When Patty Went to College

Jean Webster

When Patty Went to College

When Patty Went to College

  • Title: When Patty Went to College
  • Author: Jean Webster
  • ISBN: 9781402162893
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback

When Patty Went to College is Jean Webster s first novel, published in 1903 It is a humorous look at life in an all girls college at the turn of the 20th century Patty Wyatt, the protagonist of this story is a bright, fun loving, imperturbable girl who does not like to conform The book describes her many escapades on campus during her senior year at college Patty enjoyWhen Patty Went to College is Jean Webster s first novel, published in 1903 It is a humorous look at life in an all girls college at the turn of the 20th century Patty Wyatt, the protagonist of this story is a bright, fun loving, imperturbable girl who does not like to conform The book describes her many escapades on campus during her senior year at college Patty enjoys life on campus and uses her energies in playing pranks and for the entertainment of herself and her friends An intelligent girl, she uses creative methods to study only as much as she feels necessary Patty is, however, a believer in causes and a champion of the weak She goes out of her way to help a homesick freshman Olivia Copeland who believes she will be sent home when she fails four subjects in the examination.The end of the book sees Patty reflecting on what her life after college might be like She plays hooky from chapel and meets a bishop In a chat with the bishop, Patty realizes that being irresponsible and evasive at a young age could adversely affect her character as an adult and decides to try to be a responsible person.

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ماجراجویی های دختری شاد و سرزنده به نام "پتی" که سال آخر دانشگاه رو سپری می کنه چقدر شخصیت سرزنده و جسور "پتی" رو با تموم اون شیطنت ها و حق به جانب بودن هاش در عین حالی که خودش مقصر ترین بود ، دوست داشتم . "پتی" یکی از دوست داشتنی ترین شخصیت های داستانی بود که شناختم داشتم فکر میکردم [...]

When Patty Went to College, Jean Websterعنوان: وقتی پتی به دانشکده میرفت؛ نویسنده: جین وبستر؛ مترجم: سوسن اردکانی (شاهین)؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، زرین؛ 1363، در 256 ص، عنوان روی جلد: پتی به دانشکده میرفت؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان امریکایی قرن 20 مجین وبستر، نویسنده و روزنامه نگار آمریکایی و خالق کتابه [...]

Patty Wyatt is a college senior and the most popular girl in her dormitory. She handles everything with ease and what she doesn't know - she makes up, or avoids. She's fond of telling tall tales, which she calls, local color, which both terrify and excite the freshmen. She never does anything she doesn't want to do and she never acts unselfish or stupid as most girls in novels of this period are wont to do. I quite enjoyed her. She's outrageous, but I can see why everyone loves her. I think I wo [...]

Charming and fun but lacking the flicker of romance that makes Webster's other works that I've read so endearing. It lacked something. Still delightful and fun! Thank you, Ginnie, for pointing out that these books were available for free on most reading devises!

It was a fun read.I read it in one sitting.It's been a long time since I've read a book non-stop. Patty Wyatt, the protagonist of this story somehow reminds me of Judy Abbot,but not exactly like her.She is a funny character who makes me laugh out loud many times during the reading,she has the sense of humore doesn't like to obey rules and she breaks them whenever she likes.I love her method of studying for exams and her kindness toward others.In my opinion,one of the reasons this book is not so [...]

"وقتی پتی دانشجو بود" صرفا یه کتاب مفرح با داستانهای بی ربط به همدیگه س که به نظر می رسه فقط برای خندوندن شما طراحی شده. جین وبستر که یکی از نویسنده های موردعلاقه ی منه، شخصیت پتی رو مشابه "جودی آبوت" درآورده با این تفاوت که پتی بی خیال تر و آسوده تر از جودیه. پتی دختر جوونیه که قوا [...]

This book is funny and lighthearted. The chapters are more vignettes than anything else; there isn't much character development. Still, the stories told throughout Patty's senior year are charming and a bit preposterous in an endearing way. Patty herself is quite a character, but a fun one to read about.

