Track Star!

R.A. Montgomery

Track Star!

Track Star!

  • Title: Track Star!
  • Author: R.A. Montgomery
  • ISBN: 9781933390314
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback

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You are a star athlete who has a troubling decision to make before a major race All eyes are on you to make the best choices Produced in conjunction with the World Anti Doping Association.

Recent Comments "Track Star!"

Okay, I figured I had a decent chance on this one. Unlike seeking the yeti or getting along with martians, running track is something I've actually DONE. And I didn't die. Not even once. So this should have been a snap.Well, things were promising at first. More than any of the others, the decisions in this one were easy because the thing reads like a damn anti-drug pamphlet. You know, this is a weird thought, but sometimes I wonder if anti-drug propaganda is a little ineffective because people a [...]

well that was a waste of time

I haven't read a Choose Your Own Adventure book since I was in middle school (Neil Patrick Harris' autobiography doesn't count in this instance). I remember them being much better, but then again I wasn't as particular as I am now. Now, I didn't go into this book thinking it was on par with a NY Bestseller, but it was eye-rollingly over the top. The influence from WADA was so strong that it was actually overwhelming. None of the outcomes seemed plausible.

I'm really disappointed: I never got to make the informed choice to take drugs like a dirty no good low down doper. I got duped by a coach who offered me "legal" stuff that got me caught and disqualified. Dangit!This is a disappointing failure. Even went I WANT to live a life of crime, I can't make it happen. I just Clouseau it. How unsatisfying for a budding villain.

Good principles in this book, but I think I'm now finding the series boring. I might get back into it later, but for now, I'm going to find a book with actual plot. :P

I really like choose your own adventures booksis one was fine.:(

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