Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain

Edward Ardizzone

Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain

Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain

  • Title: Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain
  • Author: Edward Ardizzone
  • ISBN: 9781845074562
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Hardcover

Things don t go to plan for Tim, the youngest ever sailor, when he stows away on board a steamer

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Little Tim wants to be a sailor, but his parents tell him he's too young, even though his retired boatman friend has taught him all about ships. He decides to convince them by stowing away on a steamer. When he is discovered, he is put to work scrubbing the decks, which is a lot harder than he expected.Here's where it is important to realize that this book is actually from the 1930s, not the 1980s as most of the entries indicated (I added this is a new edition, hopefully the correct date will no [...]

The reviews on this book are driving me crazy, so I'm gonna go off on a rant. You'd think every children's book published these days is about a child kept in a padded room; have these reviewers read any children's book? Yes, you can find cushy little tales of kindness (that are also very wonderful), like The Sandwich Swap, but you can also find books like Julia's House for Lost Creatures, where a little girl lives in a giant turtle and houses monsters or Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, where two boys d [...]

Published in 1936, the illustrations are very detailed. Altering in color pages then black and white, back to color again, this is a story of Tim who lives by the sea, and he is obsessed with the sea and boats. He loves all kinds of boats, steamers and then small little ones.His friends are the old boatman and Captain McFee, both of whom spin marvelous tales of their adventures. Longing to be a sailor and venture forth upon the sea, his parents tell him to wait for a long time until he is older. [...]

My six year old daughter loved this book. I said "ugh but it's so long" and she said "that's why I like it!" She has a point though. Sometimes these older kids books with tons of text can be entertaining precisely because they don't dumb things down as much and expect readers to have a longer attention span.I liked all the period details and the depiction of sailing, being a castaway, running into a storm and general danger at sea. Nice illustrations in a washed out style. The repeated reference [...]

i loved this book, it is so completely wrong compared w/2017. Little boy is friends w/the old single sailor who hangs out by the docks and goes to the old man's house by himself. The boy wants to be a sailor but parents laugh at him. Sailor asks boy if he wants to go on his boat out to the ship docked in the harbor, boy says yes of course. They get to the ship, boy hides from everybody, old sailor forgets him and goes back home. Boy is found and forced to scrub the deck of the ship. Ship heads o [...]

نگاه نویسنده به دوران کودکی نگاه ارزشمندیه.

You can read the summary of the story from the publisher, so I am not including another here. This review (as with many) are to remind me later what my family and I thought of it. Soooooowhile I would not cheer or respond so mildly if my child were to run away, the story of Tim's consequence and learning how to work were valuable. The illustrations are in an beautiful older style, alternating color and black and white. I wouldn't mind seeing more books in this style. When I finished reading Tim' [...]

I like, every now & again, to read books written for small boys about small boysI was a small boy once a long time ago!& this little gem, with lively illustrations by the celebrated author, really captures my boyhood sense of adventure & the promise of a world still relatively comprehensible - I never enjoyed stuff about dinosaurs, talking animals, space-ships or outer-spaceI was always a realist! degree is in History! It's even set around where I spent a memorable holiday in the 196 [...]

This book was obviously written in times past, because it tells the rather horrifying story of a little boy who runs off to become a sailor. He is caught stowing away so he must scrub floors and be of use to earn his passage. And he ends up almost drowning when the ship hits a rock during a storm and sinks. When he finally makes it home to his parents, he asks if he can go back out to be a sailor and they (surprise!) say yes. They also don't seem too concerned about him nearly losing his life.Il [...]

We have loved reading this book to our children and now to our grandchildren.Tim stows away on a boat and ends up on a long journey. The captain does not take kindly to stowaways and Tim is ordered to swab the deck.The cook and the captain of the ship warm to Tim and the adventure continues. Finally Tim's distraught mother is reunited with him.The illustrations are whimsically wonderful making for a terrific read aloud.

This is an older book and it shows in the thrills that the reader is exposed to. It seems the older books are more willing to put a child character in danger. This exciting tale has a little boy named Tim running away to sea and having many adventures there. It's a meaty story with quite a lot to it. I can't wait to read the others in the series.

I didn't dig this book. Even as a children's book, the story felt like it just dragged on and on. The artwork was nothing to write home about, and the message was little more than ok. Not for me. I'd skip it, unless you have a sincere desire to find a book that will teach sailing terms to a child. Then, I'd consider giving this a whirl.

The shit that done to a toddler in this book would get half of the characters indicted and sent to prison for a long time in all politically correct 2014. People longing for times of child beating, giving alcohol to babies, underage heavy labor, would enjoy this reminder how easy things were in good ole 1930's.

My sister gave me the whole Little Tim series and the kids love the stories of adventure and danger at sea. The illustrations are charming. Fun old-fashioned books for both the beginning reader and established reader. And a nice break from the endless chapter books (e.g Harry Potter series).

Disse historiene ble skrevet i ca 1936, tror jeg? Norske bøkene kom vel på femtitallet, men uansett har de holdt seg greit. Barna ble underholdt, selv om vi måtte stoppe innimellom for å forklare sjø-uttrykk og ting som telegraf.

Who's watching that kid while he's off talking to seafaring strangers and hitching rides on steamships, LOL ;) Seriously, I did enjoy reading this one to my little boy. I'm hoping he doesn't get any ideas though.

I loved the artwork, and the two captains, but I didn't really like the story very much.

I love the art work in these books.

Quite the adventure for a little boy - so rather unrealistic, but to a child - very exciting and brave!

(Read with little sister as part of the "1,001 Children's Books To Read")Loved this story! I generally love nautical books, and this had a grand sweet story-line.

Tim and his companions in all his books could REALLY give today's generation of kids what-for.

The perfect book for wild, adventurous, slightly insane little boys. And I'm going to start watching Santi better around boats.

My kids and I love these!

read for kid's lit course for my MLIS degree, 3-5 yrs section


Edward Ardizzone is my favorite children's author/illustrator. Now I'm reading his books to a new generation! They are picture books for older children. My spellbound audience ranged from 4 to 11.

Great (although unrealistic) story about a young boy who becomes a stowaway on a steamer ship. My girls enjoyed this book, but it would be an especially great book for boys.

A beautiful reprint of a classic tale.

My son thought this book was great and the little boy was very brave. My husband thought it would be a lawsuit in the making. LOL

It's a fun story, even with a disobedient child. The illustrations are old style and I really liked them.

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