Broom, Zoom!

Caron Lee Cohen Sergio Ruzzier

Broom, Zoom!

Broom, Zoom!

  • Title: Broom, Zoom!
  • Author: Caron Lee Cohen Sergio Ruzzier
  • ISBN: 9781416991137
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Hardcover

I want the broom I need the broom There s only one broom, and two people who need it What can a little witch and little monster do In this gently spooky story, a little witch and a little monster learn about friendship, sharing, and all the different uses for one simple broom.

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What is to be done when Little Witch and Little Monster both need to use one broom at the same time? Little Witch notices the full moon and heads inside for the broom. Little Monster needs to use it right then. Little Witch still wants the broom, but when Little Monster shows her the mess, she lets him use it first. She even helps him clean things up. Now it’s Little Witch’s turn to use the broom to fly in the sky. She invites Little Monster to fly with her, though he’s not really sure he [...]

Broom, Zoom! by Caron Lee Cohen, illustrated by Sergio Ruzzier is a gently spooky story about a little witch and little monster. One wants the broom, while one needs the broom.After seeing the huge moon, little witch comes into the house because she wants the broom. Little monster has the broom because he needs it now. Little monster shows little witch the half spilled sack of grain. "Yikes!", she says and helps monster sweep up the spill. Then Little Witch shows Little Monster the sky and says [...]

Little Witch WANTS the broom. Little Monster NEEDS the broom. How do they work it out? Well, Little Witch helps Little Monster use the broom to sweep up a mess, then when he returns the broom to her invites him to go flying. The simple text would be good for an early reader, and it's a gentle lesson in sharing for kids old enough to get that concept.

The story of this one is sort of take-it-or-leave-it, but what's nice is that the text and sentence structure is simple enough that it's a great choice for beginning readers. What's more, it's a picture book, not a standard small easy reader. As a read aloud, it's probably best for the younger set, say toddler to preschool.

Little Witch and Little Monster negotiate the use of the one broom between them. Little Monster gets to sweep up the spilled flour in the pantry, and then Little Witch takes him along on her moonlight ride. Cute bright illustrations and simple rhyming text.

A book my 5 yr old as well as my twin 3 yr olds loved. A solid reading level 1 book, this cute story keeps all ages engaged with the bright colorful pictures and cute story. A great addition to any children's library.

This book is a nice, almost wordless picture book. The sparse text and bright illustrations make it perfect for some of the young children I serve. I think this one will be a great new addition to the Halloween collection and a fun read for parents and students!

Witch, check. Monster, check. Scary, no. Cute, yes. Witch desires the broom for obvious reasons while the monster is using it for cleaning. Very little text. Bright and basic illustrations match the basic concept of the story.

This book would be a great help when explaining the difference between a want and a need. In the story a witch wants the broom to fly to moon but her monster friend needs the broom in order to clean up a mess! This book should be used with students in pre-k through first grade.

a little read perfect for little people

Cute story about a witch and an alien who both want to use the broom at the same time. My 5 y.o. was delighted to help read this cute, simple story. Great Halloween choice!

Using this one to teach text features! The print is an excellent example of the use of capitals to enhance a word and to create excitement.

One beautiful, starry night, a little witch wants to go for a ride on a broom but first she must help a little monster clean up a mess.

A nice Halloween story about sharing and friendship.

Simple tale of sharing with very cute troll.

Charming illustrations of Little Witch and Little Monster. Think Chris Raschka's "Yo! Yes?" for Halloween.

Very simple. About helping and sharing.

need to order

Second stupidest book I ever read.

A good first picture book reader. Minimal text and illustrations that tell the story.

Witch WANTS the broom, but goblin NEEDS it. Who will get to use it first?

I really liked this book because my children can read this all by themselves. The pictures tell the story, the text is short and simple. Perfect for an early reader.

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