Where's the Big Bad Wolf?

Eileen Christelow

Where's the Big Bad Wolf?

Where's the Big Bad Wolf?

  • Title: Where's the Big Bad Wolf?
  • Author: Eileen Christelow
  • ISBN: 9780618181940
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Hardcover

Whenever there s trouble on Detective Doggedly s beat, that low down, no good, chicken chasing, pig poaching Big Bad Wolf is always the prime suspect But when the three little pigs house is huffed and puffed into a pile of straw and only a sheep named Esmeralda is found at the scene of the crime, Doggedly has a new mystery to solve Where s the Big Bad Wolf With the helWhenever there s trouble on Detective Doggedly s beat, that low down, no good, chicken chasing, pig poaching Big Bad Wolf is always the prime suspect But when the three little pigs house is huffed and puffed into a pile of straw and only a sheep named Esmeralda is found at the scene of the crime, Doggedly has a new mystery to solve Where s the Big Bad Wolf With the help of some wise elderly cows who live in a home across the road, Doggedly sniffs out the clues But can he catch the culprit before the three little pigs get gobbled up Here s a new wrinkle on the classic tale, enlivened by Eileen Christelow s fast paced narrative style and her drolly comic illustrations.

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This is another fun, mystery read for elementary school students. It's one version of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf told from a different perspective. The narrator is a police detective dog named Phineas T. Doggedly and is looking for the big bad wolf who keeps being "bad" and disrupting the peace in town. We can relate this book to independent writing where students write from their own perspective talking about personal experience or persuasive essays where they try to convince th [...]

i liked looking at the pictures in this book. i thought the wolf dressed first as the sheep and then as a horse were funny. it made me laugh so i think it's a good book (age 5)

A great new take on the Three Little Pigs. It shows that not only was the wolf powerful but clever. The Three pigs could be taught to think better. Also that it helps when you work with someone.

Personal Reaction:I really enjoyed reading this book. As it is a twist off the original Three Little Pigs, its illustrations could be described as jumping off the page with great use of line to create movement. Not only do the images stand out when compared to other books I’ve read, but this book also contains wacky phrases that really engage the reader to find out what happens next. Children will love reading this!Purpose:This book would be appropriate for grade levels K-2nd as a read aloud. [...]

Where’s the Big Bad Wolf? is a fun, mystery picture book written and illustrated by Eileen Christelow. In whodunit spirit, Christelow has a fresh take on the classic version of The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. Police detective Phineas T. Doggedly works as the narrator for the story with the hopes of catching the culprit, the Big Bad Wolf, who has been disrupting the town’s peace. This fast-paced story gives the audience not only an opportunity to guess for clues, but to hunt down [...]

Personal Reaction: I really loved this story! It is a different take on the Three Little Pigs, and has a mystery element to it also. I like how on each page there are little clues in the illustrations to figure out who the culprit is!Purpose: Read aloud for students grades 1-3-enjoyment, it is a story they probably have heard before but with a different spin on it. Folk Literature Variant-the mystery element is also very engaging and entreating for students to try and figure out who the bad guy [...]

Where's the Big Bad Wolf? is quite a fun wrinkle on the classic tale! Making a twist on the classic Three Little Pigs story into a mystery type story really makes it exciting. This story starts as a dog detective, Doggedly, looking for an often Wanted Big Bad Wolf that seems to always be victimizing pigs around town. Three pigs keep trying to build a house taking advice from a sheep and it keeps getting blown down. In the end we find out that the sheep is actually the Big Bad Wolf in a sheep out [...]

Personal Reaction:-I thought that "Where's the Big Bad Wolf" was a great take on the three little pigs classic. It incorporated all of the same characters, but it also introduced new ones including a doggy detective and cows. This children's book is a mystery and the detective goes on many adventure while trying to solve it. The thought is that the big bad wolf blew down the house of straw, but readers may be surprised by the outcome. The illustrations and the motifs of the dog are good tools to [...]

Part of literature unit:Police detective Phineas T. Doggedly is on the case of a huffing and puffing criminal. Already suspicious of the big bad wolf, the police detective works to see who or what is blowing down the houses of three innocent pigs. Whenever he shows up at the scene of the crime, it appears that a sheep is always close by. In the end, the detective figures out who is responsible for the crimes. This book is colorfully illustrated in muted tones, which adds to the setting of the ni [...]

