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  • Title: Triskellion
  • Author: Will Peterson
  • ISBN: 9780763639334
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback

First in a thrilling supernatural trilogy Breathless Suspenseful Kirkus ReviewsA sense of foreboding sets in the moment fourteen year old twins Rachel and Adam arrive from New York to visit their English grandmother The station is empty, village streets are deserted, locals are hostile, and even their frail Granny Root is oddly distant And who is the strangeFirst in a thrilling supernatural trilogy Breathless Suspenseful Kirkus ReviewsA sense of foreboding sets in the moment fourteen year old twins Rachel and Adam arrive from New York to visit their English grandmother The station is empty, village streets are deserted, locals are hostile, and even their frail Granny Root is oddly distant And who is the strange boy, Gabriel, who speaks to them telepathically, and what about the bees that appear to follow a mysterious force It all seems tied up with the Triskellion a symbol etched in chalk on the moors and an ancient feud that keeps villagers warily apart With a growing sense of danger, the twins must unearth a secret that has protected the village for centuries, one that reveals a shocking truth about their ancestors and themselves.

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I'm always a bit hesitant to give bad reviews to YA books because, let's face it, I'm an adult reading YA books. They weren't exactly meant for me.But there was something about this book that just didn't sit very well with me. It was just oddly boring. There were all these interesting ideas and concepts involved - extraterrestrials, reincarnation (sort of), curses - and yet it was all kind of a snooze. It moved very slowly. I felt like it just kind of moved around in circles and even though a lo [...]

Posted to my Livejournal in January 2009:The book jacket caught me on this one, both the cover and the description of the plot. And I liked the book, though I'm not exactly sure what the hell happened at every turn. I don't think authors should hit their readers over the head with What It All Means, but in this case, I needed the various mysteries to be tied together a little bit more. Twins Rachel and Adam are sent to stay in a tiny village in England with their grandmother while their parents [...]

This book started off SO awesomely and I must have raced through the first, like, fifty pages in ten minutes! And overall it IS a very fast read, but I felt that somewhere along the way it started to lose a bit of its shine somehow like things just started getting a bit too odd and unexplained. I'm still not entirely sure what the elders of the town were so freaked out about, and it takes a long time before you really know what Adam and Rachel's mission is. (view spoiler)[Which, for a lot of the [...]

This is a fast-paced adventure that middle readers ought to love. When their parents divorce, Adam and Rachel Newman are sent to England to live with their grandmother in the little town of Triskellion. Triskellion is a town with a rich past, full of secrets which some prefer remain hidden. Sinister townsfolk, ancient artifacts, and supernatural elements combine to give Adam and Rachel a summer they will never forget. Adam and Rachel are appealing characters and easy to identify with, but some o [...]

A fun read! It was an archeology mystery/thriller/sci-fi book for teens with a fun dose of fact thrown in. There were a few elements at the beginning which were obvious devices to add an air of mystery and danger. Upon completing the book and having all mysteries solved, they didn’t really fit in in a satisfactory way. She had enough neat stuff going on—they didn’t really need to be thrown in as well.

This book has some mystery to it which is the only thing had me going. I wanted to figure out what the hell was going to happen to the twins. I'm still very confused on what I just read. To be honest I'm not 100% if I will read the 2nd book. I was hoping it would just hurry up and finish when i got to the last few chapters.

wow. i just gotta say that i honestly didn't think this book was gonna be this good. boy was i wrong! i have never read anything quite like it. i loved the suspense, action, and even the confusion. the ending was a bit of a bummer but that just makes me want to read more. i would explain but then it would give away the ending so.

An intoxicating and amazing read. This author has given me something that other authors have failed to give me: fear and suspense that is so strong that you find yourself wrapped up in your own fear.

Listened to the audiobook. Well read. Intriguing, kept me guessing throughout the story. Left a few unanswered questions though, like why burying the maiden and knight without their hearts outside the village actually did and what the triskellion actually did for them. Didn't really resolve all my answers I didn't think. Curious enough that I'll continue the series.

