, said the shotgun to the head.

Saul Williams

, said the shotgun to the head.

, said the shotgun to the head.

  • Title: , said the shotgun to the head.
  • Author: Saul Williams
  • ISBN: 9780743470797
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback

The greatest Americans Have not been born yet They are waiting quietly For their past to die please give blood Here is the account of a man so ravished by a kiss that it distorts his highest and lowest frequencies of understanding into an Incongruent mean of babble and brilliance

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Holy shit. I'm crying just typing this review even though I finished the book like 10 minutes ago. This is the book that reignited my love for poetry. Although only half this book made sense to me, and typically that would infuriate me, this was just absolutely GORGEOUS. Williams had me from page one, and in this book he criticized the patriarchy, war, religion, and this was generally just a roller coaster ride that brought me to tears. It was so raw and it was centered on a love story, but grew [...]

Last night I was trying to decide which books to take with me to my parent's house for Christmas, picked up this book meaning to read a few lines, ended up reading the entire poetry collection in roughly an hour. I don't think I've ever read poetry quite like this before. The introduction says that these poems are basically the nonsensical ramblings of a man after a kiss. There is a lot of passion in these poems, some sexual, but the poems are more than just about love. There's a lot of social c [...]

Said the shotgun to the head is genius. Just pure genius. I don't know where that man got his talent, but I'd so love to just pick his brain. He's so good he makes me want to be better at everything i do!I want to be as good at anything as he is at writing poetry!I will never stop looking for that thing, and when I find it my life will be worthwhile even if I never make a dime. I cant love him or this book more, it will never leave me.

Saul Williams, , said the shotgun to the head (Pocket/MTV, 2003)I have had people comment that they sometimes can't tell the difference between what I consider good poetry and what I don't. To me, it's as simple as can be 99.9% of the time: good poetry deals with the “person, place, or thing” section of the category of nouns. Bad poetry, almost invariable, deals with the “idea” section. T. S. Eliot started out Book 5 of his long poem Paterson with the injunction “No ideas but in things [...]

This blew my mind.I was at a local bookshop, with a friend, on a blustery day, in December. We both grabbed the book at the same time, and sat there on the floor, flipping page to page, reading it together.It is Lovely. It is shockingly laid out, at times hard to see, for it overwhelms you. Other times, you feel like you can't seem to get enough, so that you wish to climb into the words themselves.

, said the shotgun to the head. is a very strange (people who are nicer than me would probably say: unique) and complex poem. I wanted to write this review for a couple of days now and I really struggled I struggled because A) I feel like I haven't properly understood what Saul was trying to say, and B) I understood enough to be overwhelmed with what I want to discuss. Upon skimming some reviews here on I am reassured, because I don't seem to be the only one with that problem.oil slicked feathe [...]

Not even half of this made sense to me so I'm not going to rate it.All I can say is that I saw a lot of potential and interesting topics (not only love but also social commentary and political stuff), but the format just didn't work for me. I already knew either I was going to love this or don't get it but I wanted to try it anyway.I marked some interesting pages and parts, but everything else nope.

I've read it a couple of times, and it seems different every time.It's a bit Allen Ginsberg, a bit E.E. Cummings, a bit Hollywood, a bit blues, and bit hatred, a bit love, and a bit paprika. It's artsy and lively. The type is unique, anbd you really get the true feeling of the words. You can hear the voice of the poem as if you were at a concert and stereo hi-fi. It's amazing. Read it OUT LOUD.

Saul Williams is a hip hop artist, actor, writer and slam poet apparently best experienced live. If that’s the case, his poetry collection, ,said the shotgun to the head is the equivalent of canned laughter. ,said the shotgun to the head. is one big poem broken into numbered sections counting down from 10. Williams starts his pretentiousness in the introduction, stating his belief in a female god because of a passionate kiss (a kiss that inspired the book). Williams basically writes through hi [...]

The more I read this, the more annoyed I became. I'm all for poets and writers and anyone to play with the accepted norms of writing and buck against them. I roll my eyes however, when those said artists do so just for the sake of doing so with no real meat for the reader. I feel like this was one of those times of someone writing something just to try to be as different as possible and to me, it just came off as desperate and trying too hard. Now, that being said, I feel like this may also be o [...]

i have mixed feelings, mostly that a lot of what is said in this poem is a message that has existed forever and is still a message unaware in the mass consciousness. and so now a dude says it and i hope it will be taken more seriously by reaching an audience that may not typically veer toward this thinking--as this book was also helped put out by mtv, which is also a strange concept to me, but whatever works to get something out to get the folk thinking is a good movee poem is pro goddess-earth- [...]

