Instant Magick: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Spellcraft

Christopher Penczak

Instant Magick: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Spellcraft

Instant Magick: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Spellcraft

  • Title: Instant Magick: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Spellcraft
  • Author: Christopher Penczak
  • ISBN: 9780738708591
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback

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What if you could practice magick anytime, without the use of ceremonial spells, altars, or magickal tools Items such as candles, special ingredients, and exotic symbols are necessary to perform many types of magick, but these items aren t always feasible, attainable, or even available The purest form of magick tapping into your own energetic awareness to create change What if you could practice magick anytime, without the use of ceremonial spells, altars, or magickal tools Items such as candles, special ingredients, and exotic symbols are necessary to perform many types of magick, but these items aren t always feasible, attainable, or even available The purest form of magick tapping into your own energetic awareness to create change is accessible simply through the power of your will.Popular author Christopher Penczak explains how to weave natural energies into every facet of life by inspiring readers to explore their own individual willpower This book features personalized techniques used to weed out any unwanted, unhealthy, or unnecessary desires to find a true, balanced magickal being Penczak s innovative, modern spellcasting techniques utilize meditation, visualization, words, and intent in any situation, at any time The results can seem instantaneous, and the potential limitless.Finalist for the Coalition of Visionary Resources Award for Best Magick Shamanism Book

Recent Comments "Instant Magick: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Spellcraft"

Frankly I am getting tired of Wicca 101 books. Fortunately this book book is not one of them. I would never have bothered reading this book had it not been for the public recommendation of author, Donald Michael Kraig. You can check out what he has to say about in his blog ( llewellyn/blog/2012/05 )This book takes magic back to where it really happens, in the mind. The result are in the real world. My first book on magic was I read was called "Creative Visualization" by Shakti Gawain and believe [...]

The book was particularly interesting to me and really expanded my mind to another level when it comes to modern magick/energy magick. There is a part that discusses how to build an invisible energy ball up in your hands with your "energy" and being able to "throw the energy ball." That would just take the human species to the next level if this was possible. It was a very interesting book, I enjoyed it a lot. Almost like "Harry Potter Magick gone Modern." :P

Originally when I bought this book about 4 or 5 years ago, I was young and dumb and treated the Craft as a toy. Basically, I bought this book thinking nothing of the work that would be asked of me regarding Witchcraft and Magick. After purchasing and thumbing disappointingly through it to see that what I expected to read was not what was written at all, thank God I decided to keep the book after all and not to sell it. This book was the first book I would read by Christopher Penczak, and after I [...]

Penczak pulls off another great book. He gets back to basics with this book and what real magick is about. Ditch the candles, the props and go back to the original source of magick, one's mind. That's where it all starts. Love it. Get it, read it, absorb it and implement it! :) Or not. Either way, this is a great book.

This is a very good spellbook. It essentially teaches one to focus and to program what Penczak calls 'an Instant Magick trigger' - a means for one to enter an Altered State of Consciousness (ritual consciousness) by means of self-hypnotization essentiallyd a 'release' mechanism (such as crossing and uncrossing the fingers to 'send' a spell out into the world).There is a wealth of Penczak's own spells to be had here and he also provides breath control techniques and a few other useful exercises. [...]

As usual, Christopher writes a great book! He teaches how to program a trigger to use instant magick and quickly get you into that deep meditative state. He discusses manipulating energies, chakras and more advanced ways to create a spell. Of course, he has lots of examples. I love the charts he has at the end of the book -- so useful.Correspondence Charts:- Elements- Three Worlds of Shamanic Cosmology- Triplicity- Chakras- Planets- Magickal Colors- Elemental Spirits- Archangels and Angels- Deit [...]

Decent book for a beginner. About the only thing I got out of this book was creating a "trigger" . A little over priced for only being 139 pages. But Christopher Penczak is a good and knowledgeable author.

Christopher Penczak is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. His writing style is very open, honest, and easily visualized. I found the meditation and breathing exercises most helpful. Book offers a different spin, unlike any other that I've read.

I like this author's open-hearted personality, and we seem to mesh idealistically. I'd recommend this book especially to anyone who views magick as undiscovered science and anyone who feels disconnected from rituals written by others. This approach feels intuitive, which resonates for me.


I like Chris. I bought this book when he was on a tour and took a workshop pertaining to its contents. Very interesting read. And I use the mudras ALL the time. Especially when I'm driving.

It is a very simple read and certainly good for instant magic techniques. I've used a few of them and really like it.

A nice primer to Modern Magik and cutting edge Magikal techniques that are grossly overlooked in favor of dated ritual work, which is only operable under ideal conditions.

This is one of the most practical and useful magick books I've ever read. Very useful about how to use magick in our everyday life and how to create our own spells. Even though the author is very concise, many different subjects are presented. The information about elements, colors, chakras, spirits, and deities is awesome. I love the author and I really recommend it.

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