Myth Directions

Robert Lynn Asprin

Myth Directions

Myth Directions

  • Title: Myth Directions
  • Author: Robert Lynn Asprin
  • ISBN: 9780441013845
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback

The beautiful Tanda wants the Trophy and it s up to Skeeve to get it for her The problem is, getting it will take than luck It will take all Skeeve s unproven magical talents, a scaly but clever Pervect, and a charming demon not above a little interdimensional thievery.

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This review is dedicated to Iceland team of UEFA Euro 2016. Guys, you showed everybody you do not have to be a high-paid pro to play a good game.“When old friends get together, everything else fades to insignificance."- War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death.Every chapter of all the books of the series starts with a funny epigraph; I could not resist using one of them above. Anyhow, Skeeve was bored out of his skull doing his job of a court magician (this means doing nothing). It did not help any [...]

I liked the first two books and "Myth Directions" is also a short, fun and easy read. Once more the story is quite simple and it does well as a standalone or as a part of the series. I’m really glad to find fantasy is mixed with humor again. The interaction is quick and smart and the actions take a quick pace. Aahz and Skeeve have become my favorite duo and I enjoy reading about them and meeting their new allies. I enjoyed reading about their new adventures as they find themselves in another i [...]

Let the Games Begin20 June 2016 Well, it is 11:30 (it was 11:00 when I first started writing this review but my computer crashed which mean I lost everything – so much for autosave) and while I should be in bed fast asleep since I do have to go to work tomorrow I would rather be sitting here writing my review because, well, I would rather write a review than think about going to work, especially since my brain juices get a lot more exercise doing this than what I do for eight hours in a day. M [...]

This third installment in Robert Asprin's Myth series was another fast paced and humorous read. All the fun stuff was back. The witty banter between the characters, adventures on weird demon worlds, hilarious situations, and a dose of magic. The time around our apprentice magician, Skeeve, finds himself touring a few demon worlds in the company of Tanda. The aim is to find a birthday present for Aahz. After a bit of searching Tanda decides a unique trophy would be ideal. The catch? It's not for [...]

This installment was as fun as the previous one. It was great to follow Tanda and Skeeve in their search for a birthday gift for Aahz through the dimensions. I loved seeing more of the dimensions and the creatures that inhabited them. Then when they finally settled on a gift I thoroughly enjoyed all the mishaps and adventures that led to the hilarious resolution. It was great to see some old acauantances again. I'm also happy we've got some new ones. I'm looking forward to meeting Masha and Grif [...]

This is book three of the series, and you already know that I like this series. It's hard to explain why you would like this series if you haven't already read it, but I'll try: first off, it's just funny. The first-person narrator is a young thief who wants to be a wizard, but his original mentor was killed and since then he has been palling around with a green-scaled dimension traveler. No, that's just not enough. The characters are distinct and fun, the plots are a bit simplistic but fun it' [...]

Just too silly (smiley face). Lots and lots of fun. I'm still really enjoying the series. Now on to HIT OR MYTH.

This is the third book in the “Myth Adventures” series, but was the second one I read as a teenager. It continues the process of educating Skeeve, the main character, about magic and the multiverse he inhabits. It gives readers the chance to glimpse at least a bit of the many dimensions besides Klah, the narrator’s backwards home world, and Deva, home to the greatest bazaar in the known universe, although both of these locations appear as well. The original proposal for this novel was that [...]

This is the 3rd book in the Myth Adventures series, and just as enjoyable as the previous outings. This time we follow Skeeve, a magician's apprentice, and Tanda, a lapsed assassin, as they travel through various different dimensions trying to find a suitable birthday present for Aahz, a Demon from Perv. It sounds a simple task, without a likelihood of things going wrong. That was until Tanda spotted the ideal gift, which unfortunately isn't for sale.With Tanda captured, it falls on Skeeve and h [...]

Skeeve and Aahz are up to their old tricks again and as usual, they are spiralling into trouble faster than you could say "Gleep". Even though the structure of the storyline is very similar to the previous installment ( Conflict, Team Assembly, Final Showdown with two teams ), I did enjoy the banter and especially the interplay between Aahz and Skeeve. I am not keen on Tananda as a character. I think Asprin is not really very good when it comes to creating female characters and they feel more li [...]

Troy turned me on to this series of books. This was another great read from Asprin. It has a little bit of Fantasy, Comedy and Adventure. I have a copy somewhere for loan but can't seem to locate it right now.

With the exception of Terry Pratchett no can write fantasy comedy like Aspin. These are great reads and you will laugh the entire way through. Highly recommended

I thought this was a step down in the series. Whereas the previous book pushed forward the arc of the characters, this book felt like a complete one-off. The plot of this book is also a lot weaker than before. The characters' motivations are hand-wavey. Why does Aahz adhere to the Quigley "promise"? Why does Badaxe join up? It is just strange and inconsistent with their previous character development. The whole book just feels very low stakes - who really cares about this random trophy? It feels [...]

