Taken For Revenge, Bedded For Pleasure

India Grey

Taken For Revenge, Bedded For Pleasure

Taken For Revenge, Bedded For Pleasure

  • Title: Taken For Revenge, Bedded For Pleasure
  • Author: India Grey
  • ISBN: 9780373128242
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback

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Dangerously handsome Olivier Moreau has everything power, money and endless women warming his bed But there is one thing Olivier hungers for revenge on the Lawrence family What better vengeance than to seduce inexperienced Bella Lawrenced cast her aside when he s had his fill An eye for an eye, a heart for a heart But when cold, calculating revenge turns into redDangerously handsome Olivier Moreau has everything power, money and endless women warming his bed But there is one thing Olivier hungers for revenge on the Lawrence family What better vengeance than to seduce inexperienced Bella Lawrenced cast her aside when he s had his fill An eye for an eye, a heart for a heart But when cold, calculating revenge turns into red hot passion, Olivier has no intention of letting her go Bella will stay right where he wants her in between his sheets

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With Taken for Revenge, Bedded for Pleasure, India Grey gave me what I wanted in a rainy Sunday Harlequin Presents read. There is fiery passion, intense emotions, painful self-discovery, and the union of two lost souls whose families have been enemies for fifty years. Olivier Moreau appears to be the standard Harlequin Presents hero at first glance: devastatingly handsome and virile, rich, powerful, and utterly ruthless. He was without question a sexy man, but not especially likeable initially. [...]

This book felt much more like a vintage HP than a modern one. The story dealt with family feuds and mysteries and tragic love affairs. The tone of the book was fairly melodramatic.The heroine was very fragile and had some nervous breakdown type mental issues. The hero while he was trying to get revenge on her family through her, still did some very lovely things for her and really only treated her poorly one time.The sex scenes were pretty out there for HPs especially the first one. But they wer [...]

I had a hard time warming up to this story - probably because I couldn't see the attraction to the hero, who was really quite cruel to the heroine, dumping her after a one night stand and telling her it was for revenge. That's fine. I get that vengeful heroes have to have their revenge. But his character never really settled into anything consistent. He was cold and calculating until he was self-loathing then he was cold and calculating again, but cooked up a meal for the heroine in a rustic Fre [...]

3 1/2 stars. Olivier thinks it would be poetic justice to seduce Bella, the granddaughter of the woman he believes destroyed his father. He doesn't expect to find a sad, vulnerable and beautiful woman, who touches his heart in a most inconvenient way.This veers a bit into purple prose and melodrama, and there are some plotholes, but the highly charged mix of angst and steam was very entertaining. Plus, gotta love an HP heroine who's good at putting condoms on.

I absolutely adored Bella and Oliver. I loved seeing how these two damaged and broken people healed each other. Their deep connection to each other was so palpable.This is such an intense and emotional story. Family feuds, vendettas, mystery, betrayals and so much more.The love scenes are so incredibly well-written sensual! Is this Mills & Boon!!!!!!!!!!Beautiful backdrop settings.I was real sad when I came to the last pageI would have loved it to be longer.

Otra novela para el olvido. No hay química entre los protagonistas, y abusa de la trama "nueva" y repetitiva de las últimas novelitas Harlequin: estuve esperando por vos, por tu pij4 mágica toda la vida, pero mientras me divierto, baby ;D.Odié a la heroína. Sin sustento, sin nada que me haga querer leer acerca de su "pobre" vida de niña rica y abandonada por la familia. La excluyeron del círculo familiar porque se tomó fotos porno con un noviecito y él las usó justo en la campaña elec [...]

Such a wonderful awesome book,the plot was intriguing kept me hooked from start till the end the characters were well developed their angst- longing they had for each other were expressed wonderfully,really enjoyed how Olivier's-Bella's love developedThe best part of the book was in between the story how Olivier discovers that Love much better then Revenge and decides to stop all the revenge and confess his feelings for Bella and wants to be happy n together with her Bella comes from an influent [...]

2.5 starsI didn't particularly like this book, but it was well enough written that I wouldn't rate it lower.I didn't like the hero, Olivier. Honestly, I am not quite sure what got Bella all sexually excited about him in the first place: he was cold, detached, slightly angry and nasty. I guess just because he was rich and attractive? He didn't actually become tolerable until around the 70% mark, and even then. Tolerable, but nothing special. At least he was treating Bella better at that point.On [...]

4.5 stars. This was quite good -- I liked the premise and chemistry between the characters. It somehow lacked a little oomph though, I think it could have benefited from a little more intensity -- (view spoiler)[for instance, I would have preferred to see a little more reaction/horror from the hero upon learning of the heroine's past suicide attempt, I think he took that overly in stride. (hide spoiler)] Also, although I love angsty books, a lot of India Grey's novels leave me feeling sad even a [...]

In general, I don't like revenge plots, especially because they usually rely on using someone who had nothing to do with the thing that's being revenged. And that's true of this book too, in that I think the revenge plot is the weakest part of the book. But then, without it, there's not a lot to distinguish it from other books about misfit girls finding someone who finally gets them. So I'm torn on what I actually thought about it.

Ok, they say "don't judge a book by the cover," but this is definitely the case for this book. First of all, the book cover art doesn't represent either the description of the characters or the setting of the places in the book. The guy on the cover looks like a teenager, and the girl in the story was described to have a "bob" hairdo with black hair. Secondly, neither of the characters had spent anytime in Paris (note the Eiffel tower in the background). So don't get excited about reading a pote [...]

Oh Harlequins sometimes their books are too damn entertaining.Though I'm usually not into the whole revenge theme I really liked reading this book. French isn't really my kind of language *mainly because I suck at it* but Olivier sure added flavor to it he was a little cruel at the beginning but he managed to redeem himself the grovelling defiantly earned him cookie points Bella was a little too trusting and a complete sweetheart. Olivier and Bella had strong chemistry and they made a very [...]

The premise wasn't so bad. The back cover heading was a tad misleading. The couplewell, I felt like Olivier had some issues that he must dealt with in relation to the "revenge" aspect and his feelings for Bella. As for Bellae didn't feel "alive" to me; I just didn't click with her. Otherwise, it wasn't a bad story, but to me, it was just an average one.

3.5Decent book. I really wish that this novel wasn't written for 'Harlequin Presents' - India Grey might have had more of a chance to explore a deeper, more emotional realm that could have made this book beautiful (or more beautiful, considering the intensity of it).

It was total crap. Hated pretty much everything about every character. However the premise wasn't bad and the story flowed. No major structural issues just didn't like it. Should be a one star but it earns the second tar for the outline.

I kind of liked the heroine's character, and the interesting dynamic between her and her family. I even, eventually came to like the hero. He started out pretty awful, but there was a really weird shift of tone there at the end.

Starts with her daydreaming about clouds at art auction. He beats her at painting she wanted for her grandma. She has mental issues

didn't even get through it.blah

It was awesome! I love the twest and terns. Both Olivier and Bella back storys had me crying. When i cry you know it was will writen.

Really liked this one. Romance, vengence, intrigue. All the ingredients for a good story.

Para leer en un día, un libro de remance típico en el que la venganza y rencores familiares son el motor que impulsa a los protagonistas. Un amor del pasado que revive en dos jóvenes.

3.5 Stars!

Revenge, shooting at the end, he lies to get her safe, lots of miscommunication.

The same forced situations Nothing new. In my opinion: poor estory.

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