The Color of Heaven

Kim Dong Hwa Lauren Na

The Color of Heaven

The Color of Heaven

  • Title: The Color of Heaven
  • Author: Kim Dong Hwa Lauren Na
  • ISBN: 9781596434608
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback

A celebration of the triumph of true loveAs Ehwa grew from a girl to a young woman in The Color of Earth and The Color of Water, she began to understand and experience love and relationships, with her mother as a model and confidante Now, in the heartwarming conclusion to this lyrically written and delicately drawn trilogy, Ehwa s true love comes at last, and as her motheA celebration of the triumph of true loveAs Ehwa grew from a girl to a young woman in The Color of Earth and The Color of Water, she began to understand and experience love and relationships, with her mother as a model and confidante Now, in the heartwarming conclusion to this lyrically written and delicately drawn trilogy, Ehwa s true love comes at last, and as her mother looks on, she takes the final steps towards becoming an adult.In the tradition of My Antonia and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, from the pen of the renowned Korean manhwa creator Kim Dong Hwa, comes a girl s coming of age story, set in the vibrant pastoral landscape of Korea.

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OK, so this series was beautifully illustrated and all that, but it was just soecious? predictable? essentialist? You've got a mother and a daughter. And all they do is talk about how much it sucks to be a woman, always waiting and longing. It's pretty hard for me to get into something like this. I would much rather see the women finding happiness on their own terms rather than through the validation of a man. The fact that the entire series is written by a man doesn't help matters any. The femi [...]

This series should've been called "How Many Times Can We Talk About Flowers and Butterflies in One Book" or "How to Use Way Too Many Metaphors and Bore Your Audience" or maybe "Weird Facial Expressions, Random Corporal Punishment, Misandry AND Misogyny, plus Bonus: Surprise Floppy Boobs." This trilogy quickly degraded in quality in terms of the story, though the artwork was always nice. I don't ever want to hear about flowers and butterflies ever again though.

MenungguAku menunggumuWalau entah bagaimana rupamuTapi aku yakin Tuhan memberikan rupa itu untuk menjagakuAku menunggumuWalau entah siapa namamuTapi aku yakin Tuhan meniupkan nama itu dalam takdirkuAku menunggumuWalau entah bagaimana cara kita bertemu nantiTapi aku yakin Tuhan menyiapkan sejuta kejutan dalam hidupAku menunggumuWalau entah sampai kapanTapi aku yakin Tuhan tahu saat yang tepat untuk kita bertemuAku menunggumuKarena berarti aku percaya Tuhan pasti memberikan yang terbaikKarena bera [...]

"You can hide things from the world, but you can never hide things from time."Cette trilogie est en quelque sorte un plaisir coupable. J'ai adoré la relation mère-fille qui est à mon sens ce que j'ai vu/lu de plus beau sur le sujet depuis longtemps. Vraiment magnifique et touchant. De même, j'ai apprécié m'imprégner de la réalité des femmes Coréennes de cette époque, et de leurs multiples combats, ce qui en fait une série « feminist friendly » d'un certain sens. Par contre, je n'ai [...]

Kerinduan seorang wanita adalah penyakit mengerikan karena hanya kematian yang dapat menyembuhkannya- ibu Ehwa -

Lebih suka sama Warna Tanah.Walau adegan dan dialog yang lebih dewasa memang perlu untuk menunjukkan perjalan Ehwa dari gadis kecil ke wanita dewasa, beberapa terkesan cukup vulgar. Wajar dan cocok jika buku ini dibaca oleh target audience-nya.Cerita terakhir ini adalah tentang penantian. Seperti biasa, prosanya indah dan intinya bagus. Kisah antara ibu anak juga tergambarkan dengan baik. Hingga sekarang karakter favorit saya tetap ibu Ehwa, yang telah mengalami begitu banyak pahit manis yang me [...]

I saw some negative reviews about this series and I just have to say this is one of the nicest, coming of age story about Women tradition in Korea. Keeping the open mind of what time and where this story is taking place is heart warming and nice, to understand and learn new ways of culture.I really enjoyed this series and the art, and I would read it again.

*Please note, this is my review for the entire series. If I review each volume separately, I will just say a lot of the same things three times.*Summary: A girl comes of age in rural Korea. Ehwa, the daughter of a single mother who owns a tavern, learns about all things intimate as she grows from a little girl of seven to a young bride of seventeen. Her mother guides her into the confusing world of becoming a grown woman with love and compassion, all while fending off well-intentioned but lewd c [...]

