Dangerous Games

Clayton Emery

Dangerous Games

Dangerous Games

  • Title: Dangerous Games
  • Author: Clayton Emery
  • ISBN: 9780786905249
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback

Mages GamesNetheril, empire of magic, where wizards wield power far beyond the ken of mortal man.Netheril, where citadels float, magic runs wild, and mages dabble in games better left for the gods.Netheril, a place of dangerous games where the barbarian Sunbright Steelshanks soon finds himself an unwilling pawn in a lethal match of wits, wiles, and powers.

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So, This book was just as bad as the first one.but perhaps this one had a little bit of the history I was looking for in the first book, but didn't findever disapointingSunbright now lives in the flying city with fat wizard and Polaris. He has set his mind on reclaiming his chick's soul from the Hellish prison he lost her in. Fat wizard has promised to help him, but he is often too busy to devote much time to Sunbright's plight.The barbarian soon becomes restless in the flying city and decides t [...]

Book #2 of the Netheril series and book #2 in my chronological reading of Forgotten Realms. Sunbright and his pal a Netheril magic user learn more than they ever wanted to learn about Heavy Magic. Sunbright does earn his birth right to become a Sharman, but must continue his adventures and return to his tribe. I liked the book and the story and I'm looking forward to the last book in this series. I would recommend it as good fun fantasy.

I'd give this second book a 2.5 star. It's a little better than the first one, but not by much. It was entertaining enough at times, particularly in the handling of the final days of Netheril - except for one part - Karsus himself. Also I kinda enjoyed the fighting scenes; it takes away having to think about the weak plot. The book felt like an excuse for just 3 things to happen: (view spoiler)[just to show you what Karsus did, a rather lame and unjustified reason for Sunbright to "become a sham [...]

It took me a while to get through the second, equally brief entry in Clayton Emery's Netheril trilogy. You know the phenomenon where the middle entry in a trilogy travels in a circle and ends up accomplishing nothing? That's more or less what Dangerous Games ends up feeling like.I very much appreciated a few things about this book. It does a fairly apt job of detailing the decline and eventual end of the Netherese Empire, has some interesting magical effects and descriptions, and Emery is as goo [...]

So here we have the second installment of the fall of the Netherese empire. We join Sunbright and Candlemas once again, still trying to find a cure for the grain blight that affected them in the first book. They are privy to the fall of a star from the heavens, and while investigating the star are whisked away to the future. They find themselves at the decadent end of the Netherese empire, where the Netheril have become so bloated and corrupt that their cities are rotting from the inside out.Dur [...]

Even more meh. Time travel meh!

Just as good as the first. The crazy things that happen to Sunbright and Candlemas are almost as wild as going to hell in the first book! The addition of Knucklebones only makes it better :-)

Felt too removed from the original story, but entertaining nevertheless.


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