Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant

Sarah Morgan

Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant

Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant

  • Title: Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant
  • Author: Sarah Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780373129027
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback

He s scarred, sexy and unashamedly Sicilian Silvio Brianza dragged himself out of the slums, but his scars run deep She s defiant, desirable and utterly disobedient Jessie still scrapes her living, scrubbing floors by day and singing in seedy bars by night Silvio had turned his back on that world, but now that he s found Jessie he s going to make her his JessiHe s scarred, sexy and unashamedly Sicilian Silvio Brianza dragged himself out of the slums, but his scars run deep She s defiant, desirable and utterly disobedient Jessie still scrapes her living, scrubbing floors by day and singing in seedy bars by night Silvio had turned his back on that world, but now that he s found Jessie he s going to make her his Jessie may be powerless to resist Silvio s raw sexuality but no amount of dresses and diamonds can change their history He s her enemy, he s shunned his past he ll never love the street girl she is.

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I absolutely loved this book.The hero and heroine were such broken and tragic people, who are trying to make the best of what life has offered them and in the end are able to heal each other.Emotional,passion, dark, gut-wrenching, heartbreaking and uplifting too.A wonderful hero who comes back to rescue the woman he has never forgotten and stopped loving.I loved how they reconnected and how their relationship developed.This is a book I will read again and again.

I have read about many insecure hs over the years, some r even veritable doormatssome irritate ,some evoke pity, others make u wanna shake them (almost as hard as those vintage alphaholes do)…but this one is in a league of her own. She is so low on self worth, self-confidence that you wanna weep--and not in sympathy! She flounders on with feelings of major worthlessness which gets worse n worse totally dragging the story down, often leaving even the H exasperated. She doesn’t even require a [...]

Generally I give 3 stars to books that are entertaining but forgettable. This book, however, was beyond forgettable; it was derivative. It was an HP-by-numbers. Our heroine, Jessie, is a nightclub singer in a seedy section of London. On the anniversary of her brother's death three years ago, she's singing her heart out, trying to ignore the gang of men there waiting to kill her when she's done. Sitting in the back, our hero, Silvio, is grinding his teeth at the live his best friend's sister is l [...]

Another good fast read from Sarah Morgan. Jessie and Silvio have history, dating back to her childhood in the slums of London. Jessie and her brother lost their parents and ended up in care and Silvio became her brothers friend.Silvio managed to escape the poverty, working his way out of the slums through working in construction. His help for Jessie and her brother backfires when the money is used for drugs and he dies. Grief-stricken, Jessie blames Silvio, sending him away.Now three years later [...]

Having only recently discovered Sarah Morgan's Presents titles I now have to create a new bookshelf just to house every. single. title. she has ever written. BDYD touched me in a way that no book has since maybe the first time I read a Helen Bianchin book. I keep re-reading it. My clenched heart was breathless for the last chapter. I highly recommend 'Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant' if you love the Alpha Male rescue of a proud young woman scenario because this one is perfection.

Romantic and passionate read! i loved how they both loved each other since childhood!

loved it

I know going into it that a Harlequin Present book has certain requirements for a story: -billionaire alpha male (check)-virgin heroine(check)-often set in foreign country (check)HP's don't generally appeal to me, but I've read some that I have enjoyed, plus I like this author. So when I saw this one for free I got it. All I can say is I'm glad it was free. The plot makes little sense and the heroine Jessie has even less sense than the plot. She is an idiot. Jessie immediately decides everything [...]

Well this was my first ever Mills and Boon (actually my first book in this whole genre) and I've always said I'd give it a go one day, so here I am.I'll start by saying that it was nowhere near as cheesy and smut filled as I was expecting. I was just expecting cover to cover smut, but I think in total there are two "scenes". The story itself I think is quite interesting and the characters back stories are definitely something I would have liked to have learned more about and how they ended up in [...]

I wanted to strangle the heroine throughout.The setting is supposed to be London, but frankly, for someone who lives here, it's more than just a little off. There is no "London flavor" to the location, and it could be anywhere.It felt like "must have a different location than USA, lets pick - throws dart at globe - Oh yeah, let's set it in London".The big letdown for me was the heroine, though. She is totally clueless, and borderline stupid. Someone who doesn't know where Las Vegas is? Come on, [...]

This book is really more of a 3 1/2 * for me. I liked the plot but some of it was just a little unbelievable to me.Silvio (H) is a very rich man. Having pulled himself up and out of the gutter in London, started his own buisness and is now a multi-millioniar. He spends his time helping people who were in the same place that he was, he would hire them to work "with him" not "for him" and giving them a second chance to make something better of themselves.He finds out that Jessie (h), a childhood f [...]

I'll start with saying that I might give the author another chance, as there were some good things. The hero could have been a caricature of Italian self-made billionaire, but he surprisingly managed to have his own personality, a rather refreshing one moreover. And I liked the way the first party on the yacht took place.But there was really one huge problem in this book. From beginning to end and even beyond it, the whining insecure and stupid heroine. The hero was in love with her from their c [...]

I was complaining about Presents the other day when someone suggested I try Morgan's books. While I didn't find this as frustrating as I do many other books in this line, I didn't love it either.My main gripe is the heroine. Jess grew up poor on the wrong side of London and has only gotten poorer as she's gotten older. When her childhood friend turned bitter enemy comes to her rescue in a dark alley one night, she's both grateful that he came and angry that she needs his help. He's now a billion [...]