Ehwa’s young man, Duksam, leaves her to make his fortune on a fishing vessel – promising to return to her in the spring. Ehwa (seventeen) spends the next months trying to distract herself with her normal chores and activities, but is always waiting, waiting for Duksam. Her mother, similarly, waits for the “picture man,” a traveling artist to whom she has a romantic attachment. Their patience is rewarded in the end. Duksam returns in the winter, unable to bear the separation any longer, a [...]

I hate to say it, but this series ends on such a poor note. In this volume, the author got a little too caught up in his use of language. In the process he completely abandons his storytelling and character development to add more and more and more thoughts on flowers and butterflies. This volume is all about conclusions and reflections, both about the past and about the future. But the way that the author has gone about it is just unfortunate. Although the beautiful art continues in this volume [...]

Pada hari seperti ini, bukankah menyenangkan jika hujan tercurah dari langit? Kau dapat menangis sepuasmu di tengah hujan, dan tak seorang pun akan tahu bahwa kau sedang bersedih.I Will Be Right Here Waiting For YouOceans apart, day after dayAnd I slowly go insaneI hear your voice, on the lineBut it doesn't stop the painIf I see you next to neverhow can we say foreverWherever you go, whatever you doI will be right here, waiting for youWhatever it takes, or how my heart breaksI will be right here [...]

Waiting For Your LoveHow can I explainThe sorrow and my painI believe that youand I should beTogether once againEvery night I prayThat you'll come back to meBut the tears keepfalling down my faceWhen you're not aroundBut now you're goneGone awayAll I do is wait for youEach and every dayOh,I'm waiting for your loveI'm wondering where you areAre you with another guyAre you showing him your worldI'm waiting for your loveI wanna see your smileBrighten up my dayYes I'm waiting for your loveYes I'm wa [...]

usually I never get into a graphic novel, but the color trilogy has something different, like it showed so many korean tradition that i never knew before. and the thing that I really like most is the relationship of Ehwa and her mother.Maybe for some of you, a kind of relationship of mother and daughter is nothing special, but I like the way her mother and ehwa when they had conversation, it was like between friends, they just said what they want to say or feel, without having afraid of showing [...]

What seemed charming in The Color of Earth, like the overly poetic language, seemed overdone and unrealistic in The Color of Heaven. But most of all, there were parts that were downright offensive, that no amount of historical setting could correct. If I sat down with Kim Dong Hwa and told him my concerns, if he defended himself with the setting and difference in time period and culture, I would remind him that even if your setting isn’t modern, your readers are. There are certain things that [...]

"Kim Dong Hwa finds a way to maintain an intimate novel despite its incredible scope, its numerous inclusions. He develops an atmosphere that draws a body out of isolation, into memory and companionship with the very human conditions the characters portray: the discovery of the human body, its sexuality, its needs and desires, the sometimes clumsy always beautiful ways of growing into physical and emotional maturity—how it all affects the people who surround you. Nature isn’t the only impetu [...]

I feel so calm & peaceful looking at these pencil drawings. I can stare at them and study them. They are intriguing and also relaxing. The story is engaging and interesting, yet also progresses with a calm rhythm. This is a book I could read again & again. Getting something from it's quiet wisdom, each time.Update: Finished the series. This series, and especially this book, brought me wisdom and peace. All delivered in poetic words and satisfying, beautiful pencil drawings. The drawings [...]

Unfortunately, I found this last one of the series to be a little boring. There was no question of what would happen. It just kind of plodded along toward the innevitable ending. There were also some rather graphic illustrations in this one, which I wasn't expecting and didn't seem necessary. Still, I liked the mother-daughter bond that continued strong through all three books.One last thing. At this point, I am so done with people being compared to flowers or butterflies. These metaphors were e [...]

This had a loooot of waiting for men and a lot of aphorisms about how the female heart is like a flower or whatever, but I liked it well enough. It managed to convince me that the boyfriend (now fiancé) was actually a decent guy and cared about Ehwa, which was a nice chance from him being so presumptuous last book. The wedding was visually lovely and I'm glad the mother got her happy ending as well. I'd probably rate the books in order of quality as the first one, third one, second one. The art [...]

