Pink Buttercream Frosting

Lissa Matthews

Pink Buttercream Frosting

Pink Buttercream Frosting

  • Title: Pink Buttercream Frosting
  • Author: Lissa Matthews
  • ISBN: 9781605046785
  • Page: 405
  • Format: ebook

Desire Blend sinful with sweet Whip to perfection Don t forget to lick the spoon Aidn Greer is a much sought after Dominant in the BDSM lifestyle with an unusual problem He hasn t owned a submissive in years than he cares to think about He s bored with unchallenging women, yet mentoring other Doms and training subs has left him cold as well He s craving somethinDesire Blend sinful with sweet Whip to perfection Don t forget to lick the spoon Aidn Greer is a much sought after Dominant in the BDSM lifestyle with an unusual problem He hasn t owned a submissive in years than he cares to think about He s bored with unchallenging women, yet mentoring other Doms and training subs has left him cold as well He s craving something other than plain old vanilla a taste of something sinfully sweet that, for once, he can really sink his teeth into.Professional cake baker Bailey Harris wasted ten years bored to tears with her marriage, enduring a job she hated, and harboring a secret desire for something passionate, fulfilling and dark Then she found it in the world of BDSM Exploring on her own brought the kind of mind opening experiences that led her to declare her independence and exposed a yearning to find the one Dom for whom she s willing to kneel Permanently.When Aidn and Bailey meet, it s fire and ice Sugar and spice And an experience that satisfies every detail of both their fantasies Almost While the big, beautiful sub is everything Aidn wanted, her fierce independent streak could be of a challenge than he bargained for Warning This book brings together scorching hot counter sex, decadent pink frosting, and no holds barred BDSM play for a spanking good time Be sure to bring an ice cold drink along

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For those of you that know me and those that don't this is my little statement about short books. I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer but it is a short story. So with that said. here is my reviewThis is one of Ms. Lissa's earlier stories, but it is still just as awe [...]

Hot and Sexy!

HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was one of those quirky stories that I didn’t expect to work for me at all. I wasn’t a fan of the title - it was, for lack of a better way to put it, too sugary. I expected it to be a sappy love-fest with touches of erotica. Or something like that. It had it's moments of hotness, no doubt, but our hero leaves much to be desired. And Bailey puts up with his antics for far too long. But I'm getting ahead of myself.So, it starts out with Aidn the lawyer spotting Bailey the baker crossing i [...]

don't want to finish - everything happened to quickly and to easy

A long time agowait it was only exactly 2 years ago, I bought a book about frosting. Reading it, I fell in love with the author's style, but wanted to read longer stories. Speed up a 2 years later and I have read every book she has written that I can find. Lissa Matthew's came out with a book called Masked and mentioned on her blog that one of the main characters, Thor, was in this book. So after I finished Masked, I pulled this book out of the archives to read it once again.Aidn is a much sough [...]

A gorgeous hot novella that had me glued to the pages. Aidn is an experienced Dom who’s been shying away from commitment for too long. His friends urge him to get involved with another woman, but none have taken his fancy until he recognises a face while out shopping one lunchtime. He’s seen her at the exclusive D/s club that he frequents, but never spoken to her until now.“Hello.”She stopped, stumbled a bit and looked up. Within seconds, a blush stole across her cheeks. She recognized h [...]

I just want to start by saying that I loved the characters in this book. Aidn and Bailey were both so realatable( is this a word?) Anyway. Aidn was so hot and steamy, he was the main character of many of Bailey's hot, wet dreams! Who could blame her though really, he is one man I wouldn't mind to licking a little frosting off of! Ohhh LaLa!! But enough about my fantasies:) Bailey having left her husband for a life living the lifestyle of BDSM has not found the right dom for her, until she meets [...]

I fell in love with the title and blurb. This story had the potential and would have made a helluva sexy and amazing story if not for the length of the story. It is very very short. The ending was so abrupt as well. When I got to the end of it, I thought there was an error while downloading! I really really wished it was longer. With such a short length, the development of the characters and story just isn't satisfactory.The characters are compelling and have a story behind them. I enjoyed how B [...]

Aidn Greer lives is a lawyer who is also Dominant who trains submissives and mentors other Doms. He has lost his real zeal for the BDSM lifestyle. He craves something more for once, he can sink his teeth into. But he is afraid and running from it.He keeps running into Professional cake baker Bailey Harris that something sinfully sweet submissive she seems to be exploring the dark passionate side of herself at Abyss. But she never seems to play. One afternoon when he sees he out he gather's the n [...]

I loved this short little story. The sex scenes were very steamy and I wish there was more of them. Lissa Matthews definitely can write a good sexy story!Aidn is such a strong dominant man and I love that in erotic books. He is used to getting his way with women, and knows just how to get what he wants. I love that he has a trouble past, something about broken men just get to me. I want the woman to fix him. I love that he was willing to show his vulnerability to Bailey.Bailey was great she know [...]

This book actually belongs in the Masked series and introduces us to Thor and Robert/Bobby. I kinda wish I had known that before starting the series as I was a bit confused about the relationships in Masked.Anyway, while this was a hot hetero read, MC Aidn was incredibly frustrating. He kept going back and fourth between wanting MC Bailey and pushing her away. Usually based on the hardness of his dick. *sigh* Can't quite get behind that, but the sex was pretty damn hot so I gave it 3 stars.

Don't let the sweet title keep you away, this is an adult story with depth and emotion. Our hero tends to act on his impulses and then backs away afterwards when he thinks he knows better than himselfOf course, this is utterly confusing to our heroine, the danged man keeps winding her up and then runs away. Even when she thinks he will settle, he still pulls away from her. And this is not figuratively, he literally leaves and runs away from her!Getting to the bottom of his behaviour, while they [...]

OkayI've been sort of hooked on Lissa Matthews' books cos she writes kick-ass sex scenes. So, eventhough this has elements of BDSM, I bit the bullet and read it. And realised that BDSM scenes (eventhough the ones here were pretty light) don't do it for me. In the end, I raced through the book just to get to the end. Both Aidn and Bailey did not strike a note with me either - they came off wishy washy. So, just an okay read.

I found this shallow. The characters were more caricatures, the action less than compelling, and the narrative uninspired. I didn't hate it, but I wouldn't keep it for reading again.

loved this book it just didn't last long enough for me.d yes I would love a sequel for these 2!!!

Very emotional adaptation of the the BDSM lifestyle.

Just ok. The main male character, Aidn, is a coward and keeps running away. Didn't care much for that. I would've left his a**.

Has a lot of potential to really be a good read, but it just ended too abruptly. 7 chapters and poof, it was done.

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