A truly epic poem both in content and in quality. Saul Williams really delivers the goods in this nigh novel length poem that centers around a world changing kiss. This poem is a mind melding and explosive look at the world we live in, and a call to change the world for the better. Ultimately it delivers on all counts that a great poem should, vivid imagery, captivating juxtapositions, amazing metrics, and an amazing rhythm- it truly does not miss a beat! Once you pick it up ",said the Shotgun t [...]

Williams is a master wordsmith. His imagery is amazing and I find his poetry extremely poignant. You can feel the emotional grunt work he put into crafting this book. This is one of my favorite books of poetry.

Saul Williams is by far the greatest performing-poet I have ever seen.

This is vital. And while I am too young to truly remember what it was like in the immediate aftermath of September 11, and the years that followed (in which this poem came about), but I feel like it has only have grown more so over time said the shotgun to the head. is a panacea for, and an antithetical statement against, the various perceptions of otherness and difference that increasingly divide us; as well as the egotist doomsday-ers whose various worlds are constantly in peril from these oth [...]

"come, my lovewe have mountains to climbwilderness to wander"Eh not my thing. Some lines were so beautiful and then the rest were just confusing or really not my cup of tea. I normally really enjoy a good poetry book, and this was beautifully formatted, but the poetry itself was not something I enjoyed :/

Amazing!!!"menstrual minstrelsfooting your own billof right left rightmarching blindly into moonless nightanother dimensionwhere children use chalkon the sidewalktracing their bodiesfor the precriminal investigationof their paternal inheritance:murder!"

3.5* This was a roller coaster ride from start to finish. I loved it!


This was a journey well worth taking. This poetry was rhythmic, scatological, beat, beauty, profundity and screamed with the love of the Mother God. The epitome of unspoken Def Poetry. I can highly recommend taking this ride. Stunning work.

Saul Williams’ poem , said the shotgun to the head. is a visceral love letter, a furious condemnation of inequality, and an impassioned appeal to morality. I can’t help but admire Williams’ enthusiasm and message, but that message is all but drowned out in the noise created by this frantic and uncontrolled howl of a poem.Williams’ , said the shotgun to the head. is anything but subtle. Between the violent imagery of the title, the introduction that details the poet’s inspiration and in [...]

this book caught my eye with its packaging; a pretty little product with lots of fonts and sizes and such that seemed like a cool way to write a manifesto. That being said, the writing was borderline terrible, featuring cheesy puns like "mind altering/altaring", "a burning Bush", "this loaded phallus has becum" and the conclusion that matriarchy will solve all our problems (as if Hillary did not vote for the war, as if Judith Butler had never written a book, as if gender is a duality and not a m [...]

My world was turned upside-down with this book/poem. I have never been so moved by mastery of language. WHAT he says is as beautiful and haunting and true and astonishing as HOW he says it, and that's saying a lot. It sounds unlikely, and maybe I'm biased, but this is the absolute zenith of what poetry can accomplish. To be reread over and over. Not only is the content of this book of personal meaning to me, but it's written with a care and deliberateness that it makes all other poetry I've ever [...]

Absolutely brilliant. I have seen him live and even without music he has enough charisma to fill a room with expectation and hold rapt their attention. What an amazing wordsmith for I refuse to believe that he is anything less than a master craftsman who creates these words with a deliberate passion. I will never be able to say enough good about this book. At my work I have shared a few quotes from this book and people always ask me where it came from. He has the same power of words as renowned [...]

"can he be heard over the gunfirethe whizz of passing misslesthe crash of buildingsthe cries of chilrenthe crack of bonesthe shriek of sirens?or is that his mighty voice?"Honestly I did not expect to like these ramblings as much as I did. They were odd but I found myself turning one page after another. & the use of different fonts was interesting.

I'm not really sure why I kept putting this off. I already know that I will constantly be rereading this over the years. I don't think I can properly give it a rating but I decided to give it 5 stars on so more people are encouraged to pick it up.

I think I would always revert to his older material def worth checking out now if I could only get the fool that stole my copy

cool spoken word futurism -- particular sections are revelatory, but it seems uneven as a whole. of course, i haven't seen it performed aloud, so this is an incomplete review.

very striking rhythm, fun but also impressive.

Powerful, emotional and raw. I whizzed through this, but I think I'll need to revisit it later, because some of the pages were just too intense to be analysed right away.

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