I really enjoyed this book. I give it 3.75 stars out of 5 and I think it was worth that much. I do feel however that at the end of the book some very important questions remained unanswered, and it is not the sort of questions you can just leave for the second book.

I know I am not the audience for this book and so I hesitate to give it such a poor rating, but I just did not enjoy the book. I found it quite boring.

Rachel and Adam Newman are fourteen year-old twins, raised in New York City, but sent to England for the summer as their parents settle their divorce. In their mother’s home village, Triskellion, the twins stay with their grandmother, and find that the grandparent and village that should be welcoming and a great place to visit are anything but. From the time they step off the train to no greeting, it is clear they aren’t welcome there. Their grandmother has a distinct lack of enthusiasm for [...]

This unusual story is worth a look. It combines thriller suspense, archeology, adventure, science, and sci-fi in a most unique way. The twins are likeable enough (her more than him, for me) and there are some interesting characters in the village, especially Honeyman. Note the names as you read: they are all organic. Mr. Wing, Mrs. Root, Rev. Stone, etc. A subtle but important device.I loved the feel of the village Triskellion, part Brit and part Celt and part something wilder altogether. I love [...]

Rachel and Adams are twins from New York. When their parents divorced, their mother sent them to the English countryside home of her mother, which was a boring place. A boring, eerie place where the people and everything around them are a bit off. The start of the book already hinted that there is something at least supernatural as the premise of the book. The ability to understand and communicate with an insect is not just a little trippy. Then you're on a train, and there's an old lady in fron [...]

In the midst of the parents' ugly divorce, fourteen year old twins Adam and Rachel Newman are sent to their mother's home village in Great Britain to stay with their grandmother, but Triskellion proves to be no safe harbor amidst the storm. From the moment of their arrival the twins are treated with suspicion and hostility, with every building in town marked by a strange "symbol of three intersecting crescents forming a continuous pointed clover leaf, bound by a large circle." It is from this sy [...]

Reviewed by Cat for TeensReadTooIn the midst of their parents' ugly divorce, fourteen-year-old twins Adam and Rachel Newman are sent to their mother's home village in Great Britain to stay with their grandmother - but Triskellion proves to be no safe harbor amidst the storm.From the moment of their arrival, the twins are treated with suspicion and hostility, with every building in town marked by a strange "symbol of three intersecting crescents forming a continuous pointed clover leaf, bound by [...]

The ending was a bit disappointing. I'm either really stupid or the ending didn't answer all the questions. What was the triskellion for? After all that hunting, I don't get to know what the dang thing is for?! I know this is a trilogy, but this didn't make a very teasing cliffhanger. It was just lame. I guessed who Gabriel was early on, but I was sad that he didn't end up with Rachel; (view spoiler)[in fact, he's her (and Adam's) ancestor, an angel, and he vanishes. To me, it implied he was tie [...]

though some would like to say that they dont really like the book, i shall say that i like the book. it was something else. i had enough of wizardly and vampires. seriously. it takes place in a rural village in England where everybody knows everybody and are skeptical towards the newcomers. i enjoyed reading how Adam and Rachel are not just a twin but share more; well you see, they can speak to each other without having to speak up. and i like the mysterious aura brought by Gabriel though someti [...]

I picked this one up not because of the reviews, which were eh, but because of the description--ancient mysteries in old British villages are like literary crack for me. I found it kind of a mixed bag--in other words, the reviews were right. I think there's nothing wrong with the basic plot, it's just that the author wasn't quite up to conveying it in the best possible way. Too many characters, too many times in which the author decides to skip something in order to start the new scene somewhere [...]

Review written: sometime before October 21, 2015Triskellion by Will PetersonWhy I read it: It was included in one of those big Great Books for Teens lists that I missed from years back, and it sounded interesting.Rating: 3/5What I thought: What a strange book. The characters really weren’t all that, plus they had weird psychic powers that intruded their way awkwardly into the book after a while but apparently they always had them, and it loses serious marks for falling completely apart at the [...]

