Defying Hitler

Sebastian Haffner Oliver Pretzel

Defying Hitler

Defying Hitler

  • Title: Defying Hitler
  • Author: Sebastian Haffner Oliver Pretzel
  • ISBN: 9780312421137
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback

Written in 1939 and unpublished until 2000, Sebastian Haffner s memoir of the rise of Nazism in Germany offers a unique portrait of the lives of ordinary German citizens between the wars Covering 1907 to 1933, his eyewitness account provides a portrait of a country in constant flux from the rise of the First Corps, the right wing voluntary military force set up in 1918 tWritten in 1939 and unpublished until 2000, Sebastian Haffner s memoir of the rise of Nazism in Germany offers a unique portrait of the lives of ordinary German citizens between the wars Covering 1907 to 1933, his eyewitness account provides a portrait of a country in constant flux from the rise of the First Corps, the right wing voluntary military force set up in 1918 to suppress Communism and precursor to the Nazi storm troopers, to the Hitler Youth movement from the apocalyptic year of 1923 when inflation crippled the country to Hitler s rise to power This fascinating personal history elucidates how the average German grappled with a rapidly changing society, while chronicling day to day changes in attitudes, beliefs, politics, and prejudices.

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Reposting this with tears in my eyes, realising the fascist plague has reached the German Bundestag as well. I thought what I witness in America was as bad as 2017 can get. I was wrong!"Je länger dieser Sommer 1933 dauerte, umso unwirklicher wurde alles."Translated into contemporary time, I would say: "Over the course of the 2017 winter, everything became more and more unreal."Haffner, growing up and maturing in a Germany increasingly influenced, and then taken over by, Hitler and his thugs, wr [...]

The English translation of this book is called "Defying Hitler" which I am sure helped sell more copies but underplays the wider interest of this book which covers the years 1914 to 1933 in the life of a man from the German, specifically Prussian, middle class.While at school during the Kapp Putsch, for instance, a particularly right-wing teacher (view spoiler)[ which may have been a tautology given the circumstances (hide spoiler)] asks if they can feel the difference in the atmosphere now that [...]

Haffner provides a real sense of what it was like to experience the Hitler takeover of Germany. From the eyes of a child before Hitler was ever heard of through 1938 when Hitler had squashed all opposition, Haffner reports in often electric prose how he felt. A few examples Göring ordered the police to intervene in any brawl on the side of the Nazis, without investigating the rights and wrongs of the matter, and to shoot at the other side without prior warning my reaction was icy horror I cou [...]

As I have read and studied about World War II through the years, I, too, have had the same questions Haffner's son mentions near the end of this book--How were the Nazis possible? and Why weren't they stopped by the German people? This book does an awesome job of providing some answers. It made it clear to me that Germany and its people were the first victims of Hitler and the Nazis. They were conquered first and then Hitler/Nazis moved on to other countries around them.I think that Haffner did [...]

This is the story of Sebastian Haffner, a man who lived in Germany during Hitler's rise to power. I loved hearing the story from the perspective of the average German. I can't imagine living in such tumultuous times, but reading this book gives me a glimpse. The best part about it is the fact that it tries to answer two very important questions: how on earth a regime like the Nazis could rise to power, and how almost the entire nation where corrupted by them. It's a wonderful story that I would [...]

A brilliant and clear examination of the rise of Hitler and the Nazis to power in 1930s Germany. It is chilling to see how quickly and thoroughly a group of thugs terrorised and subjugated a whole country.Towards the end of the book, Haffner and his fellow law students were required to undergo some military training and of course indoctrination, before they could take their final exams, an efficient way of ensuring the judiciary was a part of the system.They were in uniform and of course marchin [...]

If you are like me and you've always wondered just how an insane madman like Adolf Hitler came to power in a modern country like Germany then read Defying Hitler. The author, who describes his personal experiences of the time, pulls no punches and makes no excuses for the shift to radical nationalism in Germany in the 1930s.The book is presented much like a diary recounting the author's life at specific times in Germany between WWI when he was a small child and 1933 when the Nazi regime began to [...]

