I Got a "D" in Salami

Henry Winkler Lin Oliver Jesse Joshua Watson

I Got a

I Got a "D" in Salami

  • Title: I Got a "D" in Salami
  • Author: Henry Winkler Lin Oliver Jesse Joshua Watson
  • ISBN: 9780448431635
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback

It s report card day the most dreaded day in Hank s school year And when Hank gets his grades, they re his worst nightmare come true a D in spelling, a D in reading, a D in math After school, Hank and his friends go to his mom s deli His mom is on the prowl she knows a report card day when she sees one Hank tries to stall her, but she s going for his backpack He s coIt s report card day the most dreaded day in Hank s school year And when Hank gets his grades, they re his worst nightmare come true a D in spelling, a D in reading, a D in math After school, Hank and his friends go to his mom s deli His mom is on the prowl she knows a report card day when she sees one Hank tries to stall her, but she s going for his backpack He s cornered Hank hands the report card off to his friend Frankie, who gives it to his friend Ashley, who gives it to Robert, who puts it into a meat grinder Hank watches as his Ds are ground into a big salami, and this particular salami is being made for a very important client How will Hank get out of this one

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As the book opens, Hank and his mom are studying for a spelling contest. (exactly what is the purpose of spelling bees?) He is having problems trying to "focus." Spelling tests can be difficult for some kids and spelling bees make it even worse. As Hank says, "Call me crazy,but I don't know how anyone can think spelling is even slightly fun, let alone great fun." Hank gets into trouble when he doesn't sit down after he missed a word. The principal tells him,' "Following directions will get you w [...]

Really liked this book as well. Hank putting his report card where he did made me laugh because it sounds like something i would have done in middle school. There were a few parts in this one where i was laughing out loud again. On to the third oneAnother side note not a huge fan of the character Nick McKelty but I guess we all know one like him.

Although this is for a fourth grade-and-up audience, it's quite a nice story for young readers. It's set in New York, down at street level. It features a main character who is discovering he has some "learning challenges," which could be very helpful and engaging for students who may have some trouble in school.

Wow, this kid, seems like a true person. I love the bits of gaining knowledge about learning challenges, and how imaginative a kid can be.

I think Hank just needs Emily to go away

Henry Winkler made me cry! I won't give a spoiler and tell you why, instead I'll give a teaser and say "Read this book to find out why the title is literally true!" Call me a sap, but I really did shed a tear before the end - let me know if you do too if you read this. It's a kids' book that is not just for kids.I had a strong motivation to read it, as spelled out in the following email I sent "From one HW to another" via the film company that brought him to Quincy for Kevin Jame's comedy "Here [...]

This book was fiction and a children literature which took place in New York e main character is a 4th grade boy named hank who seem to be very bad at spelling. He has three friends named Ashley and Frankie. Hank take the spelling bee in school which he later that night study for with his mother. Hank for sure thought he knew how to spell all of the word and just got sent to the principal office were he didn't let him off smoothly like he usually does. Hank later then returned to the classroom w [...]

When Hank Zipzer gets almost all Ds on his report card inside of a big fat manila envelope addressed to his parents with an even bigger letter inside, Hank has to find a way to stop that letter from reaching his parents. Lucky he has his friends, Ashley, Frankie, and Robert along to help him solve his dilemma. They all stop by his mom's deli, The Crunchy Pickle on their way home from school and somehow, someway his report card, letter, and manila envelope and all get thrown into the meat grinder [...]

This is the second Hank Zipzer book my son and I have read, and I've got to say Henry WInkler has found a wonderful formula for kids' stories. Hank has a pretty good life with is parents and sister in an apartment building in New York City. His mom runs a deli with her dad, Papa Pete. His dad loves to do crossword puzzles. And Hank has two best friends who live in the same building, Ashley and Frankie. Hank has just one problem: he has a lot of trouble in school. He finds it very hard to concent [...]

