The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

John Joseph Adams Robert J. Sawyer Stephen King Michael Moorcock Sharyn McCrumb Stephen Baxter Anne Perry Barbara Hambly

The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

  • Title: The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • Author: John Joseph Adams Robert J. Sawyer Stephen King Michael Moorcock Sharyn McCrumb Stephen Baxter Anne Perry Barbara Hambly
  • ISBN: 9781597801607
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback

The game is afoot Night Shade Books is proud to present the fantastic adventures of the world s greatest detective mystery, fantasy, science fiction, horror, no genre can escape the esteemed detective s needle sharp intellect and intuition.This reprint anthology showcases the best Holmes short fiction from the last 25 years, featuring stories by such visionaries as StepThe game is afoot Night Shade Books is proud to present the fantastic adventures of the world s greatest detective mystery, fantasy, science fiction, horror, no genre can escape the esteemed detective s needle sharp intellect and intuition.This reprint anthology showcases the best Holmes short fiction from the last 25 years, featuring stories by such visionaries as Stephen King, Neil Gaimen, Laura King, and many others.Skyhorse Publishing, under our Night Shade and Talos imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of titles for readers interested in science fiction space opera, time travel, hard SF, alien invasion, near future dystopia , fantasy grimdark, sword and sorcery, contemporary urban fantasy, steampunk, alternative history , and horror zombies, vampires, and the occult and supernatural , and much While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller, a national bestseller, or a Hugo or Nebula award winner, we are committed to publishing quality books from a diverse group of authors.

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4.0 stars. An overall very good collection with some superb stories (including one "All Time Favorite"), some okay stories and some good to very good stories. If you like Sherlock Holmes stories, you will like this collection (possibly even love it). I have separated the contents of the book into the categories above (superb, good to very good and okay) to be of help in navigating this collection (but of course this is only my opinion). BEST STORY IN COLLECTIONA Study in Emerald (Neil Gaiman). N [...]

I can't even begin to describe how awesome this book is. True, I've been a Sherlockian nearly all of my life,reading nearly all of the Canon as a child and my first pastiches (the ones by Nicholas Meyer) in my early teens. The brand new BBC series has done but add to my enthusiasm. This pastiche anthology is any Sherlockian's dream, putting Holmes and Watson in many different situations,that include time travel,pirates, Cthulhu myths,alien invasions, attempted assassinations,even Holmes having s [...]

The book I was going to review tonight was a really dirty, sexy little thing by some independent authors that got me slavering with senseless lust; but due to a technical/legal hitch to do with access to data and some commercial jiggery-pokery between two dot coms, that particular book cannot be found on at the moment. So I'll review The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes instead.I wasn't expecting much of it, to be honest. I listened to a quite well written introduction by, I presume, Jo [...]

The stories I read from this collection are:'The Doctor's Case' by Stephen KingFor as much as I like Stephen King, I was not sure it was within his range to write a Sherlock Holmes story. And while the reader can see the license he took with the characters, I was left fairly impressed with this result. The highlight of this story is its premise -- King has Watson solve this case ahead of Holmes, something that never happened in the canon.'The Shocking Affair of the Dutch Steamship Friesland' by [...]

The trouble with most anthologies today is that they're uneven. Two or three amazing stories are bundled in with a majority of mediocre stories with one or two complete stinkers thrown in for good measure. Worse, it seems like a lot of anthology editors are too quick to abandon the theme of the collection in favor of including a "name" author. The book might very well include a previously unpublished story by someone like Robert Bloch or Peter Straub, but if I buy an anthology entitled "Demon Zo [...]

As with any modern anthology of Sherlock Holmes stories, there are some high points as well as a few lows. And this collection is no different. Some of my favorite stories in this collection are the ones that follow the traditional Doyle formula. And then there are the stories that push the boundaries, taking the reader out of his or her comfort zone and pitting Holmes and Watson against dinosaurs, aliens, demonic spirits, pirates and the like. Some of these unconventional tales are entertaining [...]

There were a few good stories in here, but overall I found most of the stories to be predictable and to be but shadows of Conan Doyle's greatness. I wouldn't really recommend this book to others as it can be tedious to make your way through the whole thing, but like I said a few of the stories were pretty good, such as 'The Singular Habits of Wasps' by Geoffrey Landis, 'The Human Mystery' by Tanith Lee, and ' The Vale of the White Horse' by Sharyn McCrumb.