Wow. Where has this book been? I can't believe it's taken me this long to find it. It is a brilliantly written first hand account of life for a pretty average boy growing up in Berlin in the early 1900s. It was originally written in 1939 (so before the outbreak of WWII) when the author had just emigrated to the UK from his home in Germany. What I really appreciated about the book was that it was written before the war (so no 20/20 hindsight view) and that it recounts both how strange the times w [...]

It was hard to get into the book at first- all the different German leaders and shifting politics was hard to keep up with. But it was interesting to read about Hitler's rise to power from the perspective of a German youth who did not believe in Hitler's ideals. The last half is where I started to get more interested, as that is when Hitler and the Nazis began to gain power.

Зябко, стыдно и освобождено

This book is an account of what went on in Germany from the end of WWI to right before the start of WWII. It is told from an everyday German person's point of view. This is an era that is largely ignored by history books and the story of a regular persons life as his home country changes before his eyes is very compelling. People often ask "How could the German people let this happen?" (meaning the Nazi takeover). This book is rather frightening in that it shows how easily it happened without or [...]

I love this book. I've been a fan of what my school described as 'Modern World History for as long as I can remember. This book - written in 1939 whilst the author was in exile in England - satisfies my lust for the historical facts and the personal views on how Germany came under the thrall of the National Socialist Party. It is brilliantly written. He is critical of his fellow Germans in a way that only a native can be. I would have loved to have met him.

This memoir of growing up in Germany as Hitler was coming into power offers a remarkable first-person story. It should be required reading for us all.

Книга Себастьяна Хафнера «История одного немца» стоит в стороне от предыдущих двух. Если Рольникайтеи Боровский , хоть и кончившие жизнь совершенно по-разному, принадлежат к пострадавшей стороне, то Хафнер тот самый чистокровный ариец. Которого после прочитанных предыду [...]

Галя Юзефович написала в ФБ, что ЛА посоветовал ей прочесть эту книгу. Верный принципу «Всегда слушай Юзефовича», прочёл её и я. Хафнер (эмигрировавший из Германии до начала Второй мировой войны и вернувшийся только после поражения нацизма) описывает свои ощущения от детст [...]

A través de su historia, la de un ciudadano normal y corriente, el autor explica cómo el pueblo alemán pudo aceptar y adoptar una ideología como el nazismo y cómo los nazis llegaron al poder.No es una historia sobre el holocausto, ni sobre la Alemania nazi, es una historia sobre el nacimiento y propagación de una ideología.Un libro muy muy interesante, de obligada lectura para todo aquel al que le guste esta etapa de la historia y quiera comprender cómo algo como el nazismo pudo existir. [...]

Fascinating true story about Germany during the rise of Hitler. He explains in detail and with background how the Nazi regime came about and the psychology of the German citizens at that time. Completely absorbing and answers the question, "How did the German people let that happen and why didn't they stop it?"

Fascinating read. Hard to put down. Different perspective than I have ever read regarding the rise of Hitler and Germany as a whole.

A fascinating book written about the period of time between 1907 and 1933 in Germany, and more specifically, what it was a life for a typical German during Hitler's rise to power, and how it was possible for an entire country to essentially sit by and let it happen. Sebastian Haffner, the author, tells his story, and explains the innermost workings of his mind, as well as the way the Nazi's were able to take control with almost no interference from the common man. Written in 1939, but not publis [...]

Let's start by saying that the writing style of this book isn't the best.It doesn't make reading it that much of a joy. Yet what I liked about it was the author insight and observations about political and social life in Germany pre WW2. It's scary how some of his observations could apply to certain current events ! This world indeed is a scary place !

