The Case for Easter: A Journalist Investigates the Evidence for the Resurrection

Lee Strobel

The Case for Easter: A Journalist Investigates the Evidence for the Resurrection

The Case for Easter: A Journalist Investigates the Evidence for the Resurrection

  • Title: The Case for Easter: A Journalist Investigates the Evidence for the Resurrection
  • Author: Lee Strobel
  • ISBN: 9780310254751
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

How credible is the evidence for, and against, the resurrection of Jesus Christ Focusing his award winning skills as a legal journalist on history s most compelling enigma, Lee Strobel retraces the startling findings that led him from atheism to belief in the biblical New Testament story.

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This was an interesting read. Lee was a journalist for the Chicago Tribune with journalism and law degrees. He was an atheist. His wife converted to Christianity and he decided to investigate Christianity in the same way that he would any other journalistic piece of work. He spoke to leading experts in various fields about crucifixion and resurrection. The purpose of the research was to debunk his wife’s new belief system. The proof that he was presented with convinced him of the reality of Je [...]

While non-denominational, New Testament Christians find no Biblical authority to observe Easter as a religious holiday, we do firmly believe in what it is intended to represent—the resurrection of Christ from the dead. Of course, the real question is, did Jesus of Nazareth actually rise from the dead? The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the very cornerstone of Christianity. Christianity is the only “world religion” which claims that its founder returned from the grave—and then offers any [...]

This is ninety pages of quick and dirty apologetics, arguing from a historical and anthropological standpoint the crucifixion and death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ. All in ninety pagesI haven't spent much time on the argument against Easter. Weirdly, it just didn't occur to me. After reading, although I'm far from a historical/ theological expert, I now know what to say when the phrase "Christian mythology" is used. This is a book I would give to a nonbeliever who needs to hear a rati [...]

I'm not the target audience for this book. Sadly, this was my first to read for Lee Strobel. I had higher hopes than what I ended up finding. Seeking to find strong arguments for the Christian faith, I, instead, found strong arguments about the caliber of three one-sided researchers (if we can call them so). In between their biographies, the author filled in the pages with typical newspaper fillers, enough to fill an empty tomb. I wanted evidence, instead I found marketing techniques for Easter. [...]

This easy to read booklet is a perfect tool to help people understand the reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a journalist, Strobel investigates three critical questions around the resurrection:1. What is the medical evidence of the death of Jesus?2. Is there evidence that Jesus' body was missing from his tomb?3. Was Jesus seen alive after his death on the cross?Each question is carefully researched and answered--so even the skeptic would marvel at the answers and research. This book [...]

What nauseating tripe. Strobel is a true believer masquerading as a skeptic pitching soft ball questions to christian theologians and other scholars. He receives the answers he expects and "challenges" them by giving them the opportunity to elaborate on their singularly unsatisfying and predictable answers to his predicable questions. As he recounted each of his interviews I was constantly saying why doesn't he ask about that, or that, or that. He didn't interview a single person who doubted the [...]

Do you want evidence? This is Evidence and this is very well researched evidence. Lee writes like a man who really knows what he is talking about and he backs up all his investigations with well documented facts. This is a great read and it is truly convincing. I would recommend this book to anyone.I read this book originally in 2014 and just reread it again in 2016. This is a great book with a very thorough investigation on not only the Resurrection but on the Crucifixion. I think it should be [...]

Yesterday I went to see the new movie "The Case for Christ." I am a theologian so well familiar with Strobel's name, though admittedly, I have never read any of his books myself. The movie piqued my interest, and so when I got this free book at a local Good Friday church service, I decided to have a read. At first glance, this book is highly well reasoned and thought-out. I appreciate it's straight forward lay-out as well as its convincing arguments from a wide range of scholars. I also apprecia [...]

A fairly straightforward and short book. I read it in about an hour and a half. Strobel sets out to, according to the back cover, "retrace the startling findings that led him from atheism to belief". Strobel is quite clear that he wasn't an atheist who was then converted to Christianity as he conducted the interviews. This is also evident from how the interviews are conducted. Few rebuttals to the pro-resurrection arguments are given by Strobel.The actual core of the book - the arguments which u [...]

