The Coming Storm

Rob Kidd Jean-Paul Orpinas

The Coming Storm

The Coming Storm

  • Title: The Coming Storm
  • Author: Rob Kidd Jean-Paul Orpinas
  • ISBN: 9781423100188
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback

This swaggering, stand alone addition to the Pirates of the Caribbean series recounts the story of Jack Sparrow, a teenage stowaway on an adult mission Jack has assembled a motley crew of adventurers to locate and seize the legendary Sword of Cort s This scenario sounds feasible until the treasure hunters run into heavy storms and bloodthirsty pirates.

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Много симпатична книжка, която ни среща с небезизвестния капитан Джак Спароу на млади години, който си е (почти) същия образ, какъвто си го познаваме от филмите за карибските пирати. Детска или не, книжката си я бива, а илюстрациите, въпреки че не са многобройни, бяха доста пр [...]

The Coming Storm is a quick read, and fun. As a self-appointed Captain Jack Sparrow expert and enthusiast, I'm rather picky about folks getting him right. Rob Kidd does an admirable job here, capturing Captain Jack's voice and mannerisms so well that I actually pictured a 21 Jump Street-era Johnny Depp acting them out. The book is very clearly part of a series, and while it could stand alone, there's no reason you'd want it to. It has its own arc and ties in with a larger storyline as well. The [...]

I am SO MAD that I was too old to enjoy this book when I read it. Or maybe I wouldn't have liked the female protagonist anyway. Who knows. I know adults who enjoyed these though. I'll probably end up reading this again later when I'm feeling nostalgic.

Full of adventure but the verbiage would be difficult for early readers.

This book managed to be everything I didn't want it to be. The overall plot is simple and I liked that but the rest of this was just so tedious to read. The author completely butchered the characterization of Jack Sparrow. One minute he's talking like a child, the next like a 30 year old man. The dialogue was choppy and the wording was awkward. Additionally, Jack wasn't even clever or funny in this book. He was just kind of there. And the supporting characters were just as bland. This is meant t [...]

This is the first book in a new series for young readers about the teenage years of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, when he first became a pirate and went off in search of treasure. Teenage Arabella lives a dreary life in Tortuga. Her mother was kidnapped by pirates, her father is always drinking, and she spends her days working in her father's tavern. The only bright spot in serving drinks to the pirates is that she can listen to their stories of adventure and treasure hunting. One [...]

This book is basically about when Captain Jack Sparrow was a young reckless teenager. It starts off with him going into the craziest bar for pirates ever: Tortuga. He was looking for his stolen satchel, and he thinks he finds it with one of the most dangerous pirates ever, Captain Torrents. Unfortunatley, Jack didn't know about the notorius pirate, and Torrents caught him stealing. Jack makes a narrow escape as he loses Torrents in a giant brawl. Arabella, the barmaid, pulls him out of the fight [...]

След залеза на книгите-игри през ученическите ми години изпитвах липса на бързи и увлекателни четива, както и на зарибяващи поредици, които да колекционирам. Тази празнина започнах да запълвам с няколко доста вълнуващи младежки серии, които за мое голямо нещастие така и не [...]

Yyyaayyy! I finished my first book for school. I'm surprisingly proud of myself for reading this in Spanish and actually understanding it. I like Jack and Fitzwilliam together and how Fitzwilliam's nickname is Fitzy.

This book is so cool! I love it! I still need to read the last book, but I can't find it!

(dew) If u love the Pirate Of The Caribbean movies u will love this book. It is adventurous and fun to read! :)

A very fast good read.

We've read all thes in the series as they've been released. Good stories. Not dumbed down.

The way they tie in Jacks life with the movies is really cool! Apparently he has always has an affinity for fancy hats

I liked it it was pretty funny short but good want to buy the rest of them so I can finish the story.

intresting book.

This book was ASOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

way fun

i loved this cunning action.

this book is the start of a long series and describes jacks life and the start of his adventure.

I picked this book up for the kids and wanted to read it first. It was a very adventurous story of Jack Sparrow and some friends he meets along the way and their journey to find treasure. This is the first of a series and I do believe the kids will love it. I would recommend it to not only kids but anyone who loves Pirates of the Caribbean, Sailing the High Seas, Finding Lost Treasure, Skeleton Kings and Lots of Magic.

Based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, this book is the first of many that tell the adventures of a young Jack Sparrow. The Coming Storm relates the tale of how he came to be called CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, though not in possession of the Black Pearl, although he does encounter a giant pirate who warns him about the legend of Davy Jones.

I remember reading this book as a kid. I found it in the bargain bin at Shopko. I loved it! It took me far away to the ocean I longed for and made my true love, Captain Jack Sparrow, my age. But I was so embarrassed that I had read a "baby book" I handed it off to a POTC fanatic who was much younger than me. She was so excited! Her joy is the only reason I don't regret giving it away.

This is such an interesting children's book. It follows the adventures of a young Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew in the search of a lost treasure. The character of Jack Sparrow is still alike his older self in the movies. I won't lie I wasn't expecting the Jack Sparrow I knew, but this mild version of the character was still satisfying.

Loved reading this with my little one! Very fun and humorous read. Love the little here and there homages to the movies.

An interesting look at Jack Sparrow before he became the pirate we all know and love from the movies. The story had a lot of action and adventure for so few pages and I LOVED that one of the main characters was a girl! I don't think I will continue with the other books in the series but these are excellent stories for young readers.

Knowing that I was in for a struggle trying to keep my five-year-old, Buster, interested in being read to for 20 minutes a day this summer, we headed off to get him a few books that might hold his attention. I was pleased to see that a newish line of books about a teenage Jack Sparrow were available, so I got him the first in the series: Jack Sparrow: The Coming Storm by Rob Kidd.::: Becoming a Captain :::Jack Sparrow: The Coming Storm introduces us to Jack before he's the drunk pirate we know f [...]

Pirates of the Caribbean” was very interesting because it tells about a lot of fun things and it tells about pirates and how there life might be in the sea or any where you might want to know about and can proudly answer you some questions you might have about piratesMMARYThese are a couple of things you should know about “PIRATES OF CARIBBEAN” JACK SPARROW . First this book is good for everybody including little people to read books of course ROB KIDD wrights books but of course none of t [...]

This swashbuckling little tale is a humorous, fun read logging teenage Jack Sparrow's first adventure as a captain of an abandoned fishing-vessel The Barnacle and a crew of rambunctious characters such as Arabella the fiery Irish barmaid, "Fitzy" a wealthy nobleman runaway, Tumen a foreign-tongued native, Jean a thirteen year old merchant sailor and Constance who is apparently Jean's sister cursed into the form of a mangy cat. "The Coming Storm" reads like a delightful fanfiction targeted at you [...]

3.5 stars. For a mass market Disney book designed to milk the pirates of the Caribbean franchise for all its worth, this was really fun. I love jack sparrow -sorry, captain jack sparrow :)- and I think the author did a good job getting his personality right. The writings good and the plot and characters motivations are pretty straight forward. They want the sword for its magic powers, so they can use it to set up they're owe little kingdom and keep it away from "evil" pirates who want to use it [...]

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