Cthulhu, Sherlock Holmes and much more unworldly things to adore.

This is a nice collection of pastiches and homages with a fantastic or speculative bent selected from a wide range of sources. There has been a vast number of new works or varying quality featuring Holmes since he entered the public domain, and this volume collects many of the better short pieces that I've tried. (Another favorite is Sherlock Holmes in Orbit edited by Resnick and Greenberg in 1995; Robert Sawyer's excellent story appeared there first.) I quickly became impatient with some of the [...]

This was a very enjoyable book. I don't recognise all the authors of course, but the ones I did stayed true to their writing style. There was some stories that I found ok, very much like a normal Holmes story, there were quite a few that were impressive, some with supernatural elements that blended in perfectly with the story. Lots of Chutuhlu references ironically. Just one story I did not like at all. But the best of all was the very last one. It was a jewel, something impressive, that I did n [...]

I do love a good Holmes fan fiction collection! Many more good than bad here. I'll try to do as many individual reviews as I can.The Horror of Many Faces: Watson sees a man brutally murdered right in front of him on the street and the murderer isHolmes? Bum Bum Baaaaaaa! I previously read this one but had forgotten the twist. Jolly good.The Case of the Bloodless Sock: A great kidnapping mystery with just a dash of a familiar villain.The Adventure of the Other Detective: Watson is whisked away to [...]

Like all anthologies, this collection is hit or miss. None of the stories were particularly bad or anything, it's just that not a whole lot of them were particularly awesome, either. A lot of them were fun and entertaining, but also forgettable. (I commented in my status updates with brief thoughts after pretty much every story, so the run down is there.)The ones I remember the most, off hand, though, are:The Doctor's Case A Study in EmeraldThe Vale of the White Horse (i.e. "the one with the hor [...]

All the anthologies I have read are a bit hit and miss. A couple of stories stand out and some make you wonder how they ever got considered in the first placeThe stories that work best here are the ones that conform to the Arthur Conan Doyle style and dont mess with Watson being the narrator. The stand out tales for me were "The Doctor's Case" by Stephen King, "A Study In Emerald" by Neil Gaiman and "The Singular Habits Of Wasps" by Geoffrey A. Landis.Of the 28 tales in the collection, the 3 I'v [...]

The operative phrase in the title is "Selections from". This ebook contains only seven of the twenty-some adventures in the book. But, if they are any indication, it's a good read.I especially enjoyed "Hanging" as it featured both Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) and Arthur Doyle, as characters."You See but You do not Observe" is a mind bender, which is true of anything based on the Schroedinger cart paradox. Sloppy thinking.

Welcome to the 1st Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Awards Show, where yours truly presents awards to the stories in this anthology as a way to celebrate the honestly fabulous talent displayed in this book. But before I go ahead with declaring the winners, I have a few words to say about the editor of this fine collection. This is the first John Joseph Adams anthology I’ve had the pleasure to read, and I’m glad to report that it was a wonderful ride. Never had I read a better organiz [...]

Overall: The ones that are awesome are REALLY awesome. The ones aren't so good, REALLY aren't so good. I think I was expecting something more along the lines of Gaslight Grimoire when I got this so that may have tarnished my opinion a bit. I'd still say grab this because of the awesome stories. They alone are worth some of the duller ones. The whole anthology functions along the "improbable" part of Holmes' famous quote - and that goes with every possible definition of it.Story by story is as fo [...]

Ο Σέρλοκ Χολμς είναι μία από τις πιο αναγνωρίσιμες λογοτεχνικές μορφές όλων των εποχών· ταυτόχρονα όμως το σύμπαν μέσα στο οποίο τον τοποθέτησε ο Άρθουρ Κόναν Ντόιλ παρέμεινε ιδιαίτερα ανοιχτό, καθώς οι ιστορίες που έγραψε με ήρωα τον Χολμς συνδέονται μάλλον χαλαρά μεταξ [...]

After reading all of the Arthur C. Doyle stories several times, I realized that my cravings for Sherlock literature had to be sated in a different way. I required something new, a change from the good old stories. This book is what recommended so this book is what I choose to read.As I was flipping through the pages of the first story I wasn't even aware of the subtle process that was happening. I was slowly discovering a whole new world, whole new shores. I always had a certain level of skepti [...]

Please forgive me. While I read this book A LONG TIME AGO, I need to go back and get some insight into what I actually read. This book is good enough to deserve a proper review -- I know this isn't one - but hang on, I'll get to it. Still in my carousel. I do know it definitely deserved the five stars. Please forgive me.