This book takes us through a skeptic's journey into the evidence for the main components of the Easter story (That Jesus was fully dead, that the tomb was later empty, that Jesus was seen by many people after his death). Coming from a journalists background, also having a Master of Studies in Law degree, reporting on courts and cases, Strobel interviews experts in each field, investigating the evidence presented and 'cross examining' them with the alternative theories. As an example of "expert", [...]

Someone was kind enough to give me this as a gift, which I appreciate.But, I can't say I found it at all persuasive. Someone said that this book is just an excerpt of The Case for Christ. I had previously read that book, but long enough ago that I didn't remember the specifics. I did remember the inane approach though. Strobel's "skeptic" approach is to take the gospels as extremely accurate documents, and use them to provide justification for their own stories. Obviously in this book he's talki [...]

A good quick introduction to the debate surrounding Christ's resurrection. I thought Strobel could've gone a little deeper before deciding a question was resolved, but then again, some of these questions really are more about personal objections to the ramifications of a risen Lord than actual disagreement with the historicity of the event. In that respect, there is no amount of proof that would ever be adequate to consider these questions resolved for some people. Nevertheless, he did give refe [...]

Leaving aside the fact that Strobel's "case" for anything starts off with giving historical credence to things I question to begin with (like calling the New Testament a historical account), there is something about Strobel's writing style which grated on my nerves. This book is a good source of information for the layman person of Christian faith, who wishes to understand in simple terms the "proof" that the New Testament offers about the death and the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. For thi [...]

In keeping an open mind, I came across this book. However, its arguments were utterly unconvincing and extremely presumptuous. That is, it presumes that the Gospels are accurate and reliable - something for which there is little evidence. Furthermore, it suggests that the Gospels are independent, whereas in actual fact, there's very little evidence to suggest that they are. Indeed, Matthew and Luke could well have had Mark's Gospel right in front of them when writing theirs. Not only that, but i [...]

This was a very good and thorough book without being to scholarly or preachy. It is matter of fact. It is a first person account of what happened to him.Lee Strobel at the time was an investigative journalist and his wife became a Christian, so he decided to investigate the claims of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and see if he could get his wife out of this cult called Christianity.He interviewed a forensic pathologist, a physician and former research scientist, a former divinity school teach [...]

I enjoyed this simple, straightforward account of the historical basis for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many people believe that Christianity is a blind faith. However, that couldn't be farther from the truth. If one wants to object to the historical validity of the New testament accounts, then they must also object to the the validity of most history, as the Bible has gone through the same litmus test, and has been one of the most scrutinized texts of all the time. For the reviewers on her [...]

That one star is for the interesting details about what the body goes through during crucifixion in chapter 2. This tries to present evidence to validate the resurrection of Christ, but other than the interesting anatomical presentation, the rest is just quoting the bible as fact. For those of us who see the bible as allegoric tales, this does little to change minds. This was given to me, along with its longer cousin (The Case for Christ) by my father's priest in an attempt to convince me. This [...]

There was something about the author’s writing style that I didn’t like, which I can’t quite put my finger on, but I enjoyed the content and was able to read this 90-pager very quickly. I continue to be impressed by the amount of evidence for the reliability of the Bible and its message. This book specifically looked into the death and resurrection of Jesus and their implications. It made me think of these verses: “Because God’s children are human beings – made of flesh and blood – [...]

I recently recommended this book. Shame on me because I'd never read it. So I remedied that, and I can leave my recommendation intact. Strobel has written an accessible, quick, and fun rundown of the reasons to believe in the resurrection of Jesus. You'll find meatier cases made elsewhere, but this is a perfect place to start.Notes:(1) Swoon theory. Strobel gives a medical account designed to show Jesus could not have survived crucifixion.(2) Personal note: Journalistic style makes Strobel's boo [...]