Words cannot describe my love for this book, so much so I've read it at least 5 or 6 times in the years I've had it. The spine is broken in a couple of places and there are marks and stains on the pages and cover, it is well used and well loved and hands down the best book I've ever read in my entire life. I can't remember when I got this book, somewhere between 2010 and 2012 I think, and ever since I first opened it I was in love with the world Will Peterson created; especially the characters. [...]

Rachel and Adam Newman are sent to england after their parents divorce.The twins goes to Root Cottage named after their generation of Roots.They make a new freind named Gabreil and land into a lot of trouble but mostly danger.Somehow Gabreil is magic because Rachel and Adam goes to the woods with Gabreil to find a triskellion blade from a map that was stolen from Waverley Hall.In the woods, Rachel and Adam take the oppisite side of the woods and when they were close to a point where they knew th [...]

This wasn't the best book, but I enjoyed it. The archaeological origin of the story is interesting and I liked that it was incorporated into the story as well as the supernatural element. There were definitely scenes like Adam's experience underground that were very gripping and I enjoyed those along with the general plot. However, it's obvious the author is a man because he doesn't really know how to write teenage girls. It was hard for me to accept Rachel as a character until partway through t [...]

For most of the book, it was a solid 3 star for me. Plot holes abound, but no more or less than other books of the genre. It was easy enough of a read and had some unique ideas that made it enjoyable. But then the ending just killed it. First, that it never actually explained anything. We never discover why the town is deserted for the first 20 minutes they are there, we learn of a couple town secrets, but it does not appear that the town actually knows anything about these secrets, so why is th [...]

Triskellion is a book of twists and turns, and danger around every corner. Triskellion starts out with two twins sent away to the small town of Triskellion, England, right after their parents divorce, to live with their grandmother for a summer. As they enter the town they notice that everyone is hiding, and watching them, they feel as if everyone knows something they're not telling. The twins, Adam and Rachel, meet the only other kid in town, a boy named Gabrielle, who gets the into a lot of tr [...]

Triskellion introduces us to Rachel and Adam Newman, twins who live in New York with their mother. The siblings are sent to stay with their grandmother in England while their mother is struggling through a divorce. When they arrive at their mother’s hometown they realize that everything is not as it should be. The locals have a dark secret and will go to extreme measures to protect it.Will Peterson has a great talent for building suspense. Unfortunately, this built up suspense is never fully s [...]

So far, the book is riveting. I love the eery, ancient feel of the village and the lushness of the surrounding countryside. It makes me feel as if I am in a Brother's Grimm novel crossed with an Aesop tale with old, stained glass, rustic churches, straw-thatched cottages and shadowy folk-tale-ish figures lurking in the shadows, ready to catch you in their subtle, evil traps. Just my type of thing!Now that I am done with the book, I am looking forward to the next one in the series. I do think tha [...]

Second time around. and still amazing! What a gem! AGH! I love it! Whoever sees this review, please, read it! It's totally worth your time!Rachel and Adam Newman got to their Grandmother Root's cottage in England where secrets are uncovered and treasured is found. I really loved these two. They were really great and caring. The omniscient PoV is a little weird in the beginning, but I got used to it and appreciated it quite a bit. This book is so suspenseful and I loved it a lot. Gabriel was a li [...]

From the back of the book:Rachel and Adam are sent from their New York home to stay with their Grandmother following their parents' bitter divorce. But the quiet English village where their mother was born is a sinister and unsettling place, is their a genuninely dark hert beating beneath the thatched roofs of the picturesue village of Triskellion?Against a brooding background of very real danger, the two young outsiders follow an incredible trail on an archealogical adventure with a startling p [...]

Enjoyed the book reasonably well overall. It is a light book, intended for young adults, and easily finished within a day.Two kids are sent away from a messy divorce to stay with their grandmother. The village turns out to be incredibly mysterious, and their presence there notable. The book quickly turns into a supernatural mystery.This is one of those books that becomes less satisfying to me after I've had more time to think about it. Not because there are plot holes, but because I become incre [...]

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