I liked this book better than the first and I think I liked listening to it rather than reading it. I don't really enjoy the series but I might listen to one more to see if Hank gets help for his learning challenges.Likes:* Hank Zipzer doesn't blame his friends or begrudge them their strengths* Ashley and Franky are good supportive friends, but they should stop some of his craziness* Papa Pete is the understanding supportive adult figure, but again he should be the voice of reason* Listening to [...]

Zipzer and His Pals are Winning charactersYou might be tempted to blow this off as just another ghostwritten celeb pr indulgence. But that would be a very big mistake. These are well-written, funny, charming and heartfelt tales centered on an engaging kid with spirit and an appealing, if manic, style.These are very good books. The hero, Hank Zipzer, is a decent kid with good instincts. His two best apartment building/school friends have very distinct personalities, and are among the most authent [...]

"I Got a D in Salami" is the second book in the Hank Zipzer series. The story is about a boy with dylexia named Hank and his friends Frankie and Ashely, his dog, Cheerio, sister that Hank thinks is an alien, and Ms. Adolf. Its one of the worst days of Hank's lifeReport card day. All his braniac friends got good grades. What about Hank get? A D in spelling, reading, and math. He knows that if his parents would see it, they would get mad at him. He goes to his mom's deli shop and meets Frankie, As [...]

I got a "D" in Salami", is about a young boy who really struggles with school and spens a lot of time visiting the principal. When he got his report card back, his biggest fears came true. He sad a "D" in almost every subject. He and his friends quickly devised a plan to get rid of his report card so that his parents do not see it. However, they get into some sticky situations after they get rid of his report card.I think this book is comical. A lot of young boys would enjoy this story. This sto [...]

This book was about a boy named Hank Zipzer who is in 4th grade. He is not getting good grades because his teacher does not like him and he gets sent to the principal's office a lot. His mom owns a restaurant called, The Crunchy Pickle. When Hank goes to tell his mom about his report card, he decides to lie and act like he does't have it. He gives it to Frankie and Ashley, his two best friends. They give it to a boy named, Robert, and Robert puts it in Hank's mom's meat grinder at the restaurant [...]

learning disabilities, fear, support, honesty. This is a book about a little boy who has a learning disability, but doesnt discover it until after all the events happen. He was taking a spelling test in school, and waited to long to respond. He gets sent to the principals office and comes back to class with a disappointing report card. He tried to hide all the D's on the report card by hiding it in his moms bowl of salami. In the end everyone has to open their eyes to the real problem, that Hank [...]

I Got a "D" in SalamiThe writing of this book is funny because what they do is funny. The strengths of this book are that it is not boring and it keeps you wanting to read more. There are no weaknesses in the book. I would recommend this book to a classmate because the book is short and easy to read. I would also reccomend this book to a classmate because there are some parts in the book that have suspense in it. The reason why I would recommend this book to a classmate is because it teaches you [...]

If you have the chance to listen to the audio, I recommend it! Winkler does an excellent job with all the voices and accents of NYC. This second book in the Hank Zipzer series is hysterical, adventurous, and has a lot of heart. It brings the challenges of learning differences front and center in an honest, human, and, and realistic way. Testing for learning differences is time consuming and then finding ways to adapt to ones' learning style can take time and patience. We talk about this a lot at [...]

It's the worse day in school for Hank. It's Report Card Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Hanks mom knows it too. So as soon as she sees Hank she asks for it. But he doesn't want his mom to see all the 'D's' he got. So instead he hands it off to Frankie who slips it to Ashlie who gives it to Robert who tosses it in a meat grinder. It also so just happens that that particular batch of meat is being delivered to one of his moms important clients. If Hank doesn't get that batch of meat, someone more than him [...]