Lighthearted and fun! Suitable for girls 10+; innocent humor. Easy read; I managed it in about 1.5 hours.

- وقتی مجبوری موضوعی را برای یک زن توضیح بدهی، بهتر است برایش نامه بنویسی. اما وقتی طرف یک مرد است، همیشه شخصا توضیح بده.

from my blog: (\__/)nymfauxWhen Patty Went to College was a fabulously fun read! The story revolves around Patty, finishing her final year of college, and her life full of playful shenanigans. Patty is one of those characters that has a way of wrapping her friends around her finger, and before they know it their up to their necks in another of Patty’s I-Love-Lucy-esque schemes. And it wasn’t long before I was just as enamored with her, myself! From the very first chapter, I was in love with [...]

When Patty Went to College is a continuation of Jean Webster's Just Patty which chronicles the life of the main protagonist Patty Wyatt and her friends in college and high school - respecively. It is a collection of short stories said to be loosely based on the author's experiences. Unlike Just Patty, we see Patty's mischief toned down a little but her spunk, attitude, charm, and character still stands out. I particularly liked the last story in the book where Patty decided to cut obligatory chu [...]

I was rereading a couple of favorite chapters from this book last night, and wondered how much it influenced Carney's House Party--it seems fairly likely that MHL read it, since she read and referenced Daddy-Long-Legs. I know this didn't have the popular following DLL did, but I bet she read it, either around when it was written or when she was doing research for CHP. If Carney's parents had read it, would they have been so keen to send her to Vassar?I love that Patty's techniques for seeming br [...]

Jean Webster, I LOVE YOU. While the Patty books aren't quite as well-crafted as Daddy Long Legs and Dear Enemy, I found myself loving Patty just as much as Judy or Sallie. Read my full review at Forever Young Adult.

pretty lame compared to Daddy Long Legs

This was a fun little episodic view into the college career of a funny, spunky, slightly shallow, girl in the 1900's. I really enjoyed it. It wasn't as good as Daddy Long Legs, but it had that same authentic American Girl feel to it.

I really liked this old fashioned book. Loved the main character! So sorry when it ended and that doesn't happen often!

an entertainingly breezy collection of stories that gives one a charming little portrait of life at women's colleges in turn-of-the-century America

Jean Webster published her first novel, “When Patty Went to College” in 1903. Like her uncontestably more famous “Daddy Long Legs” (1912), her debut novel was based on her life and experiences in a women’s college. The book is a collection of loosely connecting stories about Patty Wyatt’s senior year, beginning with her first day in her new dorm and ending a few weeks before graduation. As “Daddy Long Legs” introduced me to Jean Webster’s body of writing, I admit it was rather [...]

Patty Wyatt is still the same mischievous, somewhat lazy, inherently good girl and truly loyal friend in college as she was in her days at St. Ursula's boarding school. This book was actually written before Just Patty and was Webster's first novel. It is made up of a series of vignettes just as the other Patty book happens to be, chronicling a year in the life of Patty and her friends - with stories of all the mischief they get up to. There are some particularly amusing stories in this one, such [...]

"What do I care about Shakespeare, the man? He's been dead three hundred years." Priscilla laughed unfeelingly. "What do I care about a frog's nervous system, for the matter of that? But I am writing an interesting monograph on it, just the same." "Ah, I dare say you are making a valuable addition to the subject." "It's quite as valuable as your addition to Shakesperiana." Patty dropped a voluble sigh and turned to the window to note that it was raining dismally. "Oh, hand it in," said Priscilla [...]

Judul Asli : WHEN PATTY WENT TO COLLEGEBy Jean WebsterCopyright © 1903, by The Century Co.Illustration by C.D. WilliamsPenerbit Orange BooksAlih Bahasa : Rien ChaeraniEditor : Azzura Dayana Pemeriksa Aksara : Nungki Bolo BoloDesain Sampul : Windu TampanCetakan I : Agustus 2010 ; 236 hlm ~ Conclusion in English ~Kembali bertemu dengan Patty Wyatt yang telah beranjak dewasa dan kini menjalani kehidupan di bangku kuliah. Meski telah jauh lebih dewasa, Patty tetap memiliki sifat ceria dan suka berb [...]

