Cat Master, The

Bonnie Pemberton

Cat Master, The

Cat Master, The

  • Title: Cat Master, The
  • Author: Bonnie Pemberton
  • ISBN: 9780761453406
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Hardcover

Tension is growing between the Ferals and Indoors, and the old Cat Master, spiritual leader of all felines, is dying Time is running out, and he must choose a successor that will rule wisely and keep peace among their kind.

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I have just started this book. I met the author Bonnie Pemberton while she was doing a book signing at Book People. The cover of the book was beautiful and we had an interesting conversation so I bought the book and had her sign it. I am only on page 26 but so far the book is exciting and I am intrigued to see how the story goes. So far the Spiritual leader of the cats has died and while he was communicating by psychic transmission who was his heir to become cat master, the transmission was inte [...]

This is a must read for all animal lovers and even for those who aren't, who knows, you may be after you turn the last page of this magical book.A heart warming story that captured me from the very beginning and held me close right thru to the end.In a way I wish there could be a sequel but a little imagination goes a long wayI'm happy to have travelled the road with the various creatures great and small.

Fun book! I really enjoyed this. Read it fast (for me), 3 days.

This is an enchanting tale that will leave you wondering just what goes on in the mind of your pet cat. Erin Hunter calls them Warriors and Kittypets, and Bonnie Pemberton calls them Ferals and Indoors. She has created a wonderful story filled with mystery and adventure, about two cat brothers in a race against time to reach the throne and become The Cat Master, ruler of all felines.Who will get to the throne first?Reread Jan 20 2011 to Jan 24 2011:I still liked this book, it was cool to reread. [...]

I read a lot of good books but the great ones shine like gems among them — to name a few: Wolf Brother, Inkheart, Eragon, and now I wasn't expecting The Cat Master to blow me away; the blurb just sounded silly.Bonnie Pemberton has populated her story with the animals you expect to find in an urban landscape: feral and domesticated cats and dogs, and wild animals such as birds, reptiles, and possums. This adventure story is told from the various animals' points of view. The characters range fro [...]

With his last breath, the old Cat Master, leader of all felines, summons his chosen heir through mind-talk. But all is not well, and a darkness descends upon the cat world as the message is intercepted by Jett, brother of the new heir, Buddy. He becomes enraged because he had not been chosen instead. Thus, a deadly sibling rivalry ensues. Will they plunge into darkness, or will the light win out?This was an outstanding and well paced story that held my attention all through the book. I was easil [...]

Hermwell, I sort of liked this book at first, but by the end I was just reading it to get it over with. It was like a mixture between Warriors, The Lion King, and maybe something else. All the characters except for Soot irritated me. Especially Shan Dara and Buddy. And it was weird how the cats cried. As in, tears spilled from their eyes. They laugh in Warriors, but at least they don't cry. It really didn't work, the way that the author tried to mix real animal behavior with fictione lizard drov [...]

This was a *very* good book, to say the least. Originally, I thought it was going to be a lot like "Warriors", and let me just say, I LOVE WARRIORS<3 I was really hoping it wasn't going to be a Warriors spoof And guess what? This book, although it was about cats, had quite a different plot. It added funny twists, such as adding random characters' points of view (possum, mockingbird, lizard) and those made it original. All these animals, although it was mainly about cats, came together and lin [...]

I know, I know. You should never compare one book to another because each is different. It just so happens though, that it's human nature to compare. I picked this one up because I loved the Warriors series in middle school. With this new take on ferals/indoors I did not find much pleasure. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I attempted to read a type of book I loved as a middle schooler, now as an adult, therefore my tastes have changed and my mind grown. I did enjoy the different animals other [...]

I liked this book because it was interesting and I liked the cats. I also liked it because it was exciting. My favorite part was when Buddy and Jett fight to the death for who gets to be the cat master. This part was important because if Buddy didn't kill Jett he wouldn't become the cat master. I was confused about how the indoor cats knew about the gathering when they didn't do the mind talk. I would recommend this book to another student because it was interesting. I liked how the author chang [...]

Nice change of pace in my book genre. "The Cat Master" is a book reminding me a lot of "The Lion King" - Good brother vs Bad brother for the kingdom. I enjoyed the many characters in the story, especially Orie the lizard, the oppossum, and Frank the miniature wiener dog. I believe the author was spot on with the characteristics of the different species and I enjoyed reading this light hearted story.

I must say that I wanted to gouge my eyes out with this one. I was so bored, I had to skip to the end. I must admit that I only read the first 200 pages or so and then skipped to the very predictable end, so I can not comment on the middle. Maybe I missed a lot, but I somehow doubt it. I found the writing itself to be condescending, which maybe the author wanted the book to have the feel of superiority because of the topic. I was however, annoyed by this.

Well, I honestly think it was very good but some parts bothered me. WHY WAS THE LIZARD IN IT AT ALL!?!? Every time I saw his name I skipped a couple paragraphs. PLUS, what was up with the Animal Control people? I am reading to get it done to read another book so yeah Warriors is better. I think Seekers is kinda slow though, I'm gonna stop reading about bears and move on to finishing the cats, currently on Long Shadows

I'm not a typical reader of animal fantasies, but I got hooked a quarter of the way in. It's one of those books where you know how it's going to end, but getting there is quite the adventure. After you read the last page, it still resonates; which is what I think everyone looks for in a book. Highly recommended.

I really enjoyed this book, I've always loved books about animals, and the author did an amazing job telling the story from the viewpoint of cats, dogs, a lizard, a possum, and a bird.It was very touching and also hilarious at times.My sister first read it, and loved it so much that she encouraged my mom to read it, who told my dad and I to read it. We all loved it!

I don't like how people are comparing it to warriors cats. These are totally different books. Do people compare Harry Potter and Warriors?No, Harry Potter,but Warriors are both fantasys . So why compare these twojust cause they both have cats in them?.

I admit, I've always been a sucker for books with animal characters. This one did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the story, and the feline characters. Also the secondary animal characters were great--the dogs, the lizard, the birds. Loved this one!

It was a LOT like Warriors, but it was still very good. My fave quote comes from here: "Freedom is not something you earn; Freedom is having the choice."

This is pure, shameless anthropomorphic fantasy. It's marketed for middle schoolers, but it was a great little escape for me.


so far it is pretty good and i love how you can visualize the characters in your mind!

This is a very good book, though it has simalarities to the warriors series.

This is simply one of the most enjoyable books I have ever read. Anyone who has ever been a child should read it:o)

It was new compaired to the Warriorcats.

Its an exciting book, and even people who don't like cats should read it because it has a cute little dog that saves some characters.

My favorite quote from the book "Freedom isn't what you choose Freedom is having the choice."

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