Children of Dreams

Lorilyn Roberts

Children of Dreams

Children of Dreams

  • Title: Children of Dreams
  • Author: Lorilyn Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781602643864
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback

Children of Dreams is borne out of Lorilyn Roberts shattered dreams The inspiring story of turning stolen dreams into life changing hope not only for her but two destitute children will bring tears to the reader as he identifies with her feelings of insecurity and fear The timeless theme of God s faithfulness the stuff out of which God brings redemption will leave the Children of Dreams is borne out of Lorilyn Roberts shattered dreams The inspiring story of turning stolen dreams into life changing hope not only for her but two destitute children will bring tears to the reader as he identifies with her feelings of insecurity and fear The timeless theme of God s faithfulness the stuff out of which God brings redemption will leave the reader riveted to the pages of this book Children of Dreams is than an adoption story set in the remotest regions of the planet Facing insurmountable odds communist blockades, life threatening illness, betrayal and deceit Lorilyn Roberts courage and determination never to give up will touch the reader Despair transformed into heavenly joy and evil overcome by God s redemptive love will inspire even the most skeptical to believe in miracles Children of Dreams resonates with Biblical truth at a deep level and in a sense is everyone s story Timeless in nature, Children of Dreams is sure to be a favorite adoption story for years to come Ms Roberts is intimately familiar with adoption, having also been adopted as a child, and is able to present the spirit of adoption, as never before captured, in this tender story Comparing the adoption of her daughters to her adoption by the heavenly Father throughout the story flows naturally.

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This is one of those books I wanted to like so much more than I actually did. I just didn't care for the author. First the good. It is very well-written. She is very passionate about adoption. Roberts is also very open with sharing her story. I definitely learned a lot about international adoption and what comes with it. That said I found the author almost unlikable. Instantly the reader is subjected to her lack of cultural insensitivity. I understood the shock at the lack of toilet paper. Howev [...]

Children of Dreams is a true story of a single woman's determination to fulfill her longing to become a mother and facing the numerous obstacles designed to destroy that dream. Fortunately, God is on her side because she's going not going to get this done without Him.The author painstakingly takes the reader through her sometimes painful, but ultimately triumphant journey of adopting her two daughters from the countries of Nepal and Vietnam. From a failed marriage, to financial issues, to her ag [...]

Children of dreams"It soon became clear to me that the adoption of my children wasn't that different than God's adoption of us"It is God who shapes our dreams and directs our path.Overcoming loss, separation, and abandonment, Ms. Roberts shares her heart and addresses many thoughtful questions and circumstances she endured on her journey of international adoption. Comparing her situations to Christian principles and beliefs, she shares some of her most intimate emotions as well as battles durin [...]

International adoption of two little girls is the basis for Children of Dreams by Lorilyn Roberts. Written from a first person perspective, the author shares her spiritual journey along with her journey to becoming a single parent, homeschooling, and maintaining a full time job.The plight of children living in third world countries is very descriptive and heart wrenching. Lorilyn, in a non-judgemental way, tells it like it is and allows the reader to use their imagination for the rest. This boo [...]

Children of Dreams reads like a novel in that it is a real page-turner. One minute I'm high on the mountaintops and, then before I know it, I'm down in the deepest valleys. As we become part of the author's own faith journey, we are drawn into her innermost being and become privileged witnesses to both her agonies and her joys. This is a story you will remember long after you have closed the book. Highly Recommended!

This is a gripping page turner. Lorilyn tells her story of international adoption as a single mother- the highs the lows, the fears and the joys. Though written a couple of years ago, the new cover seems to have given this title wings as it recently hit #1 on several categories.

All I was doing was trying to update the cover.

Heartwarming storyA wonderful true account of all the ups and downs of a single Christian woman on a journey across the world in search of motherhood and the Children God wanted with her . Through many trials and tribulations her faith was tested and strengthen; in the end both she and the two little girls have been blessed.

Children of Dreams – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat‘Nepal is the forty-eighth poorest country in the world. Out of a population of eighteen million, six million drink water we wouldn’t give to our dogs… later I would find out what drinking contaminated water could do to a seven-year-old child…. Nepal’s per capital income was only $180 per year, one of the lowest in the world and the lowest in South Asia, where the average per capital income was $350 per yea [...]

