The Pusher: An 87th Precinct Novel

Ed McBain

The Pusher: An 87th Precinct Novel

The Pusher: An 87th Precinct Novel

  • Title: The Pusher: An 87th Precinct Novel
  • Author: Ed McBain
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  • Page: 267
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Most suicides don t realize the headaches they cause.Two a.m in the bitter cold of winter the young Hispanic man s body was found in a tenement basement The rope around his neck suggested a clear case of suicide until the autopsy revealed he d overdosed on heroin He was a pusher, and now a thousand questions pressed down on the detectives of the 87th Precinct WhMost suicides don t realize the headaches they cause.Two a.m in the bitter cold of winter the young Hispanic man s body was found in a tenement basement The rope around his neck suggested a clear case of suicide until the autopsy revealed he d overdosed on heroin He was a pusher, and now a thousand questions pressed down on the detectives of the 87th Precinct Who set up the phony hanging Whose fingerprints were on the syringe found at the scene Who was making threatening phone calls, attempting to implicate Lieutenant Byrnes teenage son Somebody was pushing the 87th Precinct hard, and Detective Steve Carella and Lieutenant Pete Byrnes have to push back harder before a frightening and deadly chain tightens its grip.

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When the body of a junkie is found in a tenement basement, the 87th is on a hunt to find out who sold him the stuff that killed him. The whole mess hits just a little too close to home for one of the detectives.Once again, I LOVE the way McBain describes weather:Winter came in like an anarchist with a bomb. Wild, shrieking, puffing hard, it caught the city in cold, froze the marrow and froze the heart.The wind roared under eaves and tore around corners, lifting hats and lifting skirts, caressing [...]

On a bitterly cold night a police patrolman finds a young Hispanic drug dealer dead in a basement apartment. There's a rope around the boy's neck, tied to the bars over the window. There's also a used syringe on the table next to the body. It's such a miserable effort to disguise a murder as a suicide that Steve Carella and the other detectives of the 87th Precinct can't even figure out why someone made the effort, especially when it becomes clear that the victim actually died of an overdose.Any [...]

Review from Badelynge.An early 87th Precinct story. This one promises rather more noir than it actually delivers. Its opening pages are the hook that tries its darndest to stop you putting the book back onto the spindle and choosing some other more tempting paperback. And even though it's many decades since this one saw anything other than thrift sale piles or charity shop boxes, I can appreciate why McBain lays it on so thick at the start. The city sounded like such a dark and shadow infested p [...]

I never cared much about reading Ed McBain and his 87th Precinct novels. I didn't care much for the Cop on the beat character. All those hard, cynical, worn out Detectives yelling and beating up suspects in the back room. I didn't like the big city backdrop, all those neighborhood bars, neon lights, dreary tenements. I didn't care for the side characters the pimps, prostitutes, grinning thugs with their shiny knives, the down and outs, the ne'er-do-wells, the grieving moms in their faded dresses [...]

Now this is more like it! It seems for years I've been reading about the 87th Precinct series - what a groundbreaker it was and how Ed McBain has been such an influence on writers of mysteries since the 1950s when this series started. But after reading the first two entries in the series, I confess I was disappointed. As far as I could see they were mostly just interesting for their historical value, but I didn't find them particularly entertaining.Then I picked up The Pusher, third in the serie [...]

This was once more a nice easy read; an interesting story populated with likable and well rounded characters. Where the 87th Precinct series is falling down for me after the extremely positive first installment is the lack of depth to the crimes or the investigation.There's nothing amazing about any of it really. The opening paragraph is incredibly evocative prose that I hadn't expected to find and immediately hoped for a lot more of it in the rest of the book but aside from the chapter on the b [...]

A very good 87th precinct police prodecural about a pusher who tries to blackmail a police lt. by setting up his son for a murder charge. Carella's snitch cracks the case, after Carella is shot three times by a punk pusher. Exciting, well done, recommended to lovers of the 87th precint.

What makes a good book good?To be more specific, what is the difference between a good novel and a bad novel? I think it's still fashionable, even at this late date, to avoid this question by saying no one should be limited by the ideas of others concerning what is good and bad, that one man's meat is another man's poison, etc. But – damn the torpedoes – I'm here to tell you that some things are good, and others aren't. Now, if I could just figure out which was whichThis all occurred to me w [...]

I won’t make any bones about it. I love Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct series.Who else but Ed McBain could open a police procedural novel with a two page description of the city in winter? Who else could make that city as much a character in the story as the people in it? Who else could make the exact amount of chemicals mixed to do a test in a police lab interesting?This, the third book in the series, published almost 60 years ago, is as fresh and engaging as it was when it first hit the shelves [...]

The Art of the Pulp Police ProceduralLike the book I'll be brief and to the point. I know the author wrote them as a series of pot boiler books to live on but in hindsight these are great books. Because space was limited the plot is taut and efficient, no wasted space here.The characters are sharply drawn and the twists are proper twists. I'm enjoying the way these books read and the internal ongoing life of the setting.I also love the lack of technology and techno speak to solve problems. These [...]

An unknown drug pusher is loose in the 87th Precinct. A junkie turns up dead but it's quickly noticed that someone tried to cover up a murder as an overdose. Not a bad story, it moves along nicely with a couple of small twists.Interesting footnote by the author. He was originally only paid for 3 novels in this series (he eventually went on to write more than 50) so he had a different ending in his original draft. Before this book was published, his contract had been renewed for a further 3 books [...]