Only got 25% through and just could not get into it. These do not feel like Sherlock Holmes stories to me. I just can't see listening to the remaining 12 hours.

I really, really liked this book. I mean, I love Sherlock Holmes, so pretty much anything that's got him it it is good :-). This was also the first time I"ve ever read Holmes stories not by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, so I was a little leery about it, but I was pleasantly surprised. Most of them were good. I enjoyed almost all of them. I mean, some of them you could tell the author really wanted to be writing their own stuff and just inserted Holmes and Watson into their own style("The Specter of Tu [...]

This was the last book I finished in 2014 and it fulfilled one of the categories in the Eclectic Reader Challenge (ERC). It is a good argument for participating in a challenge that is meant to push one out of normal reading ruts because this was fun and I can’t remember the last time I read an Anthology. Figuring out how to review it may be a challenge all in itself!As the title suggests, the anthology is a collection of short stories by many different authors but all featuring the Sherlock Ho [...]

I love Sherlock Holmes. I mean, I really, really, really love Sherlock Holmes. So much so that I will not, under any circumstances that I can foresee, go to see the new movie starring Robert Downey Jr. (Chained naked to a bed, indeed. Harrumph! Sherlock Holmes would never contrive to find himself in that er position.)I cut my teeth on Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories. Hound of the Baskervilles was my favorite book when I was a kid (a Book Club find) and when I saw Jeremy Brett perform as Holmes i [...]

Every so often, despite my firm resolve to winnow down the monstrous length of my TBR shelf, I cave in to impulse and read something else. (Let’s not talk about my reading the entire “Dortmunder” set of novels by Donald Westlake. I happily sampled it after good reviews here on GR and convinced myself to extend the detour.) The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes was maliciously positioned on top of a library shelf where it was known my eye would glance whilst retrieving previously-req [...]

The focus of this anthology lies in one of Holmes' famous quotes: "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."Now what if Holmes investigates a crime scene and has all of his deduction techniques at his disposal, but one variable has changed - Holmes cannot eliminate the impossible - what then?In this book you'll find Holmes and Watson investigating ghosts, aliens, pirates, dinosaurs, shape-shifters, evil gods and criminal masterminds, inclu [...]

Quite good, and thoroughly enjoyable. Which is a pleasant surprise, since "continuing adventures" of classic characters can be atrocious when done poorly--which they often are. In this case, the editors wisely culled (or commissioned) stories from some extremely gifted authors--and more importantly, authors who seemed to truly cherish and appreciate Holmes and his work.Many of the stories take advantage of the overlapping lives of such well-known authors as H.G. Wells, Bram Stoker, H.P. Lovecraf [...]

The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes contains an excellent collection of what is essentially Sherlock Holmes fanfic written by professional writers. I do not intend this as an insult; most stories in this book are well-written explorations of Holmes and Watson having new adventures, sometimes filling in the gaps between Arthur Conan Doyle's stories. The concept of this collection is that it contains a mix of genres: some straight-up mystery stories where every bizarre occurrence can be e [...]

Inevitably every fan of Sherlock Holmes will reach the final story and sadly realize that there will be no more trips to 221B Baker Street from Arthur Conan Doyle's pen. The tantalizing hints dropped by Watson of other adventures seem to be destined to be forever untold. Happily others have taken up the task of chronicling these and other adventures of Holmes and/or Watson. Some have produced tales worthy of being included in the 'Canon' of Doyle's stories and others.well others make the reader [...]

this is basically just jumped-up fanfiction. Mostly good fanfiction, sure, but nobody really manages to believably capture Conan Doyle's voice. Having said that, these are worth a reread :The Adventure of the Field Theorems, by Vonda N. McIntyreThe Adventure of the Inertial Adjuster, by Stephen BaxterThe Vale of the White Horse, by Sharyn McCrumbThe Adventure of the Lost World, by Dominic GreenThe Adventure of the Antiquarian's Niece, by Barbara HamblyDynamics of a Hanging, by Tony PiCommonplace [...]

The book is aptly titled "Improbable" as most of the stories in this collection are well beyond believability and many fantastical, futuristic, science-fiction types of scenarios. That being said, the book was an enjoyable read. Being a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, like so many others, I am always longing for more stories about this great detective. But, being a purist, I would at least like to keep him within the realm of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original intent with this character. In the Improba [...]

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