There is Hope and there is Joy; “but the greatest gift of all is Love”! (I Corinthians 13:13). Lorilyn has all three; but she had to adopt the first two and that was no easy task to undertake. Then again, life was not meant to be easy. Lorilyn chose to adopt her family, her two girls, from the poorest of the poor. She ventured around the world and she endured hardship, disease, communist roadblocks, lies, deceit, and much more; but she followed her heart’s desire, steadfast in the belief t [...]

I was very touched by this book. Ms. Roberts takes the reader through the emotional turmoil of wanting a child so badly and having that dream ripped away while her husband moves on with someone else and has his own child to attempting to adopt children and facing insurmountable obstacles. With God's help, she persevered and now has two beautiful daughters but there is an amazing story of how she got from divorcee to motherd it is a beautiful story! Her comparison to how we are adopted by God is, [...]

What an amazing story by Lorilyn Roberts. I have watched several adoption stories on television but never read about one. Author Lorilyn Roberts talks about her journey to a third world country.There are so many people involved with international adoption. And when you think the child is already yours things starts to go wrong. But with her faith in God, she overcame fear, obstacles, deceit, lies and greed among others to put the devil to shame enabling her to bring her adopted children toAmeric [...]

The synopsis on the back of the book says "The inspiring story of turning stolen dreams into life-changing hope not only for her but two destitute children will bring tears to the reader as she identifies with her feelings of insecurity and fear." And that it did. Lorilyn Roberts' writing drew me into her real-life story and as I kept reading I found myself reading faster wanting to know what was happening next. Being an adoptive mother, and having friends that adopted children from outside the [...]

When I received my copy of "Children of Dreams" in the mail I thought I would just open it and take a look. Before I knew it, I was on Chapter Eight and looking forward to reading the rest of Lorilyn's story. Even though this is a non-fiction book it reads like fiction. Lorilyn has put so much detail into her story you feel like you've been transported to the far regions of Nepal and Vietnam along with her. She tells of her trials and hardships she endured to adopt her children Manisha and Joy. [...]

An excellent read! Ms.Roberts' style is warm and personal. She will take you on a emotional roller coaster ride that is the world of international adoption. Through it, she never holds herself out as being the perfect Christian. In fact, she is rather forthcoming about her struggles and doubts, but in the end, God prevails. It is inspiring reading for anyone facing tough times and trying to trust God. This is probably even more true for those going through the international adoption process. At [...]

This is the true story of a courageous single woman’s quest to adopt two international children, despite what often seemed like insurmountable obstacles. Lorilyn Roberts weaves a tale that is nothing short of inspiring. Heartfelt, beautifully written and engaging from cover to cover, this is a story of perseverance, tenacity, and immeasurable love on the part of a broken divorcee who follows her dream to become a mother. In the process she learns what it means to trust in God completely, knowi [...]

I'm not sure I would want to be reading this book if I was contemplating international adoption. I wish she wouldn't have talked about her extensive international travels before deciding to adopt. It seemed at odds with her comments later about not having enough money to stay in the nicer hotels. However, it's a good story, and you can definitely see how God was working in her life and the lives of her adopted children.

This was an interesting view of one person's struggle through a portion of her life that included adopting children from 3rd world countries. I enjoyed the story but found the way in which it was written a little bit 'off'. I am in no way an experienced critic, this is just my very unprofessional opinion.

Lorilyn Roberts' marriage falls apart, yet she wants children. This book is the adventure that happens in foreign adoptions, good things and bad things, told for the point of view of a woman of faith.

The author's story of adopting her two daughters, 7 years apart. The first from Nepal and the second from Vietnam. Very encouraging as she tells of the difficulties and clinging to God to bring these about.

Poorly writtenI only finished this because I wanted to know if the adoptions were completed. The author's frequent bouts with self-pity frustrated me and the writing was very difficult to follow as she attempted to correlate a past event with a current event.

I should have really liked this book; the story of a single woman's challenges in adopting a girl from India and another one from Viet Nam. I learned a lot about the obstacles families can face in such adoptions. But it proved to be a semi-engaging read for me.


I enjoyed this account of one womans experience with adoption. It gave me a new respect for all people who go through so much for the love of a child.

Children of Dreams is the poignant story of Lorilyn Robert's adoption journey. It's heart-rending and details the struggles she and her daughters endured. I highly recommend it!

A beautiful story of one woman's faith in adopting two children from very far away countries.

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