Jerry Junior

Jean Webster

Jerry Junior

Jerry Junior

  • Title: Jerry Junior
  • Author: Jean Webster
  • ISBN: 9781406500141
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback

Large Format for easy reading Fully illustrated version of a novel that sought to explore the possibility of equal relationships between men and women.

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Jerry Junior, Jean Webster (1876 - 1916)Jerry Junior is Jean Webster's third novel, published in 1907. Jean Webster is the pseudonym of American writer Alice Jane Chandler Webster (1876-1916), whose best-known works include Daddy-Long-Legs, Dear Enemy, and Just Patty. تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و سوم ماه فوریه سال 1985 میلادیعنوان: جری جوان؛ اثر: جین وبستر؛ مترجم: سوسن اردکانی (شاهین)؛ مشخصات نشر: ته [...]

با توجه به کتاب هایی که قبلا از نویسنده ی مرحومش خونده بودم انتظار شیطنت و سرزندگی بیشتری داشتم که متاسفانه انتظاراتم رو برآورده نکردستاره ها در مقایسه با آثار دیگه ای هستن که از همین نویسنده خوندم.

یک عاشقانه شیطنت آمیز، مکارانه و طنزIt's always darkest before the dawn.'Dear Constance, haven't you had enough of play, are you never going to grow up? You are such a kid!'

یک عاشقانه شیطنت آمیز، مکارانه و طنز

يك داستان خوب/معمولى كه قسمت عشقيش با حقه بازى و نقش بازى كردن تركيب شده ، نقطه ى قوتش هم طولانى نبودنشه .

از این کتاب دو تا داشتم، که هر دوتاشم دوستام بلند کردن! نشر مهتاب هم دیگه نداره!

بعد از خوندن بابا لنگ دراز اصلن خوندن این کتاب توصیه نمیشه انتظارات بالا میره، این بدترین کتابی بود ک تاحالا خونده بودم ولی از خوندنش پشیمون نیستم، البته سن و موود روی نظرها درمورد این کتاب خیلی تاثیر داره

حتی آمریکایی بودن او نمی‌توانست همه رفتارهایش را توجیه کند

Read other Jean Webster books first! This one, while not the best, is still a humorous old-fashioned romance set in Italy. I especially liked Webster's Daddy Long Legs and Dear Enemy. When Patty Went to College was a step down in quality but by then I was hooked on Webster's humor. Jerry is the most ridiculous premise of the four, but the humor still carried it for me. I read this via email on DailyLit, same as the previous three.

روى جلدِ كتاب نوشته شده "اثرى ديگر از نويسنده ى بابالنگ دراز" خب به نظرم اين عبارت شايد بتونه فروشِ كتاب رو بالاتر ببره ولى براى خودِ خواننده خوب نيست واقعا. اگه اولين كتابى كه از جين وبستر خونده باشيد ، بابالنگ دراز بوده باشه اين كتاب و همچنين "وقتى پتى به دانشكده مى رفت" در مقا [...]

شک دارم که حتی اگه در نوجوانی هم این کتاب رو می‌خوندم دوستش می‌داشتم.

"She's hanging out with Italians.""Ewww,"says Malory Ortberg quoting Henry James' crappy novel Daisy Miller, about a young American tourist abroad who socializes with Italians and dies. Fortunately no American in Jerry Junior treats Italians like anything but lazy servants and picturesque scenery, and consequently no one dies of fraternization.Constance and her father are bored rich summering in a villa in Italy in 1907. Jerry has been powering through Europe ("Jerry says he holds the record for [...]

An amusing read though not a book to model your personal character off of, lol. I was laughing really hard at a few parts to where I had to set the book down and cry, it was so funny, but there's little moral value to the book. A couple places could have been omitted in my opinion. Overall I think it's a silly, giggle-while-reading book, but with hardly enough substance to really make it quite good.

More like 2 stars for most of the book (time hasn't been kind to this book, I guess) - but there are glimmers of fun and originality from time to time which saves it from being totally forgettable, like when Jerry tries to pass off Anglo-Saxon as Hungarian(!).

One of the novels that I read in my adolescence I think I've read it for more than four times I remember that I could learn some bit of Italian in the way that Jerry tried to speak ;) :-D It's a really amusing novel :) Romantic indeed

So fun. I listened to this on Librivox for free. If you like Little Women, this will appeal.

An interesting, unusual comedy romance set in Italy in early 1900. Jerry and Constance are fun to read about as Jerry sets about to woo her in an unsususual fashion

جری عشق رو تو بازی نشون داد

Only for the completist.

این کتاب را در نوجوانی خواندم و لذت بردم.مثل دیدن بعضی فیلم های بیلی وایلدر،از خواندن چند باره اش خسته نمی شوید

یک عاشقانه تینیجری با طعم طنز!این جمله تنها چیزیه که حس من به این کتاب رو بیان می‌کنه!

liked it, but not as much as Websters other books.

Super-fast fluff. Funny, like Jean always is. I like Connie but she's no Patty or Judy. Jerry's just ridiculous.

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