Green Was the Earth on the Seventh Day: Memories and Journeys of a Lifetime

Thor Heyerdahl

Green Was the Earth on the Seventh Day: Memories and Journeys of a Lifetime

Green Was the Earth on the Seventh Day: Memories and Journeys of a Lifetime

  • Title: Green Was the Earth on the Seventh Day: Memories and Journeys of a Lifetime
  • Author: Thor Heyerdahl
  • ISBN: 9781568361826
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback

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The bestselling author of Kon Tiki and Aku Aku set out for the far Pacific and a place where he could throw his watch away and meet nature in its purest form It was the start of many journeys to prove that ancient man had traveled far and wide, and was far daring, sophisticated, and wise than had been thought 24 photos.

Recent Comments "Green Was the Earth on the Seventh Day: Memories and Journeys of a Lifetime"

Heyerdahl, reflecting on some undeniable facts. In 1947 during his Kon-Tiki expedition he did not see any rubbish in the Pacific. Twenty years later on another ocean crossing, they were inundated with plastic and discarded packaging. People can talk all they like about economic growth, but waste and rubbish and pollution are not growth, they're regression.Polynesia is a place of special relevance. Each island could almost be viewed as a planet, on its own, in the vastness of the Pacific. Heyerda [...]

This was the first Heyerdahl I happened upon in my teens during one of the many afternoons spent wading through the local library shelves. This is where he goes back to the beginningwhere a young idealist & his future bride spend their weekend dates walking barefoot through Norwegian parks to prepare their soft feet for the rough wilds of the South Pacific. You need tough soles to drop out of society. It was these little details and the undeniable romance of the scheme that captured my imagi [...]

Absolutely marvelous! His desire to experience life in a natural setting (Polynesia)led on to a lifetime journey of inquiry into the origins and travels of ancient man and ultimately into a deep concern for the well-being of this planet we call home. A trained Anthropologist, he sees no contradiction between evolution and creation and recognizes that without a superior intelligence (God) as the motivating force, evolution simply could not be possible. This book is a wake-up call to mankind to co [...]

Pēdējā no autora lasītajām grāmatām (2012dā, pārējās pirms vairāk kā 10 gadiem). Secināju, ka Heijerdāls ļoti ietekmējis manu dzīves uztveri un domāšanu. Par to, kā civilizācija degradē mūs. Pārņem gan nelielas skumjas, ka rets vairs ir kāds pasaules nostūris, kuru nebūtu skārusi civilizācijas postošā ietekme.

I enjoyed this book tremendously. Learned so much from it.

Romantic tale of how he and his bride ride off into the Pacific ocean to take up their first home on a beautiful , bountiful island.What could be more romantic while at this tender age of 28?

Thor Heyerdahl was the man.

This was an engrossing account of Thor and Liv Heyerdahl's year on Fatu-Hiva in French Polynesia, as they attempt to "return to Eden," in order to live as closely as possible with Nature. Liv's daughter writes: "Liv and Thor met as college students at the University of Oslo and were married when she was just 20 and he was 22. They had an audacious plan for their new life together, which is depicted briefly on film. Drawing from Thor’s studies of zoology and primitive man and his desire to step [...]

Loved it! Years later still thinking about the story, ideas and general feel of this novel. There is no better way to know that a book is a masterpiece and has influenced you, changed you and simply made you think, than the fact that you continue to have a dialogue with the author long after reading the book and want to give it as present to those you care about!One of the ideas I remember and it is so relevant today - progress meant any possible moving away from nature - the rulers of the world [...]

This is a good book and I am learning some new stuff about anthropology and archeology in South America and the south Pacific. Unfortunately my biological background is making me nitpicky about some claims he makes and gets in the way of enjoying the book as much as I could because some of his knowledge is out-of-date. But overall the story of this Norwegian couple going back-to-nature in the South Pacific is feeding my imagination.

Notes: 2/3 of this book is straight copy from Fatu-Hiva and the remainder is Kon-Tiki and a brief summary of Ra Expeditions and Aku-Aku; uses one chapter as a platform to elevate Darwinism -- after all that time in nature, face-to-face with God's creation, he still ends up an evolutionist -- so totally disappointing.

Heyerdahl's adventures on Fatu Hiva where he went to live with his new wife in the 1930s - 80 years before Survivor. Not your average honeymoon.

Excellent! Made me want to run off to a deserted isle.

Brought up latent going-back-to-nature desires!

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