Evan's Gate

Rhys Bowen

Evan's Gate

Evan's Gate

  • Title: Evan's Gate
  • Author: Rhys Bowen
  • ISBN: 9780425201985
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback

When Constable Evan Evans discovers a beautiful shepherd s cottage in the mountains of Llanfair, Wales, he and his fianc e are thrilled It s only months before their wedding, and they are eager to begin their new life together.The cottage is in need of renovation, so Evan wastes no time before he begins making much needed repairs It turns out, though, that Evan s discoWhen Constable Evan Evans discovers a beautiful shepherd s cottage in the mountains of Llanfair, Wales, he and his fianc e are thrilled It s only months before their wedding, and they are eager to begin their new life together.The cottage is in need of renovation, so Evan wastes no time before he begins making much needed repairs It turns out, though, that Evan s discovery extends far beyond the beauty of a mountaintop view and a cozy dream house when he finds the skeleton of a child buried in the front yard.His professional inclinations soon get the best of him, and he cannot rest until he discovers the identity of the child The skeleton is decades old, but the discovery eerily coincides with the case of a present day missing girl.Although discouraged by his fellow detectives, Evan dives into the mystery of both missing children He soon realizes that if he can solve the decades old death, he just might find a crucial insight into the whereabouts of the child missing in the present day.

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Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars I really [...]

Now Detective Constable Evan Evans, North Wales, he is no longer the local policeman for Llanfair, so he is a plain clothesman. The story involves the disappearance of a 5 year old from a beach caravan park and, as Evans works on the case, it takes him back 25 years to the disappearance of another 5 year old who Evans knew. The story revolves around solving the two disappearances. With Evans no longer the "village bobby," there is less of the Llanfair locals from earlier novels which reduces the [...]

Good story, however I prefer Ms. Bowen's Royal Spyness ad Molly Murphy series.

A better than average mystery with little blood. The Constable Evans mysteries are set in Wales and peppered with information about the land and culture. There is a page with Welsh vocabulary words explained to help with the common words used in the story. This story kept me guessing and what I did guess, was wrong. Two little girls, both with long blonde hair went missing – 25 years apart. The family of the first little girl to go missing came back to the area to celebrate their grandfather [...]

Another enjoyable and intriguing Evan Evans Welsh mysteryt too deep, but well written and interesting side plots and culturally charming. I find these books a nice easy but enjoyable read lots of twists and turns in this one, but the ending was a bit disappointing and the little girl was rather sadly dismissed,

Enjoyable. The very ending [Constable Evans' thoughts on the incident in his childhood that is central to the story] is quite a twist. Definitely a "cozy", but more realistic that Bowen's other series [which I also enjoy], "Her Spyness."

Eighth in the Constable Evans mystery series set in Wales and revolving around a bright young policeman lacking the time to hike as much as he was used to. My Take I do so enjoy this series. Bowen has created a small cast of colorful characters whose lives move forward and every once in awhile, they look back as Evan does in this installment. This particular story revolves around two young 5-year-old-ish girls. One went missing 25 years ago; the other a few hours ago.There is an introspective ai [...]

A family reunion, the discovery of a young girls skeletonwho happens to be the missing daughter of the newly reunited familyd another missing girll rolled into one great read.

I always liked the character of Constable Evans so thought it might be fun to return to some of these books.

Becoming formulaic, but still entertaining.

Evan's Gate is the eighth in the Constable Evans Mystery series by Rhys Bowen, and it is the best so far. The setting is Llanfair, Wales for all the stories and the reader feels as if they too can visit the Red Dragon pub, hike the Snowdon Horseshoe mountains, and watch as the two churches that sit across from each other try to outdo each other by posting contrasting religious scriptures on their signs. Evan Evans is the local constable and local residents are know by their first name and trade [...]

#8 in the Constable Evan Evans series. Finalist 2005 Edgar Award for Best Mystery Novel. A lesser entry in the series as Evan spends quite a bit of time with his neighboring children of twenty five years ago, in flashbacks of their games and currently as they have returned for the 80th birthday of their grandfather.Evan Evans series - When Constable Evans discovers an available shepherd’s cottage in the mountains of Llanfair, he and his fiancée are thrilled. It’s only months before their we [...]

A I near the end of the Constable Evans series, I grow sad. I have developed an affection for Evan and his fellow villagers. In general, I find Ms Bowen has a terrific aptitude for plotting, although she too often resorts to unlikely coincidences. She tosses in just enough false "clues" to keep things interesting.When I first started reading cozies last fall, I was critical of the paucity of literary merit. Now, however, I realize that criticizing novels in this escapist genre for not being last [...]

Up until the ending of "Evan's Gate," the story seemed to have jumped from the somewhat lighthearted-murder mystery (if murder can be lighthearted) into the more serious, grown-up type of mystery. This time it deals with child abduction and a 25 year-old missing-child case as well. For better or worse, the solution pulls the series back to its accustomed level. Some readers will wish it had moved beyond the previous level and into serious mystery, while others, I am sure, are happy to keep it on [...]

