Broken Dreams

Nick Quantrill

Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams

  • Title: Broken Dreams
  • Author: Nick Quantrill
  • ISBN: 9780955407024
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback

Private investigator Joe Geraghty is used to struggling from one case to the next, barely making the rent on his small office When Jennifer Murdoch is found bleeding to death in her bed, Geraghty quickly finds himself trapped in the middle of a police investigation With everything at stake, some will go to any length to get what they want, Geraghty included.

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I have been meaning to read Broken Dreams by Hull based author, Nick Quantrill, for some time now. So, after making the decision that I don't always need to read the latest 'must have', it was time to tackle my reading mountain. I must admit I had always been slightly put off by the description of the setting being in the northern city of Hull and the book being referred to as grim and gritty. Not my usual kind of thing. So, with a little trepidation, I went in. and was really pleasantly surpris [...]

I first came across the author Nick Quantrill in the impressive ebook compilation True Brit Grit. Being curious I decided to investigate more of his work. Broken Dreams follows a private investigator Joe Geraghty and his colleagues looking into the murder of a woman they had under surveillance in Hull, East Yorkshire. The job becomes a lot more personal for Joe as the mystery links into his private life. The style of the story in the beginning is very much procedural based with lots of dialogue [...]

Much to my shame, this is my first novel by Nick Quantrill. This causes me shame on two counts as 1.Nick is from my home town of Hull and 2. his books are set in Hull. However, the blog and upcoming attendance at Hull Noir has given me the push to read those books I hadn’t got round to yet and, while Broken Dreams is Nick’s first book in the PI Joe Geraghty, it is always good to discover a new to you series and give those older books some publicity.Joe Geraghty is a private investigator and [...]

Set in my home town of Hull. A private detective solves a local murder. Good.

So this was my first book by Nick Quantrill and also the first featuring Joe Geraghty. Some of you that follow my reviews know I’m a sucker for a series however having finished this book I have to be honest and say it was a pretty refreshing male lead character! Joe Geraghty is a Private Investigator who works with his friend Don and her daughter Sarah. His case starts off as being a straightforward find my daughter scenario. However, from quite early on we see that Joe is tangled up in the ca [...]

The strength of Broken Dreams is the contextualisation and sense of social reality concerning Hull, its decline and faltering regeneration, and its people. Quantrill doesn’t romanticize the city, portraying its gritty urbanity, yet he clearly has soft spot for the place. Geraghty is a likeable enough character who is tenacious, slightly vulnerable, and doesn’t always take the most sensible course of action, and the other characters were well drawn and engaging. The writing is fairly workmanl [...]

I wasnt aware of this author until I was pointed in his direction and I am very glad that I was. I am a big fan of the crime/mystery genre, and I'm quite fond of those novels featuring Private Investigators as opposed to Detectives - quite often these stories are more well rounded (see the Elvis Cole series!) and that is certainly the case here. Joe Geraghty is a great creation - a sympathetic character with his own personal demons, who is struggling along making a living as a Private Investigat [...]

Joe Geraghty might not own shares in "Queen's" but sups enough within its walls to be a virtual alckie by the time the novel reaches its denouement, leaving the reader with the impression there was a time when he could have let himself drift down that route. Being raised among Hull's trawling community during its death-throes, robbed of a promising career on the rugby league field by injury, and of his wife in a house fire, as he puts it himself, his work is the only reason to get out of bed of [...]

It can’t be easy being a PI in northern England - Hull, to be precise - and in Joe Geraghty, we have a character to savour. Joe isn’t perfect, but he’s essentially a good man, despite the things life has thrown at him. Flawed, tenacious, loyal and a romantic at heart, Joe gets by one day at a time, driven as much by misplaced guilt as the need to see justice doneOKEN DREAMS is a very satisfying tale, its characters believable and all too human, its many strands interwoven beautifully. One [...]

This was my first read of Joe Geraghty and wow what a cracking story, it left me wanting more.This is well written and the story entwined with both of the cases coming together nicely.Joe is a down to earth Hull man with a great personality.Joe is tasked with looking into a woman who is off work sick but she ends up been murdered. Why and who did it? Well Joe starts looking into it but it takes him into the under belly of crime in the city.Also the death of his wife comes up and he finally finds [...]

The Joe Geraghty series has been suggested to me as a good read. They weren't wrong!A few story lines which are beautifully crafted and brought together at the end. The story begins with a classic investigation into absenteeism from the workplace, which then escalates to murder and brings Joe into the world of gangsters. Add in his own demons which he is fighting and the sidekicks and this makes for a brilliant read.The pace of the book is quite fast, making it almost unputdownable. The writer h [...]

Nick Quantrill's name keeps cropping up and I do like regional crime and an east coast location, but I have to admit I was initially put off by the sans serif font and the heavyweight footer.BUT I made the same mistake with fonts in my first self-published novel and didn't have anything like the pace or the plotting. Neither did I allow the reader to catch his breath or realise the extent to which I had not managed to explain clearly enough what was going on. There would have been room here and [...]

Hull is a much maligned place, usually by people that have never visited. What Nick manages to do in this excellent debut novel is bring Hull's rich history to life whilst at the same time enthralling the reader with a fine story. Rich with detail and fast paced, interesting narrative Broken Dreams keep you turning those pages. It's clear that Quantrill puts a lot of planning and thought into his plot details and that further enriches the storyline.I look forward to Joe's continuing adventures.A [...]

thoroughly enjoyed a trip through the darker parts of my home town. There is something rather good reading a novel which features Hull, and when it is this good that is a real bonus.The PI character Joe is strong enough to make you want to know more about him and luckily there are two more novels in the series already.Whether it is a good crime novel that attracts or reading about the City of Culture 2017 that appeals, I can really recommend it

Being a Hull resident and caught up with the Newington area re-development, which is the central hub of a maze of stories about corruption and manipulation, this fictional story seems far preferable and entertaing than the apparent incompetence that beset the development in reality! The characters are engaging; the locales and Hull-ite personalities and stories credible. Very much enjoyed the story!

This was a subtle story that proceeded at a measured pace and revealed unexpected surprises, especially (as one would hope) right at the end. For me, what made "Broken Dreams" stand out was its grounding in the local culture of Hull, especially its bygone fishing economy. It is absolutely central to the plot, not just color.

4.5 stars, was going to be 4 but when I read his bio, he said about Famous Five books and I guess as they were my favourite books when I was a child and probably got me into crime stories growing up, I had to add a half! Anyway, read it quick as enjoyable, not sure if there were too many could it be's and no it isn'ts and so on but will read more in the series.

An excellent read, good pace, exciting, a few unseen twists and a noir location. Would like to have got to know the character a bit better and would have liked more Hull in the story but that is my personal taste and I am sure this will be developed in future books of the series.

I really enjoyed this book and look forward to Nick Quantrill's other books. It is simply a good, fast paced, well plotted thriller, written in a plain, but highly effective style. Not much else to say really!

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Gripping gritty urban noir featuring Quantrill's detective, Joe Geraghty. The novel cracks along at a great pace and is filled with tough characters and sparkling prose. Never a dull moment.

Brilliant read! Won signed copy in a competition run by Byker Books based here in sunny (hah!!) Newcastle! bykerbooks

I enjoyed it but it didn't quite excite me, will look at future ones and hope they will.

read all the books in a two week span, so see them as one story arc at this point. excellent detective, tortured (of course!) and driven. will watch for more books in the series.

Took a little getting into, but an enjoyable read in the end. Moving on to next book.

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