"El alma colectiva y el alma infantil reaccionan de forma muy parecida. Los conceptos con los que se alimenta y se moviliza a las masas nunca serán lo suficientemente infantiles."La historia de Alemania entre 1914 y 1933 desde el punto de vista de la calle, de un joven alemán que sin ser nazi se ve obligado a plegarse a las coacciones de la masa nazionalista o a sufrir represalias. Este libro tiene una vigencia en la España actual de primer orden. No hay más que mirar la historia pseudo-demo [...]

I found Defying Hitler absolutely fascinating. It was so clearly written and easy to read that I felt I learned more about Germany between WWI and WWII than I could have gleaned from a dozen dry textbooks. This was essentially the story of an ordinary middle-class German who was ideologically anti-Nazi but who felt powerless to stop the rise of Hitler and his party, a story that must have been common to millions of Germans across the country. Ordinary Germans were struggling so hard just to surv [...]

A remarkable book. Haffner wrote the book in 1938 and abandoned it once the war started; his son published upon his death. One of the things that makes it so interesting is that he didn't know what form the war would take or who would win, and the perspective is unlike anything else I've read for that reason. In addition, the book attempts to explain the phenomenon of Hitler from ground level, not explaining what made Hitler, but what made the Germans susceptible to his charisma and logic. I've [...]

It was an interesting book, a different perspective and perception of that dark era when all what we associate with the Third Reich began. And Haffner uses an intelligent and good-to-read style of writing.Still, I have cerain reservations. PArtially because he describes with an underlying arrogance how he overlooked everything right from the beginning and was so much more intelligent than the average German citizen. Yet he chose to work for the German jurisdiction even after Hitler had taken ove [...]

High 3. Haffner has`provided a lucid account of how German bourgeois society of the twenties and thirties allowed itself to passively accomodate itself to the tyranous insanity which powered the Nazi political machine. As such, three quarters of the way into the book he begs the reader to deliberate the core issue which determines the value of this memoir: why are the experiences of an ordinary young man with no influence on events of interest to anyone ? Haffner provides the answer in detailing [...]

How fascinating to have the opportunity to view WWII through the eyes of a German man, as it was actually happening. This book was written during WWII and the Nazi regime, but was hidden for many years until it was discovered and published after the author's death. I am finding this to be an interesting and valuable perspective.Haffner's book details his experience of living through the First World War as a young boy, and sets the actions that led to WWII firmly in that context. "A childish illu [...]

This book was very surprising. It was a memoir that read like a fiction account. It was very fascinating to read the account of the what it may have been like for the German populace during the years between WWI and WWII. How could have they succumb to the Nazi regime? Why didn't anyone do anything about it? I was surprised to hear about how Germany was first systematically taken over, almost like they were the first country to fall to the Nazi's. It sure makes you think that we are not all immu [...]

Yes, there are many books out there about Hitler and the History Channel almost seems exclusively dedicated to that era, but this book, Defying Hitler, has a different perspective. This book was published by the author's son posthumously and was arranged as a diary, not a novel. The result is an inside perspective of a young German of upper-middle class roots with no particular political leaning recording the rise of Hitler. It is interesting to note that many thought of Hitler as insignificant, [...]

This book was a revelation to me and helped me understand a time that was a major turning point in the world's history - it helped me to look at how people behave when they are under pressure and choices are taken away from them. It's very well written and draws you into a world that is fascinating and frustrating. It's a brilliantly observed memoir of growing up in Berlin between 1914 and 1933. Reading this book left me wondering how I would have reacted if I was living in Berlin at that time, [...]

Sebastian Haffner, una persona que ha vivido la parte más intensa de principios del siglo XX, ha conseguido narrar de forma precisa e inteligente su vida en una Alemania caótica y muchas veces incomprendida. En el libro se desvelarán los pensamientos y las inquietudes del propio autor, evolucionando desde las primeras impresiones de un niño, hasta los pensamientos más críticos de un adulto que ha de tomar difíciles decisiones, a veces en contra de su país. Por su parte, intentará explic [...]

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