First You Have to Row a Little Boat: Reflections on Life & Living

Richard Bode

First You Have to Row a Little Boat: Reflections on Life & Living

First You Have to Row a Little Boat: Reflections on Life & Living

  • Title: First You Have to Row a Little Boat: Reflections on Life & Living
  • Author: Richard Bode
  • ISBN: 9780446670036
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback

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Now with a brand new foreword from New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Zaslow FIRST YOU HAVE TO ROW A LITTLE BOAT first hit shelves in the mid 1990s and has been inspiring readers ever since Written by a grown man looking back on his childhood, it reflects on what learning to sail taught him about life making choices, adapting to change, and becoming his own persoNow with a brand new foreword from New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Zaslow FIRST YOU HAVE TO ROW A LITTLE BOAT first hit shelves in the mid 1990s and has been inspiring readers ever since Written by a grown man looking back on his childhood, it reflects on what learning to sail taught him about life making choices, adapting to change, and becoming his own person The book is filled with the spiritual wisdom and thought provoking discoveries that marked such books as Walden, The Prophet, and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance For nearly twenty years, it has enchanted and endeared sailors and non sailors alike, but foremost, anyone who seeks large truths in small things This refurbished edition will find a place in the hearts of a whole new generation of readers.

Recent Comments "First You Have to Row a Little Boat: Reflections on Life & Living"

I loved this book. I read it about two weeks after a big heartbreak and it helped ground me and look forward agai. And no matter the state if mind I started the book, its a quick, heart warming read.

I picture Richard Bode scanning the saltwater horizon with his youthful eyes and unintentionally crafting this beautiful elegy over the course of a young lifetime - a spark of insight here, a hastily written idea on a steno pad there - and finally gathering all of these ripe wisdoms, these little wonders of the world, into this simple culmination of a book. The journey of sailing and learning how to sail is truly such a meaningful metaphor for a fulfilling life.I thank my father, who himself lov [...]

A pleasant sojourn while away for a week at an intensive training course. I missed my sailing on both of the Saturdays so this book was my way of making up for it.In some ways I was surprised how much it did. While there were a few details about learning aspects of boats and their movement, it was the friendly life advice that I so appreciate that this book also provided. It is so much easier listening in to other’s mistakes and learning from them. Yet somehow we still need to make mistakes of [...]

As a boy, Richard Bode is enthralled with the boats that glide through the bay near his home. His first boat is nothing more than a dinghy, which he dutifully rows out of the creek and across the bay, each stroke bringing him closer to harnessing the power of the wind. As he learns about sailing, he learns about himself. He describes the lessons he learns while growing up and the sailing masters he meets along the way — the men who guided him at sea and in life. I sympathized with the young bo [...]

As a sailor and one who savors the memories of the past, this book made me smile wistfully at so many points. The lessons one learns on a sailboat are life lessons and cannot be understated. Easy read. Good for those in one of life's many transitions and fans of Long Island's south shore.

I really appreciated the author's life lessons and using sailing as a metaphor. If I knew more about boats I probably would have given this a five.

Amazing book if you have ever sailed a book. It mentioned many places that were familiar to me particularly the Great South Bay.

A touching little book that a neighbor gave to me.

Melanie 2017

SO cute. Fun little life lessons and just a fun read.


First off I have to say that I wish put the time you started this book, because it didn't take me two whole days to read the book. I started it last night, yes, but just barely, and then finished it today. Technically I read it in about 4 hours? Give or take. Anyway, I loved the book! I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I picked it up at my libraries book sale. I saw the word boat and since I'm on a nautical theme, I thought it would be a good read to add to my list! Well, when I looked [...]

A man’s reflections on what sailing has taught him about living life, without the cliches.This may not be one of the best books ever written, but it is one of the very best books I’ve ever read! Once, at a booksale, I met a guy who was buying several copies of this book, as I was, for gifts, for recipients yet undecided. There are many cliche life lessons in sailing — how you often have to trade off speed for direction; prepare your gear; etc. — but I didn’t find any of these in this b [...]

This is an incredible little book. As nothing more than a collection of thoughts about life and living, it's probably only passable. But for anyone who has every sailed, or dreamed of sailing, it's very magical. It's becoming one of my all time favorites.The author describes how he bought a small sloop as a boy and learned to sail it. As he describes many of the lessons that he learned, he applies what he learned to other areas of life. The book would be interesting enough just as a story about [...]

