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  • Title: After
  • Author: Kristin Harmel
  • ISBN: 9780385734769
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Hardcover

Lacey s world shatters when her dad is killed in a car accident And secretly She feels like it s her fault If she hadn t taken her own sweet time getting ready that morning well, it never would have happened Her mom wouldn t be a basket case Her brother Logan wouldn t drink And her little brother would still have two parents.But life goes on even if you don t wLacey s world shatters when her dad is killed in a car accident And secretly She feels like it s her fault If she hadn t taken her own sweet time getting ready that morning well, it never would have happened Her mom wouldn t be a basket case Her brother Logan wouldn t drink And her little brother would still have two parents.But life goes on even if you don t want it to And when Lacey gets the chance to make a difference in the lives of some people at school, she jumps at it Making lemonade out of lemons is her specialty Except she didn t count on meeting a guy like Sam Or that sometimes Lemonade can be a pretty bitter drink to swallow.

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This book was definately not a terrible read. But there were some major things that should've/could've been changed to make it more realistic and likeable. Firstly, let me start off by saying that the writing was the main problem in this book. The characters did not have enough differences. I mean sure, you have Logan who has a temper, and a bunch of stereotypical mean girls, but the author had them say the same lines a lot, even though they're different people. For example, whenever a character [...]

Poignant. Adults and teens who've lost a parent will appreciate the emotional content of this novel and the grieving process descriptions and frustrations.

AFTER is a gentle and sweet read about death and love. The book doesn’t cover any new ground, but it makes for a quick, pleasant read.The characters’ dilemmas regarding, grief, friendship, family, and love are realistically complex. Grief affects people differently, and in AFTER we get to see many different facets of it: Lacey’s younger brother’s silent withdrawal, her older brother diving into a relationship that she can’t understand, her mother flinging herself into work and neglecti [...]

This is the third book that I've won off and it is easily the best. It deals with a sixteen year old girl and her grief. It also deals with her family and how her entire world changes when her father is killed. I think Harmel did a very good job with describing the events of this young girl's life without going over the top.Lacey's reaction to her father's death is that it was her fault. She believes that she was the reason for his death, mainly because she dragged her feet the morning it happe [...]

3.5***Lacey’s father is killed in an auto accident, leaving her mother and two brothers obviously consumed by grief. Lacey, although she blames herself for the accident, is fine or so she keeps telling everyone. She is doing well in school, has taken up the household tasks her mother cannot seem to accomplish, and is watching out for her younger brother Tanner, who has virtually withdrawn from life. The kids at school have mostly stopped giving her pitying looks, and even though she’d like f [...]

Reviewed by Angela S. for TeensReadTooSixteen-year-old Lacey had her life turned upside down one Saturday morning, when a routine trip for breakfast with her dad and two brothers turned tragic. Just minutes from their house, Lacey's father was killed and Lacey was seriously hurt in a car accident that no one could have predicted.Lacey has spent the last year of her life blaming herself and trying to hold her family together. She tells herself that if only she hadn't taken as long getting ready o [...]

Teen/YA nonfiction- Lacey’s world is turned upside down after her dad’s tragic car accident. You want to know the worst part? She saw it with her own eyes and the feeling of guilt is killing her slowly. Her family is no longer the same, but then the new student Sam comes along and makes things a less sour and bitter. Is that coincidence a little too good to be true?“I hated it when people tried to help me, especially now. Couldn’t they see I was dealing just fine? I didn’t need anyone [...]

I've read two other Harmel books, her YA debut When You Wish and her adult debut How to Sleep with a Movie Star, and loved both of them. This is no different in the fact that I really enjoyed it, but it's different from her previous novels in tone. I was a bit surprised by what the book was about when I got it in the mail a few weeks ago, considering Harmel's past works, but was eager to see how she would fare with a more somber book.Let me just say that she did a very good job- there's just the [...]

I enjoyed this book. It's a YA, so I read it in a day. I like this author a lot and I'll read anything from her, but I like her chick-lit books better. I think maybe because they last longer. But this one was okay. The "issue" was the girls dad died in a car accident and she sort of blamed herself for the accident. She and her two brothers were in the car with their dad when he got into an accident. She blames herself because she purposely and jokingly took longer in the bathroom then needed and [...]

"After" is a book about a loss of a family member and how to stop feeling grief when it comes to that person passing away. As Lacey tries to cope with losing her dad, she feels alone. Her older brother is drinking, her mom works way too much, and her younger brother isn't doing anything anymore! When Lacey starts a group for people that have lost a parent she meets Sam. Lacey starts falling for Sam, but then he tells her that he "knows how she feels" when she talks about losing her dad. Lacey ge [...]

Though the topics covered in this book were heavy, this was a light and quick read. After Lacey's dad dies in a car accident, Lacey notices all the changes around her: her mom absorbs herself in work, her older brother starts drinking, her younger brother withdraws, and Lacey keeps wishing for things to be the way they were before. When Lacey realizes that others at her school are dealing with the same sort of problems, she reaches out to help them and, as a result, helps herself.I liked how all [...]

After is a touching book about a teen’s life after the death of her father. Lacey is a very independent teenager; her emotions are complicated and jumbled. She’s not perfect and doesn’t act that way.This book shows a great look at how the death of a parent changes a teenager. Lacey feels like an outcast after her father dies. She begins to take more responsibility on herself, trying to fill in for her mother, who is hardly around, and also helping others who are dealing with a similar kind [...]

Lacey's life was perfect, but everything changed and shattered after her father died during a car accident. Her mother put all her attention in work; her older brother drank; her younger brother will have a "family". She thought she should take the responsibility for her father's death because she believed her father won't die if she leaves the house 5 mins early or later."There's before. And then there's after." This line is showed clearly in the front cover of the book and it really stands out [...]