After finishing this trilogy I shall sum it up in one word- beautiful. It encompasses the art work, the characters, and the dialogue. I loved the brief glimpse I got into Korea country life from once upon a time, and the near-constant comparisons between people and the natural world (specifically plants and butterflies) really made me think. I was also a huge fan of the way the mother-daughter relationship was portrayed, and found it to be both enrapturing and enchanting. Their closeness and per [...]

Wah akhirnya buku yang ditunggu-tunggu datang juga. Tapi daku kecewa! Daku kecewa dengan endingnya.k sesuai dengan apa yang gw impikan. Hehehehe

I have conflicting feelings about this series. On the one hand, the art is gorgeous, with graceful lines and white space, thoughtful paneling, and an elegant, succinct prose in the characters' thoughts and speech. The tender relationship between mother and daughter was detailed, believable, and often moving. On the other hand, it's an unsettling depiction of a young girl's "blossoming" sexuality, written and illustrated by a man. This young woman is in fact the artist's mother. (I can't even ima [...]

In the final book of this series, Ehwa finally takes the leap, gets married and leaves home. What I love about this series is, while they focus more and more on the romances that Ehwa experiences, they're really and truly about her relationship with her mother. This is a lovely ending and the art is beautiful as always. Such a great series.

There was only one thing near the very end which didn't seem to fit into the story. I am so confused. Overall I loved the parallels of the mother's and daughter's lives.

I wish I could purchase this series but I can't find anything affordable online. :(

I really liked the first book and the other 2 in the trilogy disappointed. The first was a good mix of a daughter and her mothers close relationship, the daughter going through puberty and the mother fining a new love. I enjoyed the illustrations and metaphors. The following 2 books seemed to get caught up in the flowery metaphors and seemed to only focus on the men in the women's lives. I know it's set in a time and a place within a culture but every single conversation seemed to be about what [...]

Belum baca Warna Air dan Warna Tanah sih, untung gak bingung. Ceritanya Ehwa ngantar Duksam pergi ke laut untuk mencari peruntungan. Ibunya juga sedang menunggu kekasihnya si tukang gambar. Intinya sih itu hehehe. Masa –masa penantian bagi Ehwa sih lama, selalu mengira kalau ada pak pos itu berarti akan ada kabar dari Duksam. Hari-harinya pun diisi bersama temannya yang lucu si Bongsoon dan pelajaran hidup dari Ibunya. Seperti, Waktu Ehwa pergi mengantar Duksam dia tidak ijin sama ibunya dan p [...]

I LOVED this book and how it ended the story of Ehwa and her mother.Story: Ehwa is young girl who lives her mother in a rural village in Korea. Her mother is a single parent and she's the owner of a tavern in town (the only one it appears). From the very beginning of the story, the themes of love, marriage, sex, puberty, femininity, sexuality are ever present. Ehwa is a young girl, but she's curious about the world around her and isn't afraid to ask her mother questions (which is what I love abo [...]

The American Library Association's Banned Books Week 2014 focused on banned/challenged Graphic Novels. The Color of Earth, the first volume of the Color Trilogy, was on one of many lists of banned/challenged books this year. I picked it up without knowing anything about the storyline or the author other than the fact that he was Korean. The Color of Heaven is the third book in the Trilogy.I really enjoyed the story and the artistry of this third book. Its story is told from a female viewpoint wh [...]

Akhirnya baca juga buku ini!Buku trilogi warna ini bagus dan menarik.Banyak kata2 yg menginspirasi dan mendidik. Buku ini, terutama yg warna air, cocok banget buat sex education anak-anak. Tapi kayanya buku yg terakhir ini kurang cocok kalo dibaca anak-anak.heheDuksam memutuskan pergi dari kampung dan menuju makpao karna dia dikejar-kejar oleh orang-orang suruhan majikan lamanya.Dia meninggalkan Ehwa supaya dia bisa mencari uang dan ketika dia kembali dia bisa membangun sebuah rumah diatas bukit [...]

I enjoyed the various metaphors, as well as the glimpse into a passed age in Korea. The people are drawn in relative simplicity, however, their bodies describe much emotion. Sometimes the background scenery stunned me with its black-and-white detail and beauty. I think my main critique would be that I'd have liked more different content-- like more on the protagonists running their errands, or getting to know more about life in their neighborhood. The lessons taught in the series (such as beauty [...]

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