Kid Christmas Meets Snow Globes

Eric Arvin

Kid Christmas Meets Snow Globes

Kid Christmas Meets Snow Globes

  • Title: Kid Christmas Meets Snow Globes
  • Author: Eric Arvin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: ebook

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Recent Comments "Kid Christmas Meets Snow Globes"

It's a sad time for the world. Santa Claus has died of a massive coronary. The Committee to Oversee the Christening of Kringle (COCK) have selected a gingerbread cookie house guard to replace him and to change the face of Santa forever. A young, fit, built Claus with a flying snowmobile, the Claus 3000, and a new name, The Kid Kid Christmas. But then the Kid is Chris-napped by the wicked Snow Globes. Oh no! Will he be able to escape the evil Snow Globes and his henceman Willie and the Thousand D [...]

Fun little Christmas story.

Ridiculously entertaining!

Eric Arvin has a real mastery with comic porn. This time that fabulous imagination is paired with stunning artwork by Absolutbleu to produce an illustrated short Christmas story about a horny new Santa. When Santa Claus has an untimely heart attack, the Committee to Oversee the Christening of Kringle (COCK) must hire a replacement. Deciding to change the image of cuddly, fat, jolly old Santa ~ the new Santa is young, cut, and incredibly muscular. However, not everyone agrees with the new image o [...]

This is a funny little romp, less than 20 pages and all a show of the skill of the author in puns intended. The Old Santa Claus is passed away, bless him, and a new Santa Claus is needed; since the time has changed and the grandpa look is no more fashion, the Committee chooses a 23 years old hunk who likes to be called Kid Christmas he loves all the Old Western things, and he has a very interesting six "shooter"But there is also a villain that doesn't like Christmas, Snow Globes (and yes he has [...]

So, Father Christmas has popped his clogs and it is down to the new Father Christmas, or should I say Kid Christmas to get Christmas sorted with the help of the Committee to Oversee the Christening of Kringle. AKA COCK. heh.This is a delightful one handed reading, with more euphemisms than you can shake a stick at. I was sniggering from start to finish. What made it more entertaining was some seriously gorgeous and grubby illustrations from Absolutbleu. I liked the writing style and funny asides [...]

Well this was an extremely short, porny and funny bit of a story. The reason I give it such high marks is the authors witticisms which are sprinkled throughout, and which make me snort and snicker all the way through. Self-effacing, lots of euphemisms and quite naughty, it was not the story I wanted to read to get me into the Christmas spirit, but it sure was entertaining!

Wow. That was beyond the most entertaining thing I have read in weeks. Kid Christmas and his six shooter. Those darn Snow Globes really know how to make him shoot. Oh my Lordy. I'm still chuckling over this crazy little story. Beware of Villain Snow Globes.

No idea how's to rate this! It's really funny and really weird So many puns in such a short time.

Tongue-in-cheek fun! The illustrations are sizzling!

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