The book is about a girl,Lacey, who loses her father in a car accident. Her whole school feels bad for her because of her loss and she feels that they are treating her differently because of it. She wants to act normal like any other kid but she relizes that other people in her life wont let her. They try to make her feel better and comfort her but Lacey feels thta it is just making her uncomfortable. When I put myself into Lacey's shoes, I can see and feel what she goes through in her life. I c [...]

I have to admit that I haven't read really any young adult novels since that particular time in my life, but I was drawn to this book because it deals with the deal of a father, which is something I unfortunately am familiar with. The moment I began reading this book, I was instantly drawn to the main character, Lacey because I felt her pain and really related to so much of what she was going through even through she is only 16. I really feel that Kristin Hamel did such an amazing job at portray [...]

Losing someone specail to you is very difficult, it gets harder when your family refuses to to accept the fact that he or she is gone and you are forced to hold up the family and keep yourself from being too grieved. This is what the main character has to face, though out the book she refused to let anyone into her world and she always thought she could solve all the problems because she thought she was the reason why everyone was in grief, asd so she tries hard to get everyone to speak up about [...]

Lacey is a young girl I think around 17 when her father 38 dies to young. Lacey was there with her brother Logan and Tanner when a person under influence of drugs hit their car.Lacey has a hard time with her grief but she doesn't show it, she just tries to be perfect and keep her family together. Her mother hides at her work, little brother Tanner hardly talks anymore and Logan drinks a lot.The story shows that with any death of a parent, suddenly or expected grief still hits hard but every pers [...]

Okay so here is my story: My father passed away when I was 5. The thing isI am not sorry. He was a horrible person, he killed people, and he abused my mom for 14 years, it was only a matter of time before he would kill her too. I absolutely hate when people tell me they are sorry when they find out my father died. I think the world is a better place without him in it. So in a way I couldnt really relate to the kids in this book, because they all loved their parents who passed. But, I put myself [...]

When Lacey’s dad dies in a car accident, her once perfect family is broken. Her mother works too much trying to forget the pain, her older brother has started drinking and her younger brother barely talks. Lacey has nominated herself as the family’s caretaker and doesn’t want anyone else’s help or pity. But when she meets a cute new boy and organizes a group of kids whose parents have died, she realizes she might not be dealing with things so well after all. This is a story not only of d [...]

This book really impressed me. It clearly shows readers about grief, that it looks different for everyone, people can handle it in healthy and non healthy ways, and nobody is perfect.It compares death to divorce, which is common in grief, and shows that it's not a perfect comparison. I like that the book really starts 9 months after the death, and shows that grief is not a short season, but takes a long time to process.I strongly encourage everyone to read this book, both people who have experie [...]

When Lacey's father dies in a car accident she feels like it's her fault. If she didn't insist on putting on an extra coat of mascara or if she merely woke up an hour earlier then her father would still be alive and her family wouldn't be acting the way they were. The accident has also changed the way people at school treat her. Some people even act like they are her friend just to get the attention of others. When she meets a new student named Sam, she thinks that he is diffrent, she feels unde [...]

This was a decent of the MC's thoughts annoyed me to no end and not on my "I read this in 6 hours" list. It made me think back to when I was 15 and I lost my stepfather who has been a major part of my life for 12 years and what life was like when he was gone. Although it was one of my worst memories to date, I don't recall reacting to the whole "what happened to me is worse than whatever is going on in your life" so the transition from what happened at home did not affect my relationshi [...]

What impressed me most about “After” was how author Kristin Harmel did such an excellent job with her characters. While I felt that some of Lacey’s thoughts were a little small-minded at times (well, maybe once), I never once thought Kristin could have written her more believably. Instead, I saw Lacey as a real human being whose emotions had taken a roller coaster of a ride and who was, understandably, a little less open to other people’s pain. It is definitely a book I’d recommend for [...]

This book was a wonderful read, I finished it in about a week (and that's fast for me with all the business of school). I actually got to hear this author speak (she was a guest lecturer in one of my classes this semester), and she seemed so down-to-earth and incredibly likable, so I was curious to read her books. Now that I've finished this book, I will definitely add her other novels to my list of books to read!

This book by kristin harmel was O-MAZING!!My eyes were watering, and I wanted to cry!This book is about a girl whos dad dies in a car accident while her 2 brothers and her were in the car. She starts a group for students who have had passed parents. A new guy comes to her class and they become good friends, he joins the group because his dad "DIED".Little did she know, his dad didn't die, he was in a coma. He woke up. Could the new guy be trusted?

This very easy read will be a great seller to middle school girls. Lacey's life changes forever the day her dad dies in the car accident. But not only is she trying to keep everyone in her family afloat, she is also working on students in her school in the same situation. Kristin harmel makes the characters believable and enjoyable. You will not leave this sad tale down in the dumps.

this book really pulls at your heart strings you never think that it could happen to you . that you're just going to be the lucky person who survives life without anything crazy or anything bad ever happening. after reading this book i was like. it can be anyone. like it can be me. it opens your eyes really to the world out there. and i would strongly recommend this book to other readers.

No, the writing ain't stellar nor is the story particularly revelationary. On the plus side, it is an immediately immersionable/relatively easy teen read that tackles the many modes of grief--& depicts teens taking responsibility for tackling their own.

This book gives amazing insight into what it is like to lose a parent. This book deals with intense emotions the characters are so real and likeable. Lacey's strength to help others astounded me. I really enjoyed this book.

My favorite type of book about how an action changes everything What if Lacey had hurried to get ready for an outing with her Dad? Then he wouldn't have died in the accident. After feelings of guilt, Lacey decides to make a difference.

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