Although I plunged straight into the Constable Evans Mystery series with this eighth book in the series, I was pulled straight in. Constable Evans, who had joined the plainclothes division by this point. Was so well portrayed by Rhys Bowen that I could visualize him, as well as the North Wales setting.I have to admit that I picked up the book, because it started with a five-year-old girl vanishing from a caravan park in Porthmadog – just across the estuary from where I live, in North Wales. Bu [...]

A child has disappeared in Lanfair Wales. As Evan works on a ditch at the new cottage he and Bronwen look forward to inhabiting after their wedding, he strikes what he thinks is a rock, but turns out to be a bone! As he explores further he finds more bones and a small shoe! Horrified, he remembers another little girl who disappeared 25 years ago. Sarah was a summer visitor to the area in those days - a little girl a year younger than himself whom he played with when she was around. As Evan repor [...]

Excellent mystery. The disappearance of a young girl brings up a similar disappearance twenty five years earlier, a childhood friend of Detective Constable Evans. That case remains unsolved. It just happens that the family is back in the area for the first time in 25 years when the second disappearance takes place. Evans and his supervisor, DCI Watkins take this case personally for different reasons. Is the past repeating itself or are the two cases unrelated? Bowen does a fine job as the police [...]

I really enjoyed reading this. A strong plot, a story moving slowly but persistently, with a great sense for detail in locations and characters. I only wish English authors - and their publishers - were more careful when choosing to employ foreign language. Most readers won't notice or won't consider this important, but the few Welsh words used for local colour and authenticity here are just not quite correct - thus digging little holes in the credibility of the narrator. And very unnecessarily [...]

EVAN’S GATE – VGRhys Bowen – 8th in seriesContstable Evan Evans becomes involved with two cases of missing children; one new, one old. Although the cases are 25 years apart, there are striking similarities in the age and appearance of the children. Evans feels a particular involvement as he played with the girl who disappeared 25 year’s ago and wonders whether the two cases are related.***This is a well-written series which has, for me, become better over time as they become less light. [...]

Evan Evans, The Detective Constable, finds his current case bringing back his childhood to the foreground of his current life. A little girl had gone 'missing', she was his friend at the time, although from a different class. One days she goes missing.Decades later, DC Evans goes to look at the shell of a hut he plans of making his new home and finds the bones of a small childuld it be?This starts off this book with a bang. Is there a connection with a current 'missing' child report? You will ha [...]

Another of an excellent series, but hard to find. In this one, Constable Evan Evans of Wales is taken back to his childhood when visitors arrive that he remember. A playmate disappeared back then, and the mystery is revisited. Many twists and turns coupled with Evan's attempts to get a cottage ready to bring a bride into. There are complications that include a skeleton. Who doesn't love a town where, with so many named the same thing, he's Evan the law, and others are differentiated by their occ [...]

Don't know why our mystery f2f group picked #8 to read rather than starting with #1. I don't generally like to jump into the middle of an established series. This was enjoyable. Good local color with wonderful peeks at Welsh history and folklore. Bowen seems to have a good feel for her male characters. My copy of the book (and it was a commercial copy, not an ARC) was filled with editing errors- typos, grammatical goofs, misspellings. That's what comes of letting machines do the proofing and 'ty [...]

In this book, Evan is trying to buy an old cottage where he and his fiance can live. In the process, a young girl goes missing at a nearby beach and Evan must help try to find her. Just days later, while trying to unearth a pipeline at the cottage he means to fix up, he unearths the skeleton of a child and starts trying to solve the mystery of a little girl who disappeared 25 years ago.Good series. Fun characters. Easy, enjoyable book to read.

this is another good mystery in the series. am sad that there are only 2 more in the series. liked this one better than the previous entry. evan evans is restoring an old stone shepherd's cottage on the side of snowdon. he finds bones - could they be connected with a friend of his who disappeared when they were children - and is there a connection with another little girl who has gone missing, of similar appearance?

I like the Evan Evan's booksey are light and the characters are well developed. Plots are interesting, but will not keep you up at night. This one just grabeed me. There are flashbacks to Evan's childhoodry well done by Bowen. The plot is intricate, one does not know the murderer. There is a bit more psychological trauma in this book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My not enjoying this book was largely due to the problem of a child's deathh. I have read other books by this author and have enjoyed them, but if I had known that the story involved the death of a child I would not have gotten it. Tell me I am putting my head in the sand, but we get too much of this today and I DON'T have to read a book about it. (off my soapbox)!!

My favorite of the series so far. The "mystery" was a little unfair, but that made it somewhat of a surprise at the end, which is rare for me in this mostly predictable series. I like the author and the series, so I keep going. On to the next one, which I guess will be backwards because apparently I skipped the last one

Found this as an old paperback in the library. Again with the Wales setting and cultureI love popping into the pub for a toad in the hole. Evan Evans must solve the mystery of a missing child which is mixed with the disappearance of one of his childhood playmates 25 years before. Many twists and turns to see if the two disappearances are connected. Very nice read.

A missing girl in the modern day dovetails with Evan finding the skeleton of a girl who went missing 25 years ago. Are the two connected? We're back to the charm and intrigue of the series now in another strong book.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

Evan's Gate is well worth reading. Bowen offers lots of Welsh local colour and a likeable detective, Evan Evans. She works with two plots, both equally important, and leads the reader to an ending that is fairly satisfying. Bowen writes a good cozy and I'm looking forward to reading other novels by her.

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