Another solid entry in the series. Maybe it was just the mood I was in when I read it, but the descriptions in The Pusher seemed even more overwrought than they were in the first two 87th Precinct novels. Also, some of the "ironic" transitions were hilariously bad. The dialogue, plot, and storytelling were all top-notch, however, so I was perfectly happy.

A case for Steve Carella and L.t Byrnes. A suicide is a murder and this leads to further assaults and murder and an officer shot. A good fast pace with some good description of the freezing weather of December. I doubt if cops go anywhere alone today. A good read and hooks me to the series.

My 1st Ed McBain novel, I hope it was a off book. Not very engaging

I love this series. I'm trying to read ever single book. This book was kind of sad. I like all the cops and their lives.

It's hard to pinpoint why I like this series so much. I'm sure it's a combination of excellent storytelling, well-plotted police procedurals, the ensemble cast and well-rounded characters that I have come to care about, the gritty realism, the believable dialogue, the fast-paced stories written from a policeman's point of view, sympathetic criminals (informer Danny the Gimp as an example) whose circumstances can sometimes tug at your heart strings, etc. The descriptions of weather and the city e [...]

I picked this up because a writer buddy said Ed McBain and Donald Westlake were the two best crime writers ever, and I had to read some of their stuff in order to learn how it's done. Well, they are both good, but there's no "it's" because the two are as different as they could be. McBain wrote this mostly in a very tight third person, getting into the head of the cops of the 87th precinct. Talking like cops, thinking like cops. But there are other parts that meander with the musings of an omnis [...]

2.5/5Pleasantly surprised by author's style of writing: deep, reflective, and substantial. Not your ordinary police-criminal story per se.Wasn't as engaged as I'd have liked to be; the plot was alright, but when interlaced with contemplative musings, the core contents—the story itself—gets a wee bit lost.Upon completing the book, I find that I remember (and enjoy!) the ruminations by the characters more than the criminal mystery/thrill the author was trying to weave in.Still makes for a plea [...]

Although dated now , the 87th series were a staple of my reading some 30 years ago and I was surprised that I had never read this one. It’s a good solid cop novel with everything a police procedural needs - a crime , diligent policeman , a little science , solid police work and a little good luck and bad luck. The location oozes atmosphere of an east coast US city not unlike 1950s / 1960s New York . Plus it’s a short read and one I needed to get that challenge completed .

another well written story about the 87th precinct

Another great McBain book. Drug dealers and a blackmail plot. The afterward to this one is essential reading.This was definitely a page turner.

Enjoy this series a lot

solid 87th precinct effort. 3 and a half stars

Another solid entry in this longstanding series. Sometimes his attention to detail in the procedurals is a little much, but overall it was a satisfying read.Onward to the next book in the series!

If you liked the TV show Hill Street Blues, you'll probably enjoy this series. Ed McBain invented the police procedural subgenre in which a whole precinct is the hero rather than an individual detective and that is provided the basis for such ensemble TV showsIn this 3rd book in the series, we meet again Detective Steve Carella who was featured in the first book but the story really revolves around his boss, Lieutenant Byrnes. The plot could have been set last year instead of in 1956; it is rath [...]

The third book in the 87th Precinct series is a more standard entry into the police procedural genre. But at the same time, it manages to reach an emotional depth somewhat unusual for the time period.The plot is pretty straight forward. A pair of patrolmen stumble upon a apparent junkie suicide. But sometimes things aren't as easy as they seem, and the suicide squeal quickly turns into a multiple homicide investigation that threatens to become blackmail when Lt. Byrnes son becomes linked to the [...]

Read on Kindle Unlimited outline to remind me of storyAnibal Hernandez a Puerto Rican relatively new to the city introduced to heroin by sister, Maria already an addict and a puta. AH also pushing a little to pay for his habit.AH is murdered by overdose and then left hunging by a rope to make it look like a suicide. The "set up" was done in a way that the police could not help but see that someone had nurdered AH. And conveniently a syringe is left with unidentifiable finger prints but they are [...]

this will be the 6th from mcbain for me.ns:winter came in like an anarchist with a bomb.wild-eyed, shrieking, puffing hard, it caught the city in cold, froze the marrow and froze the heart.onward and upwardupdate, finished, 10:02 p.m. e.s.t. thursday evening, 10 may 12should have been a quick easy read but sometimes life gets in the wayis one has an afterword that makes the story even more entertaining, as mcbain meant to kill the hero off in this onehe thought "that was hot stuff." heh! his age [...]

The Pusher is an early 87th precinct novel by Ed McBain. It is only the third in the huge series, which went on for decades and spawned over 50 books. The Pusher is a pretty solid example of a well plotted police procedural and a good example of the high quality of the series. it's interesting that we see Teddy and Steve as newlyweds, and all of the police officers who will later become so important in the series. if you read the authors note, you find out that the pain had been considering kill [...]

As per usual, Mr. McBain has a winner here. Although a short book, it has a very good premise. Well, the whole 87th Precinct series has a very good premise. That a city police force acts as an entity in the fight against crime within that city. In this case, a fictious city.This book is about finding and apprehending a drug pusher. And, in doing so, several murders come about that must also be solved. A couple of detectives play out in the story. One, Steve Carella, is the lead detective on the [...]

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