I'm not a sailor and don't aspire to be oneep black water is always a bit frightening. However I can understand the allure and magic of it through the eyes of a young boy needing an outlet for grief at losing his parents, and the usual growing pains of any adolescent boy. Learned some sailing lingo I will never use and months from now will not remember port from starboard (again!). But something beautiful lives in the wind, the waves, the freedom of sailing and the knowledge needed to do it righ [...]

I am in love with this book. Happened across it in the self-improvement section of my local bookstore while searching for books on recovering from childhood neglect. As someone who had no meaningful role models to provide me guidance, wisdom or love as a child, I cherish this little book for its easily digestible, immediately applicable nuggets. Every page seems to contain some kernel of indispensable insight on how to approach life's ups and downs, ins and outs. Bonus, it's poetic - the author [...]

A terrific book, enjoyed it tremendously, especially for those who sail or live life on the water.It's full of insights with a "quotable" saying or phrase on almost every page.As someone who loves to sail, I'd recommend it to anyone who yearns to get on the water, or wants to enhance his/her life.Even if you don't enjoy sailing or being on the water, the book is full of nautical sayings that quickly translate to everyday Life.I'd encourage almost anyone to read this book and look forward to read [...]

I was sent this book as a gift from a friend in preparation for my first sailing trip. At fist I thought it was a guide on the basics of sailing, it was nothing of the sort! Instead it was a book that relates many of life's lessons to the lessons and passions of sailing. The book helped me get my sailing jargon down and learn a few basics things around the boat which was helpful, but it also helped me look at sailing as not something you just do, it is something that you experience and apply.Tha [...]

This is a treasure. A young boy dreams of sailing while the old sage of the harbor, whom the boy has watched from afar for months - places him in a row boat - much to the young dreamer's dismay. The sage advises him as the boy finds his way to balance, rowing, taking the waves, docking, etc until he advances the boy to an actual sailboat. Each new chapter brings the young boy another lesson in the skill and art of sailing and seamanship, which he later draws upon as a man. A wonderful story in a [...]

One of my favorite lessons in this book was when Richard went to the dock to check out a boat when a captain asked him if he'd sailed before to which Richard said no. The captain signaling for Richard to get in the row boat and learn that first. (I might not have that down verbatim but it's from what I remember)As in life, most want to start at the top without first learning the skills necessary to grow and succeed at the top. One of my favorite books!

This book got me through a summer of selling books. Actually, it helped keep my mind off the misery I was in. When I think about taking on an enormous challenge, I understand that I have to work away at it a little at a time.This book gives a great picture of how that process works and there are wonderful little stories that the author writes in regards to his own experiences as well. I liked it a lot.

Such a pure pleasure to read, that as soon as I finished, I went back and started reading the beginning again. For someone who knows about sailing, I'm sure much in this book would resonate more deeply; however, still I learned some things about sailing, and some great reflections on life of value to anyone. A wonderful contemplative and soothing read.

I thought this book was more of an autobiography than anything. Beautifully written. I really love sailing and this book was wonderful. Very poetic. I highly recommend this book. I finished it by book light during Hurricane Sandy.

OK, I am really enjoying this book. Just past halfway through and it is both beautiful and thought-provoking which is always a good combination! I will wait to rate it on the star scale until I'm through, but so far I'd give it four stars!

I think this would appear more if you are a sailor, but it's a lot of great advice on how to focus on what's important in life, not getting distracted, knowing when to act and when not, etc.Highly recommended (and really short!).

Having grown up on the South shore of Long Island and experienced the magic of sailing on the Great South Bay I was pleased to find that the author anchored this story in those experiences. This is a charming story. It is well written and delivers lots of good life lessons.

This is a good book to read when you are in "transition". Between jobs, between spouses, between phases in your life, etc. The book has some nice "life lessons". Not the most profound thing I've ever read, but it was short enough to make it well worth the effort.

Excellent Read. I loved every minute of this book. have now read it twice.

Wonderful book. Especially great if you grew up around water and on boats.

A wonderful book on how the author used sailing lessons as life lessons.Read on my ipad where I made little notes of some wonderful things he said.

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