The Witch's Shield: Protection Magick and Psychic Self-Defense

Christopher Penczak

The Witch's Shield: Protection Magick and Psychic Self-Defense

The Witch's Shield: Protection Magick and Psychic Self-Defense

  • Title: The Witch's Shield: Protection Magick and Psychic Self-Defense
  • Author: Christopher Penczak
  • ISBN: 9780738705422
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback

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Is it possible to gain spiritual enlightenment even in difficult or threatening situations What is the nature of evil and the role of seemingly bad things in the universe In this thorough and thoughtful protection magick handbook, you are urged to take responsibility for your own actions, ask what you might learn from any situation, and hold compassion for those you mayIs it possible to gain spiritual enlightenment even in difficult or threatening situations What is the nature of evil and the role of seemingly bad things in the universe In this thorough and thoughtful protection magick handbook, you are urged to take responsibility for your own actions, ask what you might learn from any situation, and hold compassion for those you may view as doing harm Popular Wiccan author and teacher Christopher Penczak takes a threefold approach to protection magick in this guide for Witches, Pagans, shamans, and psychics First, find out how to protect yourself using personal energy, will, and intent Next, discover how to connect with your guardian spirits, angels, and patron deities Finally, learn how to use traditional spellcraft and ritual for protection This comprehensive guide to psychic self defense and protection magick also includes an audio CD of protection meditations read by the author.Praise A wise, helpful book for beginners and intermediate students of the Craft PUBLISHERS WEEKLY2005 Coalition of Visionary Resources COVR 1st Runner Up in Magic Magick category

Recent Comments "The Witch's Shield: Protection Magick and Psychic Self-Defense"

This is a down to earth and practical guide to basic psychic self defense. However, if you are experiencing a serious psychic threat you'll want to read Robert Bruce and get professional help. The one thing I disagree with Penczak is that he believes psychic attack is mainly from your own self limiting beliefs and you can always protect yourself by surrounding yourself with white light. I know from my own personal experience that there are cases when a person cannot protect his or herself with w [...]

This is a great book for beginners and I recommend it to anyone who is starting out or doesn't know how to shield. It has down to earth practical know how and Christopher has a very easy to follow writing style.

Absolutely wonderful. I bought this book because I need to brush up on shielding. Book is an exceptional look at how to not let other people's negativity influence your life. It also provided a deep reflection on the negativity I bring myself by negative thoughts and words that I unconsciously think/say. Many of the techniques listed will be integrated into my daily life. Some people have criticized the inclusions of angels and archangels, I commend him for it. Penczak doesn't assume everyone re [...]

This is a great book for a beginner, but for not so much for an experienced person. Although it's a great refresher and I did learn new ways to shield. I feel that there was nothing more that I could learn from this book. Like other people I didn't care for the angel section, but it didn't really bother me.This book is all about precaution and not so much as what to do in the case of really being psychically attacked or how to get rid of an astral traveler which is what I was mostly interested i [...]

A great book to help with protection and self defense from unwanted and harmful energies. With my step father having Alzheimer's/Dementia issues it was definitely one that I personally needed to read so I could begin to better protect not just myself but our house as well. This will definitely be a book that I always keep and use often for reference. So many good ideas, rituals, & spells to assist with our protection. Definitely on any empaths MUST list.

So I'm having a problem with empathy and overloading by being around people, and I was hoping a book called "the witch's shield" about "protection magick" would be a good bet for a book that would help me filter people out. Instead it was way more about protection from psychic attack, which isn't necessarily bad, and this book definitely will be a beginning resource for me for fashioning protection amulets for my self and home, but it wasn't what I was looking for. The search continues.

It had good, solid info, but I didn't need the audio cd, and I feel like Tess Whitehurst gives more precise and descriptive advice without attaching 'witch' to the title for less money.

Una maravilla de manual con un montón de ejercicios prácticos de defensa y protección mágica.

I actually found this one at my local library book sale for $1.00. I can honestly say it was a true treasure! I love the fact that the book is far less opinionated then most occult books are. It offers a lot of information, and there is something for everyone found within the pages.

Really useful, already has helped me as I try and learn how to protect myself from others' energies. Really like how much the author stresses about having healthy intentions. I felt like I could trust him and his advice.

To be completely honest, after purchasing Instant Magick by him, I actually only bought this book because of how awesome the cover artwork was, not fully knowing what I was about to find from it, albeit still fully intending to read it. Little did I know that I would love it as much as I ended up loving it during and after reading it.This book is a perfect guide to the real root and basis of Protection Magick: psychic energy, and the like. This book – this guide – teaches the practicing Witc [...]

Ci sono parti di questo libro che meriterebbero 4 e anche 5 stelle. Però c'è anche l'onnipresente buonismo wiccan che rovina la festa. Per Penczak, se non sottostai al Rede e alla legge del tre, sei automaticamente "la peggior immagine stereotipata di una strega", cito testualmente. E' ora che i wiccan - che tanto si riempiono la bocca con parole come "rispetto" e "cammino personale" - si rendano conto che solo perchè una persona agisce diversamente non significa che sia cattiva. E visto che [...]

This is the best book I have read on this subject. It is in depth, but easy to read. I find some of Penczak's other book [concerning his rituals] too overwritten and tuff to get through. But this book was a breeze in comparison. It is good for anyone I think, whether in the craft or not. It deals with fears we all face, and helps you get past things which make you nervous. It is down to earth and logical in many areas, yet includes and deals with psychic topics with a straight forward approach.

Christopher Penczak's books are always wonderful and this is no exception. It can be used as a straight-through read or a reference book. There is a CD that comes with the book with meditations referred to in the book.I think about 3/4 of the book is about prevention and protection with the rest dealing with more self-defense topics. Christopher adds lots of personal anecdotes which adds a very human touch to all the information.The last two chapters are super!

I found a lot of it fairly basic, and didn't particularly enjoy the parts about Archangels, which were significant. I understand that this was more from a New Age perspective than the pagan perspective of his other books, but I had higher hopes.

A very good book that goes beyond basic protection techniques.

Amazing book for psychic protection. Better than having only recepies to follow on, one should understand how do they work and add ethics to your craft.

This was really good for me due to the fact that my shields used to be weak if not non existant. I really loved that my copy came with a meditation CD.

Re readable book !!!!! Awesome information!!!! Great writing style! Easy to understand!

very nice book

Absolutely amazing and incredibly useful book! I learned a lot! I love the fact that it discusses the ethics of protection magick, not just how to do it.

I liked this was an easy read and simple to follow. Great book for a beginner.

Aanrader voor iedereen die wil leren om zich te aarden en negativiteit buiten de deur wil houden!

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