In zesty small town spirit this book tells the whodunnit mystery involving three pigs getting bad advice from a mysterious sheep, some badgering old cows, and a detective dog who works as the narrator. As one can probably guess, this is yet another angle on the whole Three Little Pigs story, and yet it manages to be its own plot altogether, what with poor detective Doggedly spending his nights watching the pigs' place for signs of suspicious activity.It's hilarious, fresh, and amazingly complex [...]

This book was a great twist off the "Three Little Pigs". I like how it kept the traditional story of the "Three Little Pigs" but still added it's own flavor by creating a mystery. They added a dog in the story as the detective of the town, along with the Three Little Pig's neighbor, the older Cows. There was only one criminal in the town, the Big Bad Wolf, and he kept harassing the towns people but the detective would always catch him. The Wolf would promise that he was done causing trouble, but [...]

This is a retelling of the three little pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, and it’s told as a mystery with Detective Doggedly doing the narrative. This was a very cute way to re-do the story. Detective Doggedly is driving when one day out of nowhere the wind stirs up so much hay that he has a hard time seeing through it. He can hear a pig squealing and just knows that the BBW is up to no good again, even though he promised to stay out of trouble. The rest of the story is Detective Doggedly trying to s [...]

This is another spin-off to The Three Little Pigs but through the perspective of Detective Doggedly (first person narrative). The illustrations appear to look more like a comic strip because the characters look cartoonish with speech bubbles. After a few pictures, you realize it is the wolf dressed in a sheep costume and there are some references to sheep. For example, "BBW's pulling the wool over your eyes." I liked that the wise cows take the little pigs in and teach them how to build a real h [...]

This was not your traditional three little pigs story. It was told from the point of view of a detective dog tracking down the wolf who is blowing down pigs houses. He is stumped by the mystery because it turns out the wolf is dressing as a sheep to cover up his crimes.I like the way this book makes young readers think and go beyond the traditional story. It is unique and dont in a comic book-esque format. The visuals of it are appealing and make it a fun read for kids.

Police Detective Phineas T. Doggedly is on a hunt for low-down, chicken chasing, pig-poaching rascal known as the Big Bad Wolf. After being caught, the Big Bad Wolf breaks his promise to never do his dirty deeds again. Dressed up as a sheep named Esmerlda, the wolf befriends three little pigs who the wolf intends to eat. Meanwhile, the Detective is trying to connect the clues of a sheep with a gray tail. With the help of the neighborhood cows, the Big Bad Wolf is captured.

This is pretty much a detective version of The Three Little Pigs, and it works for me. I read this to younger students and I was able to introduce the words clue and solve into their vocabulary. Not bad for a fractured retelling of an old fairy tale. It got a few laughs out of the kids and it kept them engaged.

A clueless detective investigates the collapse of several houses belonging to little pigs. Although there is literally a wolf in sheep's clothing hanging around every crime scene, he never catches on. A better take on the tale of the Three Little Pigs would be The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.

The story is about a detective dog in charge of keeping things safe in the area. He only has one nemesis - the Big Bad Wolf (BBW). Sometimes a little hard to read because the voice bubbles repeat what the text says. Easier to get through on multiple readings.The drawings are fun to look at.

I do love a different version of a classic and this definitely fits the bill. It leaves enough clues that my four year old felt confident predicting what would happen next. Definitely add this to your Three Little Pigs unit of study!

I loved this book, I will buy it and read it to my son Hank for sure. When I was looking up mystery books for beginners this is what I was hoping to find. His is my favorite 3 little pigs story because of the fun mystery twist. I highly recommend this book.

The big bad wold if up to no good, the three pigs have found themselves in the middle of a wind storm. Twice. If only Detective Doggedly could pin it on him

A retelling of the three little pigs. So cute! I loved the mystery and was intrigued the whole time.

My girls could not see that the wolf was dressed in sheep's clothing until after I spent a lot of time trying to convince them that the wolf was indeed in sheep's clothing.

This is definitely a classic that I loved as a child. It has great illustrations that help kids engage and interact with finding the Big Bad Wold. I liked it!

caroline loves this book - me not so much.

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