My review for Book 1, still apropo for this book: Fell in love with these books after hearing Henry Winkler (that's right, The Fonz himself) talk about and read from this book at the L.A. Times Book Festival in 2003. He talked of how amazed he was to find himself a published author despite his life-long struggle with severe dyslexia. He said he put a lot of "himself" into these books and it really shows -- these books have a real heart to them. Wonderful, wonderful juvenile fiction (even for us [...]

This was on my kids' Reading Olympics list. Even though it was a super easy read for my 12yo daughter, she still enjoyed it. She admitted she never would have picked it up had it not been on the list. It became an important book for her however because it gave her an understanding about kids who might have a hard time learning. She referenced the book so many times after she read it, that I felt I had to read it too! I don't think I got quite as much out of it as she did, but I did enjoy it.Grea [...]

this book is about a kid who's failing in math,spelling,reading. He has to get the grades up so he doesn't get in trouble with his mom. when he gets his report card it has the three d's.The three d's are not the bad thing its the envelope it came in.Hank ges his report card and a manila envelope with a letter in it that says that hes bad in class. Hank has to try and find away to make his parents not be mad at him he gets rid of it. His parents found out because the teacher called his parents an [...]

I got a "D" in Salami, is a book about a boy named Hank Zipzer that lives with a learning disability called dyslexia (difficulty with written language, particularly with reading and spelling). It tells you how he had to go throught day to day things with it, and how he had to deal with it all.I think that I got a "D" in Salami is a good book. I think that people who will like this book are people who are going through things and think there the only ones. It also would be good for people who hav [...]

When my ex-boyfriend was in college, Henry Winkler came to talk to some class of his and handed out copies of his new book (signed). This was the book. My ex gave it to me and years later, well after we broke up, I read it (mostly because I doubted I'd want to keep it and I wanted shelf space). I was write. I did not want to keep it. Totally unbelievable plot, and not fantastic enough to suspend belief.

When purchasing this book, I assumed it was going to be hilarious just looking at the title, I was wrong. This book to me felt like it went on and on and on just going over the same thing again( the depressed dad). This book bored me to the point that I didn't even remember what the book was about. if anyone came up to me and asked me if they should borrow the book, I would say NO, it doesn't have any meaning, it has a terrible story and the book repeats itself.

A young boy named Hank Zipzer got a D in three classes and is to ashamed to tell his parents. One day at the deli he dropped it in the grinder. But the meat they where making was going to the president of the company. So he had to make a evolve skim to get it back before he eats it and gets sick. But he got caught and he had to call his parents and tell them what he did but the man thought he was dyslexic. So he got tested and it turns out he was.

This was a treat to listen to in the car with "The Fonze" reading the book himself. Poor Hank isn't as out there as Joey Pigza, but he does some crazy stuff. He is always trying to find ways to do better in school in spite of what seems like lack of support from his mean teacher and cranky, halibot eating principal. The Hank Zipzer books are a great reading outlet for reluctant readers who like to stick to a format and good for boys like Joey Pigza and the Time Warp Trio.Enjoy!!

This book is very funny and interesting even though I can't connect to it. I think the writing was effective. The strengths of this book are its craziness and wild things that happened. The only weakness is I don't connect to this book like I used to. I would recommend this book to a classmate because some of my friends like jokes. This book is part of a series, but I won't continue it.

Sam and I just finished reading this one. We can't wait to get book 3. Sam really enjoyed how he figured out what the title meant I won't spoil it, but it literally happens. If you know any kid that has a hard time with school; this series would be great. Again, it keeps reminding me as a teacher and parent to treat all kids equitably.

The story is humorously narrated by Hank.Hank knows he has some problems with his schoolwork. When he is sent home with a report card that has several "D" he attempts to hide the letter and the report card in a mixture of salami.The story is a fun way to bring up the topic of Learning Disabilities.

This book teaches a good lesson about telling lies and how they only grow after being told. It also does a good job explaining why it's important to try to fix your mistakes when a lie has been told and although there are sometimes consequences for that mistake, being truthworthy is more important.

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