía duraría hasta el infinito.Si a Cortázar le sirvió para “… alzar una especie de biombo que me aislara lo más posible de la afabilidad que aquejaba a los pasajeros de tercera clase del Claude Bernard (ida) y del Conte Grande (vuelta)”, a mí me sirvió para mascarar esperas en consultorios y miradas indiscretas en los viajes. Pasamos el verano juntos y casi junto con el verano, se terminóch190/2009/09/14/los-preEn español.

Прочетох "Лотарията" на Кортасар. Трудно ми е да я опиша. Нещо като тридневен Биг Брадър на един кораб, но разказан с големия талант на писателя. Лашках се между епизоди, които ме сграбчваха здраво и такива на досада. Казват, че тази книга предшества най-доброто му произведени [...]

Бъбривостта на Кортасар ми действа като шапка от непоносимо тежка сметана. Най-доброто в книгата са пасажите в курсив.

استطيع اختصار الـ 470 بيج بكلمه واحده (مُمِلـــَهَ)

كورتاثار يخلق عالماً ممتلئاً شعراً، نفسك يهبط ويتسارع في كلّ الاتجاهات، ستحبّ وتكره وتتعاطف، وتدخّن وتسكر، وستتألم كثيراًوسترى في النهاية صورة ما لما يبدو كالحقيقة دون ثقة كبيرة أنّه كذلك

To the last sentence, I did not know where this book was taking me, just like the characters had no idea where the cruise ship they embarked on was taking them. I loved the way the author was playing with my mind, giving me very often the impression that I was going to finally solve a mystery, only to leave me disoriented and with no clue three pages later. There are so many levels, none of them concluding, one can begin to reflect about this book. Is the story a metaphor for the history or poli [...]

Nacho mencionó esta novela al hablarle de "Algo supuestamente divertido" de DFW, pero conviene tener en cuenta que ambos libros nada tienen que ver, salvo el hecho de desarrollarse en un crucero y de haber sido escritos en uno. Cortázar se queda en su camarote metafórico y establece un narrador omnisciente que observa cómo sus personajes se desenvuelven en el espacio artificialmente limitado del barco, cómo buscan irremediablemente la libertad.Una maravilla, vamos.

Es genial ver cómo el autor cambia de opinión a lo largo del libro, pasando de la sátira surrealista de las primeras 200 páginas al drama y crecimiento en las siguientes 200. Pobre Cortázar, sólo quería reírse un poco de su entorno y se le fue de las manos (gracias a dios).

A classic you have probably never heard of, but a classic in the best sense of the word. Some beautifully creative narrative tension, and masterful structural choices throughout. Give this one a try, ESPECIALLY if you have never heard of it.

Esta fue la primera novela de Cortázar, y desde el principio se pudo ver que no iba a ser un escritor de decepciones. La novela está muy bien construida, es muy bonita, está llena de frases que después se han vuelto famosas y hasta lugares comunes a fuerza de repetirlas. Lo único que le quitaría sería las últimas páginas que contienen algo así como una explicación del proceso creativo, que a mi humilde parecer sobran y le restan belleza al resto del trabajo.Este fue el libro que yo le [...]

Un crucero imposible, un reflexionar sobre las búsquedas de uno mismo, sobre las relaciones sociales y sobre tantas otras divagaciones poéticas o metafísicas, que el viaje se me hizo, a mí también, demasiado corto. El personaje de Persio me ha parecido el mejor retrato posible de un Asperger.Me resultó muy instructivo la relectura de la primera novela (publicada) de Cortázar, mi escritor favorito, porque comprendí las dificultades del género respecto al cuento y de paso comprobé lo que [...]

[NOTE: Italian translation. Rating: 3.5 stars] I've always felt that the first sentence of a book was the key to the rest of the book. We don't necessarily know how to decipher that sentence at first, but at the end, turning back, we can see And with the help of the author, it can be even easier.Here we start with "La marchesa uscì alle cinque, -- pensò Carlos López. -- Dove diavolo l'ho letto?" (My translation: The marquise left at 5 -- thought Carlos López. -- Where the devil did I read th [...]

Rated unfairly low because I expect only the best from my man Julio

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