Another in the Lee Strobel "The Case for" series. All of these books are well research and written, however be aware that this is not really a new book. Strobel has taken three of the chapters from The Case for Christ and collected them here in a smaller, specialized book focusing on Easter. It's still good information, but if you've already read The Case for Christ there isn't anything new here.

I just passed out copies of this short book to members of the weekly "Network" group (home group for church) that I belong to. The book itself is really just an excerpt from Strobel's book The Case for Christ (3 chs.) so it's nothing new, but for those not willing to read an entire copy of CFC then this is a great start. We are watching it in conjunction with Strobel's new DVD by the same title, The Case for Christ. The DVD is so well done and is so powerful because it interweaves Lee's largely [...]

Mr. Strobel set put to prove or discredit three key statements about Christ: did he die on the cross, did he rise from the dead and did people witness seeing him after his ressurection. Using various sources and experts in their field, he proved all three statements. As a true believer, I never had a moment of doubt about the supreme sacrifice that Jesus made for our salvation. During the first part of the book I was deeply saddened about the pain and suffering that Ur Lord endured for all of us [...]

This is an accessible, concise overview of the arguments in favour of the traditional Christian claims about the resurrection. It presents a case aiming at a specific conclusion, and doesn't make much attempt to be neutral, but it does present the relevant arguments on each side fairly, albeit before swiftly moving on to a definite conclusion in support of traditional Christian claims. Given the amount of rather poorly informed anti-Christian invective floating around cyber-space, this isn't a b [...]

This was an interesting, short read. Strobel, a journalist and self-proclaimed atheist interviews three experts on the subject of the resurrection: the medical evidence, the evidence of the missing body and the evidence of appearances. Written in a journalistic style, this 90-page book walks through each of these common oppositions of the resurrection. Definitely enjoyed this read. It's an excerpt from Strobel's "The Case for Christ" so if you own that already you wouldn't need to buy this book. [...]

This book was SO informative. I read it just before I saw The Passion. I think if I'd seen the movie before I'd read the book, I would have been disturbed by the graphic nature of the film. Upon reading this book however, I think the film is actually toned down a notch from how brutalized our Lord really was. If you know someone who does not believe in the resurrection then this is an amazing resource. The research Mr. Strobel did blows any possibility of the "swoon theory" (that Jesus didn't re [...]

Don't misunderstand my rating. The evidence presented in this book is believable and well-presented, and I do in fact believe that Christ was raised from the dead Easter morning. However, this short, 90-page book contains almost exactly what can be found in Strobel's more exhaustive book, "The Case for Christ." I would recommend this more full version to anyone researching Jesus, his claims and person, as well as the beginnings of Christianity. "The Case for Easter" is effective, but I just pref [...]

I decided I wanted to read this this year before Easter. I actually finished on Easter morning. Lee Strobel was actually an atheist and an investigative reporter who started researching Christianity after his wife became a Christian. In this book he investigates the claims of Easter. I didn't doubt them before I began, but it solidified everything I believed and was a nice reminder before Easter. His Case for Christ and Case for Faith is also wonderful. He did become a Christian after doing all [...]

This was a "give-away" at church on Easter. I read Strobel's "The Case for Christ" years ago. Quick read-only 90 pages, but full of great arguments for the resurrection."How credible is the evidence for, and against, the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Focusing his award-winning skills as a legal journalist on history's most compelling enigma, Lee Strobel retraces the startling findings that led him from atheism to belief in the biblical New Testament story."

This book proves nothing. All it does is try to prove Jesus's resurrection using the new testament as proof. Heck, we could "prove" all religions were correct using that logic. I mean if I wanted to prove whether or not Islam is correct, I certainly would want more proof than what it says in the Quaran. Basically this book is extremely biased. The first bit about the methodology of crucifixion was interesting though.

This is a short book that is just a taste of what you find in "The Case for Christ". I liked the longer version better just because it had so much more information, but this is a nice sample of what you would find if you read the longer book. Because it's short, it'd be great to give to someone who is curious about whether or not there is any validity to the story of Easter or if it's all just legends created by Jesus' disciples.

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