Hiroya Oku Marc Bernabé Verónica Calafell



  • Title: Gantz/3
  • Author: Hiroya Oku Marc Bernabé Verónica Calafell
  • ISBN: 9788484492733
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback

Nada m s volver Kurono y los dem s a su vida normal despu s de la terrible lucha contra el cebollense, Gantz empieza a reunir m s y m s muertos Entre ellos, unos moteros que han ca ido en una emboscada, una abuela y su nieto muertos en un accidente, H j y Sadako Por otro lado, tenemos a Nishi, que se pasa los d as disfrutando del dudoso y desviado placer de matar a anNada m s volver Kurono y los dem s a su vida normal despu s de la terrible lucha contra el cebollense, Gantz empieza a reunir m s y m s muertos Entre ellos, unos moteros que han ca ido en una emboscada, una abuela y su nieto muertos en un accidente, H j y Sadako Por otro lado, tenemos a Nishi, que se pasa los d as disfrutando del dudoso y desviado placer de matar a animales De repente, nuestros protagonistas se quedan paralizados y son enviados de nuevo a la habitaci n misteriosa, donde reciben instrucciones para atrapar al tanakense

Recent Comments "Gantz/3"

Gantz is a interesting series throughout. Volume 3 is probably one of the weaker volumes yet it still contains some awesome moments. Kei and crew made it and they're trying to adjust to normal life again. It's not easy and nothing seems right but they try their best. That's when Kei's crush wants to live with him as at! You guessed. Welcome to Japan. Also a new game is about to begin at the end that starts to really get this series going again. What I liked: Kei is a dumbass. He is rude, he thin [...]

this manga is so cool it deals with the protagonists normal life and ofc the incredible action and utterly and absolutely sexy and i have take a few peeks at some advanced volumes and the action is going to only get better and i am actually waiting for the turning point in the action to give it the whole five stars.

Este tomo en especifíco no me gustó realmente. A diferencia de otras personas no tengo ningún problema con el fan-service pero sinceramente me estoy cansando de ver a Kishimoto desnuda cada tres páginas junto con su estúpida y sosa personalidad.Este tomo me hizo replantear el querer seguir con los siguientes volumenes.

Three days and as many volumes. This one is mostly a bunch of lame teenage angst, and embarrassingly sexist behavior from the male characters. It doesn't get good until the last couple chapters when Gantz is back in the picture.I have been dodging the problematic treatment of women in this series, which numerous other reviewers have written about in spades. And I'm going to continue to do so, because this review was about to get way too confessional. Let's just say that as a feminist, this serie [...]

This was almost a DNF volume for me. Without the excitement of Gantz and the game, we are left with the horny, hapless adolescent life of Kei. Needless to say his teenage drama did not an engaging read make. The story of the bullies and the pseudo love triangle of Kei, Kato, and Naked Suicide Girl where just not interesting. Also, the disgusting fan service got kicked up to 11 when the only female in the series decided to become the pet.of the perpetually, disgustingly horny Kei. Although I want [...]

"Will you keep me as your pet?" Im gonna go ahead and say I don't really like her and I'm it's ok with me that she died but to me book 3 is kinda a low point at the start it has it's ups and downs and it's kinda down and kinda boring but still a good book that I like

Reseña de Shiro para su blog:Gantz # 3 - edición IvreaCon la salida de otro tomo, una nueva reseña:GANTZ #3 de EDITORIAL IVREAPresentación: Normal. El tomo no me vino embolsado.Precio: Sigue sin aumentar.Tapa: Buena. Plastificada; fiel a la original.Encuadernación: Muy buena. De lo mejor de Ivrea; tiene la misma calidad que un Battle Royale o un Vagabond.Papel: Muy bueno. Igual que la encuadernación.Estado: Bueno.Periodicidad: Excelente. Mensual. Tal como prometieron, salió a principios d [...]

These read so fast that they are almost over as soon as you begin. The main characters live in a world of youth violence. They were also transported to a world of alien violence. The art and story is pretty good but is hard to explain without giving away the story.

Este tomo es básicamente desarrollo de personajes y presentación de algunos de los nuevos partcipantes de Ganrz. Kei Kurono continúa siendo un protagonista poco carismático, por decirlo de alguna manera.

Rebajando la cantidad de tetas a la mitad esto mejoraría considerablemente, la verdad.

Pretty good.

Muy bueno.

The first half of this volume is more-or-less a hit-or-miss. Not much happens in Vol. 3. The two Keis reunite, with Suicide Kei proposing to become Train Kei's pet, for some strange reason. I get that she needs a place to stay, since she's now just a copy of herself while the real thing lives at her house, but I don't see why going the whole nine yards to 'pet' status for a hopelessly horny fifteen-year-old is necessary when all she could have asked is, "Can I crash at your place for the night?" [...]

DNF- I came here for the aliens and tripped out sci-fi and all I got was this crappy pile of sexist gibberish and male angst.Annnnnd this is where I jump off the Gantz train and throw myself under the wheels of the NOPE train instead. And with any luck I'll wake up tomorrow morning as if the last thirty minutes of boob and angst infested trash never happened. Being a fan of the live action films (which you SHOULD totally watch - five stars), and having never seen the anime (I think there is an a [...]

