AnOther E. E. Cummings

E.E. Cummings John Rocco

AnOther E. E. Cummings

AnOther E. E. Cummings

  • Title: AnOther E. E. Cummings
  • Author: E.E. Cummings John Rocco
  • ISBN: 9780871401571
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover

Cummings was a pioneer in sound and concrete poetry He worked with the traditional form of the sonnet until he made it all his own through linguistic and typographic inventions that have never been properly recognized His prose is no less experimental he wrote memoirs, essays, and fiction that are constantly provocative and often radically experimental.

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I'm not going to review all of the e.e. cummings collections that I own (there are way too many as I have this thing about collecting them). What I will say is that cummings has this totally selfish/creative/lovely/beautiful/erotic way of writing that just gets me every time. There is rarely a poem of his that I've read that I don't like. He's modern and writes very much that way, and I love his playful use of punctuality and grammar as a means of conveying his emotions. If you've never read cum [...]

I have often stated that my favourite of Cummings's poems are the poems that reflect the poet's experimental leanings. AnOther E.E. Cummings is composed entirely of poems that illustrate the poet's multifaceted approach to experimental poetry, including "deviant traditional verse", "language experiments", "visual poetry and sound poetry", "texts set to music", "condensed prose", "elliptical narratives", "film scenarios", and more. The result is by far the best selection of Cummings's writing tha [...]

What I love about ee cummings is that heisdiff:errrrent. He doesn't pay attention to capitilization, punctuation, or grammar rules. He strings words together beautifully and stirs up emotions you never knew you had. ee cummings seriously makes me smile. His poetry and prose is like a decoding a secret language, and you have to analyze every line. You can't skim his work so maybe that's the point, maybe he wants you to feel his words, not to read them. Well, ee, it works for me.

I like his poetry the best, but this book gives a taste of each of his different kind of poems, his prose, translations, memoir, etc.

Cummings cambio mi modo de concebir la poesía y me ha inspirado a probar nuevas formas y a salirme de los tradicionalismos. Creo que es una lectura que deberíamos hacer todos. Cummings changed my way of thinking about poetry and has inspired me to get out and try new things. I think everyone should read it.

A great and unique collection with pieces that I haven't seen anywhere else. It highlights a lot of his recondite works that deviate far outside the traditional standards fitting of his contemporaries (indeed even to that of today's modern poets) - some seriously strange/chaotic structures even for Cummings. Loved the section on his condensed prose and elliptical narratives.

I have a rat named after this man. Is that okay?His poetry n' prose makes me want to put thoughts on paper without obsessing over the process. m a a a y b e hewillevenhelpme lose my addiction to correct grammar and format.

I really appreciate that the editors included such a wide-range of Cummings' writing (including translations, book chapters, prose, etc.) I enjoyed his poetry and feel like I know him better as a whole-artist for the wide range introduced in the book.

cummings just makes me happy. even if it is sad happy. and he makes me want to be the kind of person who notices ants and red specks in the carpet. and who buys flowers for herself just because they look nice in kitchenlight.

This is such a cool, unique, collection of the lesser known cummings poems. The pages of analysis and biography are very useful and well-written, definitely worth the read for anyone with interest in cummings' life and work.

I appreciate what Cummings did with language, but I can't see myself going back to these over and over like I do with his "since feeling is first". Nothing really spoke to the heart of me, just to aesthetic pleasure, so it's not a 5 star book for me.

I heart e. e.I can recite "love is more thicker than forget" by heart. this is a great collection. great erotic poetry.

E.E. Cummings brilliant Essential. joyouswonderousness


Love Love love e.e.C

A master piece!!!

Great compilation with a variety of Cummings's works put together!


The categories/chapters are great: language poems, Erotic Poetry, Film Scenario, Language experiments, etc.

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