A Silence of Desire

A Silence of Desire None

  • Title: A Silence of Desire
  • Author: Kamala Markandaya
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Hardcover
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      469 Kamala Markandaya
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      Posted by:Kamala Markandaya
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    About the Author

    Kamala Markandaya

    Pseudonym used by Kamala Purnaiya Taylor, an Indian novelist and journalist A native of Mysore, India, Markandaya was a graduate of Madras University, and afterwards published several short stories in Indian newspapers After India declared its independence, Markandaya moved to Britain, though she still labeled herself an Indian expatriate long afterwards.Known for writing about culture clash between Indian urban and rural societies, Markandaya s first published novel, Nectar in a Sieve, was a bestseller and cited as an American Library Association Notable Book in 1955 Other novels include Some Inner Fury 1955 , A Silence of Desire 1960 , Possession 1963 , A Handful of Rice 1966 , The Nowhere Man 1972 , Two Virgins 1973 , The Golden Honeycomb 1977 , and Pleasure City 1982 1983.Kamala Markandaya belonged to that pioneering group of Indian women writers who made their mark not just through their subject matter, but also through their fluid, polished literary style Nectar in a Sieve was her first published work, and its depiction of rural India and the suffering of farmers made it popular in the West This was followed by other fiction that dramatized the Quit India movement in 1942, the clash between East and West and the tragedy that resulted from it, or the problems facing ordinary middle class Indians making a living, finding inner peace, coping with modern technology and its effects on the poor.

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    • Manu said:
      Aug 21, 2018 - 22:17 PM

      'A Silence of Desire' is seemingly about the turmoils in the life of a government clerk, after his routine is shattered one day when he finds his wife missing when he returns home from work. Furthermore, he also realises later that the reason she had given for her absence was not the truth. He suspects his wife of infidelity. Much flustered, and not helped by the discussions happening in his office on the social mores of womenfolk, he follows her and finds out something, which to him becomes a m [...]

    • Paul said:
      Aug 21, 2018 - 22:17 PM

      Markandaya gives us an intense study of a man locked into a spiral of decline brought out by his own suspicions. The story is made all the more poignant by the character's core goodness and his honesty. He struggles, as do we all, to be a better man than he is. As a result, this story draws us in. The ending is immensely satisfying in its believability and the power of the lesson learned by our protagonist.

    • Bethany said:
      Aug 21, 2018 - 22:17 PM

      I read this book for my South Asian Women Writers class, and I have to say, I enjoyed it a lot. It was a lot less dynamic than the other books we read, much slower and introspective. I really enjoyed it. It's really an interesting perspective on a marriage, in my opinion.

    • Vijay Sharma said:
      Aug 21, 2018 - 22:17 PM

      बेहतरीन कहानी एक दिन घर आने पर दांडेकर को उसकी बीवी सरोजिनी घर पर नहीं मिलती बापस आने पर जो कहानी वो कहती है उस पर दांडेकर को विश्वास नहींशक और इंसानी फितरत को दर्शा देने वाला उत्तम उपन्यास

    • Linda said:
      Aug 21, 2018 - 22:17 PM

      Don't remember the story well, but I know I liked this tale of a family and a tragedy.

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