01 March 2013Boobs. Boobs. And wait for it more boobs. Gantz, Vol. 3 is a pre-pubescent boy's wet dream. There isn't a heck of a lot going on in this volume, so perhaps Hiroya Oku is trying to distract the reader from zoning out by slapping ginormous boobs on every page. The gratuitous shower scene is redonkulous.I take back what I said in my last review about Kei Kurono seeming to not be so bad. This guy is so sukebe! He's pretty much a walking hard-on. On the other hand, I am liking Kato more [...]

Terminó la primera misión y sobrevivieron, ahora pueden regresar a sus vidas normales. SI CLARO ¡JA!"Una nueva mañana comienza" y con esto una nueva misión: El Alien Sr. Tanaka (que parece una mezcla extraña entre el soldadito de plomo y pin & pon). Kato, con el fin de salvar tantas vidas como pueda, les enseña lo que sabe de Gantz: los trajes, las armas, el objetivo, pero Sr. Nishi ve esto con malos ojos y es el primero en ser enviado hacia afuera. La soberbia y el ego de Sr. Nishi s [...]

Kei, Kishimoto, and Kato have all went back to living their lives in the real world. Kei uses the suit from Gantz to stop a bully, which was actually pretty cool. I still feel like the author relies waaayyyy too much on Kishimoto and sex appeal in this series. By the end of the volume, Kei, Kishimoto, and Kato are all back in the Gantz world, along with the other survivor, Nishi (who I still find very creepy) along with many new players, among them being a grandmother and her grandson. I'm kind [...]

Capitolo interlocutorio.Dopo la conclusione della prima "caccia" dei nostri protagonisti assistiamo al complicato ritorno alla vita di tutti i giorni,e come le vicende vissute durante la notte precedente abbiano modificato il loro modo di reagire di fronte ai pericoli e ai problemi del mondo reale,nella seconda metà del volume assistiamo al "reclutamento" dei nuovi soggetti scelti da Gantz per sostituire quelli morti nell'ultima caccia,è una nuova missione ha inizio.Lo stile di Gantz si mantie [...]

Kishimoto is beyond annoying, but so is Kato. Kishimoto is so lucky to have a second chance at life since her old one sucked so bad she killed her self (am i right)? ? ? She must be pretty desperate to run to Kurono's house for living arrangements, and expect to be treated as a pet. Hello?? She should know that he is a giant perv (as are most teenage boys. I can't imagine dying and having someone tell me I'm going to on an alien hunt I would laugh until it hurt and then just cry when I found out [...]

23. "Normality" (日常 "Nichijō"?)24. "Great Strength" (強力 "Kyōryoku"?)25. "Lucky Man" (ラッキーな男 "Rakkī na Otoko"?)26. "Dear Pet" (愛玩動物 "Aigandōbutsu"?)27. "Latent Ability" (潜在能力 "Senzai Nōryoku"?)28. "Returned" (再送 "Saisō"?)29. "Gang" (族 "Zoku"?)30. "Disappearance on the Road" (路上消失 "Rojō Shōshitsu"?)31. "Unexplainable, Inscrutable" (解説不可能意味不明 "Kaisetsu Fukanō Imi Fumei"?)32. "Forgotten Things" (忘れ物 "Wasuremono"?)33. [...]

this volume really explained more and helped move the plot line along nicely. The last volume left me wondering WHAT!?!??!? This explained much and now has me hooked for the next couple volumes. glad i did not give you on it. This is adult fair--nudity and violent. I read it for the unique story line. Shojo gets boring when you are 47--This is Sci-fi meets shojo. A wild ride. Looks like new figures join up, for some do not make it

I continue enjoying this series. This volume does explain a few things, so if you were a bit lost from the first two, this volume may help settle things down. It will also get you hooked into looking for the next volume. There is a new group pulled in by the mysterious Gantz to hunt the onion aliens. However, some of the previous participants, who thought they were now off the hook, have been pulled back in as well. Is no one safe?

This volume really confused me. It could just be that it's been so long since I read volume 2, but I felt like this part of the story was disjointed. It was also quite boring, in my opinion. There just wasn't much action. I can see where it's progressing though and I'm still completely interested. The sexuality is overt but it doesn't seem to detract from the story. I'm hoping I enjoy the next few volumes a lot more than this one, though.

Quelques scènes concupiscentes, beaucoup plus de passages sur l'impossible retour à la réalité, avant de revenir voir Gantz avec une nouvelle équipe.On assistera donc à nouveau à des scènes où des gens meurent, mais traitées peut-être avec plus de finesse que celle du premier tome (la tête de Keï qui vole, encore consciente, m'a un peu touché, je dois dire)

Many readers call this chapter simply a low point, but it was too much for me with 2 dumb Keis. Constant sexual objectification of women throughout the manga is not so much offensive as stupid. Too stupid for me.

Idem tomos anteriores también. Kishimoto sexualizada por mil, y me quejaba del primero tomo Aunque es entendible ya que el mangaka dibuja ecchi, y la realidad es que es un seinen enfocado a hombres.

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i can see why i liked this when i was 15. The sexuality is japanese, and the in-between-battles bits are slightly dull. However those segments get better as I recall, and its totally worth seeing the "aliens" in combat anyways.

Honestly this is disgustingly brutal. Detailed art, and an intense storyline to go along with it. Think GTA meeting Aliens; then having a illegitimate lovechild calling it Gantz! Read with care. My ratings for my kid's is that they can read it when they're oh never

I'll keep reading 'em, but mostly out of bland M-rated curiosity.

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