Death or Life

T.A. Chase

Death or Life

Death or Life

  • Title: Death or Life
  • Author: T.A. Chase
  • ISBN: 9781595785572
  • Page: 499
  • Format: ebook

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Noah Wiltson wants nothing than to be left alone His father s candidacy for President forces him to have secrets Imagine his surprise when a hired killer gives him the means to live his life without doubt or fear.The killer knows this hit is going to be his last Whether he chooses to walk away or whether they kill him He s never been a team player, so he ends theNoah Wiltson wants nothing than to be left alone His father s candidacy for President forces him to have secrets Imagine his surprise when a hired killer gives him the means to live his life without doubt or fear.The killer knows this hit is going to be his last Whether he chooses to walk away or whether they kill him He s never been a team player, so he ends the game on his terms.A few months later, Noah meets Cain Packert, a man who intrigues and excites him Only one of them knows the truth Can they find love amid secrets and threats Contains Warning m m loving, violence and graphic language

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I liked the plot and story so I am giving it three stars for that. The characters and their relationship was too underdeveloped for my taste. Like they meet instant lust go on two dates talk about nothing lie to each other some and then fuck. Then separated a bit and back together at end for I can’t live without you blah blah… I guess I missed where they had any connection more than fucking. Overall it is still an enjoyable plot and a short easy read. It is spendy for how short it is though [...]

This novella was twisted as FUCK!! In the beginning I was really into it and liking it since it was kinda reading like a gay thriller movie. Then around 65%, it became so far-fetched to the point of ridiculousness that it turned into a gay soap opera. Even with the inconsistent plot, lack of romance, and overpricing; I did enjoy this because of all the twists. (view spoiler)[I think Mars and Lord's story would have been 100 times more interesting. (hide spoiler)]For detailed information on all t [...]

Not too long and not too short. This story about Noah and Cain has just the amount of action in a story I was looking for after the previous book I'd read I sure as Hell need it. I really don't have much more to say on this story other than I really liked it and it's was a nice l'il piece of writing for me to bite into. Great job again, T.A.!

Eventhough it was written in 2009, this felt like an old book. It was very Harlequin in plot and some of the wording. I don't mean Harlequin in Gender portrayal only in story telling style. It was amusing to see how far the genre has come in it's writing.

All right, at the beginning I had this story all wrong. I was so sure of what it was happening that it was surprising, but nice, realizing that the author managed to bring me around where he wanted and then presented me with the real story.Noah is the classical neglected son of a wealthy man, more interested in being a perfect politician in front ot the public opinion, than a good father in his private life. All in all Noah managed to grew up in a fine man, a chemical engineering that would like [...]

I really liked it but the rescue was a bit of a let down. Also a bit bummed that I dont think we found out who in the beginning (if you read the story you will understand) who saved Noah's life. Did i miss it that or was it really not answered. I would love a prequel with Mars and Lord.Overall really enjoyed it.

3.5 starsBeing the gay son of a presidential hopeful is difficult in the best of circumstances but when the senator hires a hitman to make you disappear in order to ride a sympathy vote the impossible turns deadly. When the mysterious “Lord” shows up to assassinate Noah and then turns the table by giving him incriminating evidence against his father, Noah hightails it to his Grandfather’s estate and begins work in his labs under intense security. There he meets the new head of security, Ca [...]

I wish that I would have read Bubbles Hunty's review before I bought this. Her review says it all. I don't recommend this to anyone.

Blog Post: lovebytesreviews/2016/05/2Noah Wiltson’s father has hired a killer Lord, to take care of his embarrassing little “problem”, his gay son. As his father is running for President apparently, Senator Wiltson has decided to go for the sympathy vote, the grieving father! The only problem, Noah isn’t the only person supposed to die that night, someone has put a contract on Lord’s head. It’s unfortunate for all parties that neither one of them dies that night!Noah goes to his gran [...]

A Joyfully Jay review. 3.5 starsDeath Or Life by T. A. Chase is a second edition that had the bones of a good story with some unfortunate flaws. Cain and Noah are a compelling couple that have hints of a dominant/submissive flavor that only makes their relationship that more exciting. While theirs was an insta-attraction, thankfully this was not some lame insta-love trope played out with a few mystery elements thrown in for good measure. Instead there was a great deal of action, with more than a [...]

If I had to describe this book in just a few words it would be "off the chain". This is a book that mainly revolves around 3 men.The first man is the reason all these men come together to begin with. His name is Noah. Out of every one in this book I would have to describe him as innocent. He would be the only one that I say has not done anything other be himself and has ended up with the biggest mystery surrounding him and likely to get him killed. And all of that is because he is gay.The other [...]

"3.5"Not sure I can accurately describe this one. I love T.A. Chase novels and that hasn't changed it's just "Death or Life" was so confusing at times that my mind would rather have flittered to another subject than try to sit down and work it out. The plot was pretty straight forward, the action, too, it was only the characters.There were I think what I could consider to be six main characters. All male. In fact, there wasn't even a female character in the novel, except for references to Noah' [...]

Um,I wish this would have been Mars and Lord's story instead. Cain and Noah were just sort ofring. And maybe I just missed something but the whole thing made no sense to me. Why did Noah's father want to kill him in the first place? I know at the end of the book he wanted to kill him because of the folder. But what reason did he have for originally hiring Lord to kill Noah. Second, who paid Lord more to not kill Noah? At first the book is rather cagey, letting you think that Lord and Cain are th [...]

3.5 StarsThis was a book seemed to be a little lacking for TA Chase, but overall it was pretty good. This book just did not seem to have the usual excitement and interest as most books I’ve read from this author. The plot was great and there was some mystery in it but it just did work for me. There didn’t seem to be much connection between the MC’s, Noah and Cain. In fact I felt more of a connection between the secondary characters, Lord and Mars than Noah and Cain. The writing style as us [...]

This book was really fun to read, it was pretty fast paced because of the length I can accept that. The twists to the plot left your wondering who Lord and Cain really were. I do wish Noah's father had been developed more, but it wouldn't have added that much to the story. I'd love to read more about Mars, and how he and Lord met, where they went after they left the US. My one criticism is, I seriously doubt anyone would be interested in full on sex with a couple of broken ribs, a kidney injury [...]

The kiss between the hired killer and his intended victim, plus the almost complete lack of reaction to the fact his father wants him dead put me off almost immediately. I kept reading until I was half-way through but the pacing felt off and I just couldn't connect to the MCs at all.

Ack! I went to a lot of trouble to find this because it's out of print and boy, what a boring thriller. Just, really?Review to follow.

3.5 stars

I liked the concept and the characters. But i felt that the storyline was a little disjointed and a little haphazardly arranged. Otherwise it was good.

very satisfying. no surprises, we know who the baddies are right from the start. good chemistry between various protagonists. not too soul searching or emotional, just a good solid read.

Love a good book featuring an assassin in the cast. Looking forward to said assassin's own book!;)

It took me a looong time to finish this book (69pages)I don't know why exactly but, even if the premises to enjoy this book were all there, I wasn't taken at all by Cain and Noah's story.

2.5 stars

Love a good book featuring an assassin in the cast. Looking forward to said assassin's own book!;)

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