“When Patty Went to College” is in a similar vein to Just Patty, this time a series of short stories about Patty at a women’s college (Ms Webster went to Vassar, and apparently both this book and “Daddy-Long-Legs” were based on her experience there, which makes it even more fascinating). Again, the focus is on college life, with Patty making her way though her last year of school in her own happy-go-lucky fashion.I didn’t realise until now that “When Patty Went to College” was ac [...]

When Patty Went to College clearly was written before its prequel Just Patty. The language doesn't flow as naturally and eloquently, and there is a tad too much dialogue in my opinion. The characters are also less developed.The story feels flat, but in particular on the last few pages we see a Patty, who would be happiest as a free spirit rather than tied down by various obligations. There I finally find the young woman's voice, which in its teenage form was heard loudly and clearly throughout J [...]

Sorry to say, I can only give 2 stars for this book. A little bit disappointing, secara saya suka sekali buku pertamanya, Just Patty.Kalau Just Patty bercerita tentang kehidupan Patty di masa SMA, buku ini bercerita tentang saat-saat Patty menjadi mahasiswa. Tetap sama seperti ssaat dia masih SMA, Patty masih saja berkelakukan usil dengan berbagai ide untuk menggoda dan mempermainkan tidak hanya temannya, tapi juga dosennya.Somehow, ceritanya berasa kurang greget. Latar belakang tentang bagaiman [...]

I love Daddy LongLegs by the same author, and I like school stories, so I thought I'd give this a try. It was only OK. Patty gets into scrapes - and drags her friends into scrapes with her - and at the end of every chapter I expected everyone to say "OH THAT PATTY" with a knowing grin.The moralising chapter at the end where Patty gets told by the bishop that skipping church, lying, and generally being a troublemaker (with a good heart nonetheless) was creepy and although likely true to the era i [...]

True rating: 4.5 stars.Another winner from Jean Webster. Patty's enviable insouciance (the word was made to describe her!) regarding the trials of college life, her ability to extract herself from every jam she so fearlessly gets herself into, and those jams themselves, are as hilarious now as they surely were at the turn of the twentieth century, and as they undoubtedly will be a hundred years from now. The language and customs of Patty's day, and Webster's own breezy style (which perfectly ref [...]

I like Just Patty better than this one. Here Patty is in college as opposed to high school but for some reason it just didn't work as well. Maybe the strange endings? There were fair amount of chuckle worthy moments though. If I had read this first maybe I would like it more and I do think this is a great first book, so I guess in a sense, ms Webster writing gets better. So kudos for that! The language is pretty easy to follow. It's newer as Gotenberg Project book goes, so it's not as hard as sa [...]

I almost just gave it three stars, because it is no Daddy Long Legs. It's a series of vignettes, and I wasn't driven to sit down and read it all in one sitting. On the other hand, it is still Jean Mother-Effing Webster, so it is sparkling and witty and contains many perfect moments. It surprises me how her books never seem dated. You recognize certain aspects of them as being from a past era, but people have always been, to an extent, the same. As always, the characters are charming and delightf [...]

Patty is so irreverent, which is intended to be her attraction, but also becomes her worst characteristic. While I thought the end chapter was a good touch to try and redeem the ridiculousness and near monotony of Patty's never ending "faux pas" it was almost too little too late. The first book was much better and less thoughtless. Patty lost much of her charm as she grew up and I honestly cannot imagine a 22 year old acting this thoughtlessly and selfishly. I wonder if she would have been as po [...]

Jean Webster is worth her salt! I plan to read this again. A nice treat for a lilting swing in the hammock, although I didn't realise Chapter 5 was so mean the first time I read it. Makes me want to re-write that chapter. A bit like L.M. Montgomery but with more pranks and less description of clothing, spiritual things, or wildlife and scenery. Reads a bit more like a play.This also has, like Just Patty, that unique ability to tell a story with no romantic-love interest. Always an intriguing fea [...]

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