Deaf in America: Voices from a Culture

Carol Padden Tom Humphries

Deaf in America: Voices from a Culture

Deaf in America: Voices from a Culture

  • Title: Deaf in America: Voices from a Culture
  • Author: Carol Padden Tom Humphries
  • ISBN: 9780674194243
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback

Refusing to accept the limitations others have placed on the deaf, the authors themselves deaf argue for a deaf culture, one united by expressed thru the American Sign Language A long, painful experience of hearing intolerance has generally kept Deaf culture fairly closed to outsiders, even sympathetic ones But now Padden Humphrieshave written a charmingRefusing to accept the limitations others have placed on the deaf, the authors themselves deaf argue for a deaf culture, one united by expressed thru the American Sign Language A long, painful experience of hearing intolerance has generally kept Deaf culture fairly closed to outsiders, even sympathetic ones But now Padden Humphrieshave written a charming small book that invites the rest of us at least part way inA most welcome addition to that very small shelf of books that truly illuminate the experience of being deaf Beryl Lieff Benderly, Psychology TodayPrefaceIntroductionLearning to be deafImages of being A different center Living in others world A changing consciousness The meaning of sound Historically created livesReferencesIndex

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This book is essentially an ethnography on deaf culture and appealed to the anthropologist in me. The focus of the book is the relationship of sign language in deaf culture and the interplay of the hearing world in the use of sign language. It is apparent that sign language cannot be suppressed, despite efforts to the contrary among hearing educators, as it develops naturally among the deaf. Instances are recounted where deaf individuals in isolation of other deaf people will create a sign langu [...]

I read this book for my beginning American Sign Language class. It was really good I struggled a bit at some parts because the authors were very repetitive trying to bring some parts home. I had read the other reviews and I was surprised at how some people felt the novel was written. I didn't feel like it was very anti-hearing at all it was demonstrating a different perspective to deaf culture that ironically not many hearing people consider. I felt like it was a very eye-openning experience a [...]

I have a great respect for the Deaf community. That being said, reading this for my ASL class was a complete and utter chore. The same points were drilled into my head over and over, and it seemed to look down on hearing people, who apparently are sheep and not as astute as the deaf.

This book was just what I was looking for: an intimate, insider analysis of Deaf culture. I don't agree at all with other reviews saying thus book's tone was somehow derogatory to hearing folks. Guessing that reaction is just reflective of people's own sensitivities to Deaf folks trying to show their independence and take pride in their culture. I think any minority or subjugated group would really identify with this collection and the Deaf community's struggle to find a voice and be heard. Isn' [...]

great little book! This story was wonderful. A deaf couple checked into a hotel and in the middle of the night the husband has to get out to the car to get his medicine. Upon returning returning from the parking lot and facing the multiple levels he forgets where his rooms was. He tried a few doors but knew that his wife would not be able to hear him knock. He set off his car alarm and honked until all the hotel rooms but one turns on their lights. So he found his room with his sound sleeping wi [...]

Boring. Bad.

A good overview of Deaf Culture - some parts were humorous to me and it helped that I knew sign language, but it is still a book that can be appreciated by all.

I have gotten a great time reading this book. it has changed my perspective toward deaf societies. I had never think about deaf people as a community. The book is an essential book for everyone, it shows their feelings, thinking, and their daily lives. By the time we view them as different people or minorities, they look at us as strange people "the people who talk"!. Also, they have achievements that we do not know, or care about which is encourages me to read and deal with them in reality.

This book argues that Deaf people (capitalized in the original to show a community rather than to describe a condition) need to have and create their own culture; no argument here. To illustrate their point, the authors show examples of Deaf folktales, shared Deaf experience in school and in hearing society, and so on. I especially enjoyed the part about translating "Jabberwocky" into ASL.One new thing I learned was that Deaf people do not live in total silence. Sound, though not in the way hear [...]