While I still very much enjoy the cast of characters, this particular story was a bit circular for me. Though the creativity abounds in making up the game and the dimensions. I do still enjoy the jokes as well.

It was nice enough, but not too good

A very good series, that I would highly recommend, especially if you like your fantasy books to not take themselves too seriously.

Not as catching as the first two, but fun and imaginative:) love the catchphrases that are often not understood

Автор немножечко сбавил обороты. Возможно, сильно очеловечил эту часть, сбавил количества волшебства и неожиданых поворотов. Но при этом, это все так же приключенческая серия.

This third book of the series wasn’t quite as clever as the first two. I enjoyed but missed the clever humor and word-play of the previous books.

On the run up to the Superbowl, it seemed appropriate to dive into the football caper in this series. It’s still tight and funny.

This was another funny story. This story is about gambling and birthday present (for Oz). Love Gleep.

Cute and very punny! Skeeve and Tanda go off to get Aahz a birthday gift. Trouble in many dimensions ensues culminating in a game to end all games.

One of my most childhood (well, teenagerhood) possessions is a pair of graphic novels based on Robert Asprin's "Myth" series, illustrated by Phil Foglio. I also read most of the books themselves and enjoyed them nearly as much. When I recently decided to re-read the first three books (Another Fine Myth, Myth Conceptions, and Myth Directions) I was surprised to find out how well they held up. They're still really fun!Now while "fun" isn't the word I'd use to describe most books in the fantasy gen [...]

Myth Directions is "The One About the Football Game". And the trophy. I put this first because at some point in the future, I'm going to forget which plot goes with which book, and this will be an easy way to jog my memory.This is also the one where we meet Maasha and Chumley, the heavyset magician and Tanda's brother, respectively. As usual, the book starts out with an innocuous trip as Tanda takes Skeeve across several dimensions in search of a birthday present for Aahz. Of course, things go s [...]

A childhood favorite re-visited.Is the story as good as I remember? – YesWhat ages would I recommend it too? – Twelve and up. While ten to twelve might enjoy it, there are many ideas they will not understand. Though, they will certainly get many of the jokes.Length? – Reasonable for an afternoon.Characters? – Memorable, several characters.Setting? – Fantasy, alternate dimensions.Written approximately? – 1982.Does the story leave questions in the readers mind? – Ready to read more.A [...]

The third Myth Adventures book. The beautiful, flirty demon Tanda recruits Skeeve to steal the Trophy from the sports-obsessed planet Jahk as a birthday present for Aahz. Naturally, things go wrong, and in order to get away with it, they have to recruit a team from the Bazaar, again, and play in the Big Game.It’s the usual madcap silliness filled with puns (the bird-populated dimension Avis is “number two” in Skeeve’s mind) interlaced with what is intended to be a situation fraught with [...]

After reading and enjoying the first two Myth books, it seemed only logical to continue on with the series, but I hit my first road bump with this book.There isn't anything specifically [i]wrong[/i] with the book on its own, and if I came into it blind having not read the previous two books I am sure I would of enjoyed it a lot more, but as the third book in the series it felt rather stale to me.The plot could really be interchangeable with the first two in the series, Skeeve goes off on an adve [...]

Another good story, with some very funny bits. I particularly liked the part where Aahz meets Griffin: (view spoiler)[ "Your lazy old teacher would like to be able to ask our questions without chasing him all around the landscape for the answers." (hide spoiler)]Unfortunately, there are problems which could have been solved by better proof-reading, and these knocked me out of the story every time I had to stop and re-read a section to work out what was going on. (view spoiler)[For instance, when [...]

Myth Directions is the third book in the Myth Series series written by Robert Asprin. In it Skeeve and his friend Tanda attempt to steal a trophy from a game played between two cities based on Tahoe and Las Vegas. Tanda ends up imprisoned and Skeeve returns to Aahz enlisting the Pervect to help rescue their friend and gain the trophy. The third book in the series starts to fall into relatively formulaic concepts and the reliance on puns increases to some degree. As is often the case the repeatin [...]

The Trophy is the ugliest object Skeeve has ever seen. As Court Magician he has seen a thing or three. Luscious green Tanda wants the Trophy for demon Aahz's birthday present. But she floats asleep, hostage. Inhabitants are weakly, look easy to beat. But players bred stronger over generations. Ta-hoe vs Veygus vs Skeeve's team. Who will win the Game and the Trophy?----------------Veygus's magician Massha and the stone gargoyle Gus like the looks of one another. Skeeve has promised Ta-hoe's magic [...]

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