Everything Will Be All Right

Doug Wallace

Everything Will Be All Right

Everything Will Be All Right

  • Title: Everything Will Be All Right
  • Author: Doug Wallace
  • ISBN: 9781608320042
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover

How does one change culture In this raw testimony of a heart breaking, hardscrabble childhood, Doug Wallace paints an unforgettable portrait of a child determined to free himself from the cycle of poverty that strangled his family for generations With a genuine voice and a keen eye on the class divide in America, the author unflinchingly reveals the painful experiences oHow does one change culture In this raw testimony of a heart breaking, hardscrabble childhood, Doug Wallace paints an unforgettable portrait of a child determined to free himself from the cycle of poverty that strangled his family for generations With a genuine voice and a keen eye on the class divide in America, the author unflinchingly reveals the painful experiences of class prejudice and life on the fringes of society Separated from the haves by his poverty and from the have nots by his desire for , Wallace learns to use every person as a role model, every situation as a teachable moment, and every encounter as an opportunity to realize his dream of financial independence, and his desire to serve the community This true story is one of the few memoirs ever written by a victim of generational poverty, whereas success is described, in vivid detail, as overcoming the social barriers that makes it nearly impossible for victims of generational poverty to escape their desperate circumstances Wallace does indeed achieve financial independence, but this story is not about how he became a multi millionaire This story is about how the author broke through the social barriers and changed the culture of future generations of his family Everything Will Be All Right won the prestigious Indie Bound Next List Notable Award in December 2009 for the nonfiction category.

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In many ways this is an inspiring story. Sixty year old Doug Wallace looks back at a childhood of poverty and deprivation and gives an account of how he created a vision of prosperity against all odds and expectations. His life is proof that keeping an inner eye firmly locked upon a personal vision with faith in achieving hopes and dreams can lead to success beyond challenging circumstances. Doug relates growing up in rural Tennessee tobacco country in abject poverty one of the 8 children of a v [...]

Everything Will Be All RightI have read many books about people and their life stories. Everything Will Be All Right by Doug Wallace was true to its message. Doug grew up among poverty and he struggled to still achieve his dreams and goals. No matter who told him he was too poor to do so. This book was a hard to put down and emotional read. You can literally pick up with the author was feeling and everything that he was going through. I could relate to a lot of it. This book is an inspiration to [...]

Poverty. Alcoholism. Fighting. Perserverance. Triumph. In Douglas Wallace's memoir, Everything Will Be All Right, this is the mantra that he repeats from childhood.Wallace was born into a family and poverty that threatned to destroy him. His alcoholic father doesn't do such a great job in taking care of his family. Moving his brood from home to home in Tennessee, the first house he actually bought he set fire to in order to collect on the insurance. Eight children in the family, six boys and two [...]

This book really touched me. As a memoir I felt his struggles every step of the way. The difficulty of pulling himself out of proverty is next to impossible, as we hear from his family's experiences.

very well written. very inspriring

Not everyone is born experiencing the "good" life. In fact, in a one mile radius of this little community surrounding the Kirkpatrick community building lived some 14,000 people. Many of these people lived in section 8 housing. Most American's have no clue what this means. We watch movies and see pictures of poverty in other countries but we have no clue to poverty in the U.S. We do not want to understand and see it. I was a part of this group - that is until our family moved into the Kirkpatric [...]

Solidly Written Inspirational Memoir of a Journey Through Poverty to SuccessEverything Will Be All Right, a memoir written by Doug Wallace and based on his own life experiences of growing up in acute poverty makes its reader pause to reflect on a topic that is often forgotten or quickly glossed over when discussing the issues of economics in America. We believe that while there may be poverty here, there positively can't be children starving, rooting through garbage trying to find their next mea [...]

This is the memoir of a person who was born into extreme poverty, and who never let go of his life-long dream of becoming a lawyer.The author was born in a ramshackle house in the backwoods of Tennessee. Part of a large family, the children helped out in the garden, or spent their days in the local woods hunting and looking for edible plants. Mom was the rock that held the family together. Dad worked occasionally; the rest of the time he was drunk, abusive or absent. Nearby relatives were a big [...]

About the author: Douglas Wallace is an attorney, a successful entrepreneur and a published author. His book launched nationwide on October 1, 2009 titled, Everything Will Be All Right is an engaging memoir about the riveting journey of a child desperately seeking to escape the vicious cycle of poverty. In December 2009, the memoir won the prestigious Indie Bound Next List Notable Award in the best non-fiction category. Book awards are chosen by a majority of votes from members of the American B [...]