The hero and heroine grew up in the same poor London neighborhood. The hero got out, the heroine didn't. He's now come back to check on her and discovers her in desperate straits, singing in a dive while wearing a tacky gold-sequined dress. This is a pretty Old Skool romance, where tacky short dress = Whore! but the heroine does lead him on a bit. Anyway, now he's rich and wants to rescue her. She resists rescue, for a bit, but she's not stupid, so she finally goes along. She's not quite a compl [...]

Novela rosa en todo el sentido de la palabra, romance tierno, problemas del pasado, amor desde tiempo atrás, millonario ayudando a la desvalida mujer que es mas valiente de lo que cree, en fin cliché cliché pero divertida para pasar el rato.

Last two chapters just ruined the book for me

DNF chapter 3. Not very good I am afraid. Rather forgettable. Story plot based on over-used "misunderstanding". Didn't like any of the characters.

This was a rescue story, where the billionaire hero swoops in and saves the poor, struggling heroine. Sarah Morgan hit every emotional note possible. It's a heart-wrenching, beautiful love story.

This is my first foray into the works for Mills & Boon of Sarah Morgan. It was free on Kindle and it didn't disappoint. The story is as follows: Silvio (hero) and Jessie (heroine) have grown up in care together. Silvio was Jessie's brother's best friend and after giving him money, her brother spent it on drugs and killed himself. Jessie, of course, blames Silvio for her brother's death and hates him. But it's a Mills and Boon, so this situation cannot be allowed to continue, can it?Silvio is [...]

Siendo honesta, es una novela bastante mala, y lo peor, que para ser de editorial, tiene errores, más de los que una editorial se debería permitir, pero bueno, la calificación "tan alta" se debe a algunos factores: (1) Me entretuvo: sí, es raro que me haya entretenido una novela de este estilo, sobre todo cuando últimamente las he estado aborreciendo. Al menos cumplió con ese objetivo. (2) Es corta y por lo tanto, se lee rápidamente: en está novela, a diferencia de otras que he leído es [...]

the male character was so hot

One more modern love story, among the millions of them thronging the market place, from Mills and Boon series.Storyline: Jesse, a girl who spent her childhood in the shoddy downtown areas along with her brother Joe and his friend Silvio, grows up to be a singer in a cheap bar. She lives a debt-ridden life, after the death of her brother, until she meets Silvio after many years. Silvio had grown up to become a billionaire and comes back for his childhood crush Jessie, only to realize that she is [...]

Jessie tries to work as much as she can by cleaning and singing in nightclubs. She can't keep the money she makes for herself though as she needs to pay off old debts. When Silvio discovers what she's doing he takes her away and forbids Jessie to return to her apartment. Silvio was important to Jessie in the past, but he disappeared and they didn't keep in touch. He wants her to have a better life and he can afford it, but Jessie doesn't want him to make decisions about her future. She can't tak [...]

Alpha male who climbed up the social ladder from the very bottom to the very top who just has to have everything his way. Timid, poor, beautiful young woman with self-esteem issues. The two set in a typical traditional romance where misunderstandings and non-communications often work to foul up a likely or budding romance made for an exasperated reader. Still, I will admit that Silvio Brianza was sweet in his own way. While I suppose I understand where the heroine, Jessie, came from (and might p [...]

jessi worked as a singer in a bar ,she wore a gold glittery dress and it was too short.Silvio thought that she became a prostitute and she never did correct him that she was not a prostitutelvio and jessi practically grew up togetherlvio was the best friend of jessi's brotherssi is a brave,self-conscious and a little inferior ,silvio saves her from the slums and introduces her to a life of luxurylvio stars showering her with gifts and dresses ,she feels that he is trying to upgrade her and that [...]

So I liked this one while I was reading it, I got a bit swept away by it all which is a good sign, but then afterwards bits of the story kept picking at my brain annoying me, which is not so good a sign. The writing sweeps you along and it's 'realistically' fast-paced enough that you don't have a chance to get bored. I was a little annoyed by both Silvio and Jessie, because despite that we're told they grew up together and had the same sort of background, they never really seemed to bond or be a [...]

What I didn't like:1) Silvio having her live with him as she'd be killed was an over-exaggeration.2) Jessie's insecurity became petty and pointless fast.3) When has there ever been a celebrity wedding of the decade? Why would said couple want someone unknown performing at their wedding? Hugely overplayed.4) The masculinity of the hero and his wealthy badboy image was shoved down my throat. No. Please don't. I can't breathe.5) Only remembered this because of my first positive comment LOL - Jessie [...]

I swear to god I've reviewed this book before! Dammit. Anyway, this book is one of my favorite "forced" book. Why? Because the angst is just perfect and the way Silvio treated Jessie is cold yet unbelievably gentle. Jessie's lost everything after his brother died. Inside her heart she loathe Silvio and blame him for her brother's death. And when she struggling for money and debt with working in nasty bar, singing, she meet Silvio and he saved her life. Seeing the beautiful Jessie in some kind of [...]

A quick but enjoyable read. A rich billionaire with a past on the streets comes to the rescue of the young woman who was part of that past. Jessie works several jobs to repay her dead brother's loan sharks. She, Silvio (billionaire) and her brother were once part of a shared past of hardship. Her brother died and she blamed Silvio and cut all ties, working in a sleazy night club to pay the debts.Silvio finds her and saves her from the loan sharks at the last minute. However, Jess never feels par [...]

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