The Sandbox & The Death of Bessie Smith

Edward Albee

The Sandbox & The Death of Bessie Smith

The Sandbox & The Death of Bessie Smith

  • Title: The Sandbox & The Death of Bessie Smith
  • Author: Edward Albee
  • ISBN: 9780452260832
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback

also includes Fam and Yam An Imaginary Interview.

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مرگ بسی اسمیت، نمایش نامه ای ست تک پرده ای (1959) که بر مبنای زندگی و مرگ دلخراش بسی اسمیت (در یک تصادف)، نوشته شده. بسی اسمیت مشهورترین خواننده ی "بلوز" در دهه های 20 و 30 قرن بیستم بود. نمایش نامه گفتگوهایی ست میان "برنی" و جک، و جک و بسی (که روی صحنه دیده نمی شود)، و بین کارمندان سفید و [...]

Bessie Smith foreshadows the virtuosity of his later work, but The Sandbox and FAM & YAM are utter juvenalia.

Edward Albee is a weirdo. Who else would take characters from one play then put them in a new play that's neither prequel nor sequel but just the same scenario in a different setting? That's what he does with "The Sandbox," his reworking of "The American Dream." Impossibly, it works. "The Death of Bessie Smith," his pissed-off one-act of Southern-style racism and sexism, holds up well, too. The final play here -- a droll interview between playwrights, "Fam and Yam" -- is way too self-amused.

I only read the Death of Bessie Smith when I was in high school. As you can see I get on a particular author and read what I can. Growing up in the south - l am a military brat whose family is from the North - I was particularly moved. And I do love Edward Albee for a review of the human condition.

Three plays by Albee, written before his powerhouse Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?-- The Sandbox is cute, but somewhat pointless. Maybe seeing it staged, rather than simply reading it off the page, would add something to it. But I doubt it.-- The Death of Bessie Smith is convoluted and lays down more loose ends than it is able to tie up.-- Fam & Yam = silly.

The Sandbox is just fantastic. The Death of Bessie Smith is something I'd really like to see performed, though when read it is enjoyable enough if a bit contrived. It paints a strange picture of race relations for sure though and there is a sort of meta-sensibility at work as well.

I liked these pieces, but in no way felt that they were Albee's best. They were very well written, but I feel no need to explore them further.

Read: "The Sandbox"

I thought the sand box was quite funny because of the grandma and the other two plays were good too but not as funny.

I haven't read "The Death of Bessie Smith" but the Sandbox is great!

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