I would categorize this book as a memoir, and a great one at that. It normally isn't my go-to genre of reading, but I enjoyed it none the less. I always love picking up a book, and reading it regardless of the cover or the subject. It makes for a fun and adventurous read. I have great respect for the author, who was able to open themselves up to his own successes and failures, and write about it for the public to read. This is Doug Wallace's journey through life, starting with a heartbreaking ch [...]

I stumbled on this incredible memoir when I was shelving new books. Even though Doug Wallace is not a professional writer by any stretch of the imagination-- and I generally grow impatient with poorly crafted writing-- his is a very gripping life story with many gritty details. He states that his purpose in sharing his life story is to capture the high level of difficulty involved in escaping a family's cycle of poverty. He came from a large sharecropping family that would squat on a piece of pr [...]

Till date my favourite book was “ The Alchemist”. I liked it because the story was of a shepherd boy who achieved his dreams. The shepherd boy indicated a condition of poverty of no roots and no one to rely on to. But today I have discovered something that is far beyond the skimpy “alchemist” plot. Here we have a real boy who was the poorest kid in the class, the one whom his principal told on the face when he expressed his dreams of becoming a lawyer that he should only have aspirations [...]

"Everything Will Be All Right" is a heartbreaking memoir of one man's struggle to escape the cycle of poverty. He uses his determination and his faith to gain footing in the upper classes of society and achieve a better life for himself and his family. Sometimes, the right miracle of an opportunity at the right time comes in handy as well.Douglas Wallace shows us just how different poverty can be between a rural life and one in the city. He also shows us how he was able to escape despite the odd [...]

I read this memoir and I really enjoyed it, it was superbly well written and interesting.Doug Wallance is a true inspiration and proof that you can succeed in life if you have inner strength and persevere. He has the gift of portraying his life in an interesting and inspirational manner. It is amazing how well written this memoir is and I was glad I picked it up. I did not want to put the book down until I finished it, but I also see this book as being one that can be read countless times. Growi [...]

A genuine, true story that will change your life!I recommended this book to everyone I talk to. It is by far, the best book I have read. It is inspiring and triumphant, yet also shockingly revealing. If you think life is tough, or that you have experienced hardships, then give yourself a break from the guilt and shame. Mr. Wallace will bring you back to the real world in a way that makes you want to change your life in a positive way. The book is about the author’s childhood and the challenges [...]

I really enjoyed the first say, 3/4 of this book. I enjoyed hearing about how the author faced his many adversities and triumphed against them without boasting, exaggerating or begging for pity. As I came towards the end of the book though, that feeling seemed to be lost There was never a search for pity that I felt, but I did feel a rise in arrogance which turned me off from even reading the last four/five chapters of the book. There was a character there that I found myself not really being in [...]

As hardship/poverty/abuse memoirs go, this one is rather tame, mostly because the author stood up to his abusive father and defended his mother from his father. The book covers his life up to becoming a lawyer, his lifelong ambition, and the main theme is just at the title says. At every crisis point his encounter with the beyond was in memory to get him through. It seems there might be more to this story, but the lives of the southern poor always seem to be interesting.

This is a memoir by a white American male who pulls himself out ofgenerational poverty to become a millionaire.In a plain, period-specific, and young voice, Doug Wallace presents his life story from birth to his early twenties. He starts out in a Tennessee shack with seven siblings, an alcoholic father & battered mother and ends up in a Georgia graduate school a few floors above his office. The journey in-between is what happens when he remembers that "everything will be all right".

Inspirational story of one man's drive to overcome poverty, alcoholism and abuse and make a life worth living. Deeply emotional, interesting comparisons between lower and middle class, inside look at the sense of hopelessness on the city streets. Some of the story was predictable, but the author gave great reference to his own success not because of his upbringing, but in spite of it.

This book is the real thing. Memoirs, by definition, do not attract me as they are at times self-serving (political) or misleading and overwrought (no specifics here.). This, however, is one of the finest, most honest memoirs I have ever read. I was mesmerized from the first page. I couldn't put it down!

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great memoir -- inspirational & positive

matter of fact, not too dramatic, just a good story about one man's story growing up poor.

Inspiring, but somewhat dull. The author is an extremely admirable person, but he writes in a very straightforward manner that makes the book interesting but not special.

Compelling memoir about a man who strives in the most dire of circumstances to overcome poverty and a cycle of dysfunction and violence.

This is a story of one man's remarkable tenacity through out much adversity. I found this book to be very inspirational and moving! I would definitely recommend it.

This is a truly remarkable true story of a boy escaping his tragic upbringing. Very inspirational. Really helped me see that know matter how bad life seems, everything will be all right.

Great memoir of a person who was raised in generational poverty and the life lessons he learned along the way to succeed.

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