I was hesitant to read this book simply because it is 27 years old; so much has changed in the Deaf World in the last 5 years, how could this dusty classic affect my research today. I was pleasantly surprised this short read is a classic in Deaf Studies literature because it concisely packages packages the big 'D' Deaf perspective in a very attainable way. I think scholars from the realms of Deaf Studies, Deaf Ed and American Cultural Studies will glean valuable insight from this short volume. A [...]

This is a quick read that provides some necessary insights into Deaf culture. It's from 1988, so can't be used for the current state of Deaf education and politics. I found the stories from history and from people's lives to be interesting, and I also appreciated a certain amount of the linguistic information. However, it is a little tedious to read descriptions of ASL poetry and theater, particularly as I'm just learning ASL and can't appreciate the subtleties. It's still a useful read.

Deaf Culture is something that is generally overlooked by the hearing world. It's something that extends far beyond a language! They have a history, a set of rules to abide by, myths, famous figures and all things a culture usually has. This book addressed, not the loss of hearing itself that make Deaf people deaf but the culture on a whole. It's a great read if you've ever looked twice at two people signing and wanted to know more!

This was VERY informational. Definitely text book style but if you're interested in DEAF culture, you'll like it!

This book, by two deaf authors, is an attempt to represent the Deaf cultures of North America to hearing readers. This is accomplished by maintaining, then articulating a Deaf perspective, both as regards themselves and as regards the Hearing culture. For me, despite having lived with a late-deafened woman for years, some of the book was eye-opening.

This is a great book to help you get an idea of the Deaf perspective. I read it for my first college ASL class, and was really intrigued by what I read. It definitely has a bias towards ASL and the Deaf perspective, as would be expected. It's a very simple, quick read that will help you start to understand Deaf Culture.

Interesting. It totally altered my understanding on what it actually means to be deaf. There are times when it kind of felt like the authors were looking down on hearing, but I think that was just because they tried so hard to make the reader understand that being deaf isn't a terrible way of life either.

This book is part of my reading list for my university course so I thought I'd give it a try. It's very interesting and easy to read as it doesn't focus on the biology of being deaf but on the idea of enlightening us about Deaf culture! A must read for anyone interested in ASL or any other sign language :)

Read this for an Introduction to American Sign Language class. Some of the information is repetitive, but overall this book contains a lot of fascinating and sometimes funny stories about a Deaf culture that not many people notice or acknowledge.

This is a good primer for the hearing community to understand the history, oppression, and complexity of the Deaf Community. I personally learned a lot and related a lot to the different stories from within the culture.

I thought this was a good look at a time period towards the end of the twentieth century. I didn't appreciate the descriptions of the ASL poetry as I might have if I were fluent in ASL. But there were other interesting takes on aspects of Deaf culture as it was at the time, and a little history.

i've been reading this book for class. it's pretty good. it tells you all about deaf culture, which is pretty awesome, imho. it's written in an easy to understand, easy to read sort of way, that holds your attention. deffinately worth at least four stars! =]

Amazing insight into the deaf world as a culture and not as a "handicap" as so many people see it. This book takes you through the lives of many families and people who are deaf or who share a part in the deaf community. A must read for anyone who is interested in deaf culture.

nice collection of deaf related topics. it put across the idea that the biological characteristics of deafness are not what is important about deaf people/Deaf community.It also gives examples of Deaf Poetry and Theatre, which is a nice addition.

This book is often assigned in Deaf Culture courses, and it provides an insight into the Deaf world. I have personally used this book as a resource for my teaching lessons as well as an independent studies course to complete my degree.

The writing style can be off-putting at times (a bit needlessly academic and strangely structured)--but the good passages were really really good and extremely enlightening.

Required reading for my Deaf literature class. Scholarly but easy to read; good insight into the dynamics of Deaf culture in the States.

I stopped reading this after chapter 5. I heard that chapter 7 is good.

reading for class. its an interesting book so far.Such an amazing book, it opens your eyes to a different culture.I have already read it 4 times and will probubly read it a couple more times.

This excellent book, written by two Deaf authors, illuminates the tension between the Deaf and hearing views of deafness. An essential primer for any student of Deaf Culture.

fascinating and still sad.

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