Magic of Luvelles (Crystal Moon, #2)

Phillip E. Jones

Magic of Luvelles (Crystal Moon, #2)

Magic of Luvelles (Crystal Moon, #2)

  • Title: Magic of Luvelles (Crystal Moon, #2)
  • Author: Phillip E. Jones
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover

After the triumphant success of book one within the Worlds of the Crystal Moon series, the adventure now continues With the help of Lasidious, The God of Mischief, George Nailer found the power to masterfully manipulate the most influential races living on Southern Grayham, leaving both Sam and Shalee in the middle of a war, surrounded by Bears, Barbarians, Minotaurs, SerAfter the triumphant success of book one within the Worlds of the Crystal Moon series, the adventure now continues With the help of Lasidious, The God of Mischief, George Nailer found the power to masterfully manipulate the most influential races living on Southern Grayham, leaving both Sam and Shalee in the middle of a war, surrounded by Bears, Barbarians, Minotaurs, Serpents, Unicorns, and the Giant Cats ruled by Kepler.With Sam and Shalee left behind to fight for their lives, blood now stains the battlefields of Southern Grayham What other struggles will surface to challenge Sam s reign as king What will the queen, Shalee, do to strengthen her powers as a sorceress now that Helga has perished George is now on the World of Luvelles, awaiting new instructions from Lasidious What evil does their partnership have in store for this new world Will the Elves Head Master be manipulated by George s scheming Will Lasidious secret promise to the Source be fulfilled, giving the mightiest of all dragons a new home world Will Sam and Shalee be able to find their way to Luvelles and stop George from finding the third piece of the Crystal Moon, or will evil capture the third piece necesssary to take control of the worlds forever And lest we forgetAbbie s soul is still inside the Book of Immortality How far will George go to see his daughter again And what of Lasidious and Celestria s baby, Garrin

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I can bite….I can bite you Furball!I really liked the first book with the many inter-woven story lines and have been pleased that this has continued on in this, the second book. It is fascinating and exciting to watch the stories unfold. Wondering what is going to happen next. There are still some of the same characters but so many more have been added as this is a new world. I would have been disappointed with anything less. I love the way the old world melts seamlessly into the new world. Th [...]

The Magic of Luvelles was every bit as good as the first novel and more. I read it in three days. This novel only added to my love for the Worlds of the Crystal Moon, and the author is clearly getting better as his talent to tell a story improves. Just when I thought George Nailer could not get any worse, I found that I was surprised, despite my anticipation that he might. The author’s ability to add twists and turns to the storyline has kept me guessing. I look forward to book three, and I re [...]

The Magic of Luvelles was an exceptional read and the author only improved on the storyline. I give Magic of Luvelles 5 out of 5 stars. As I said in my review of the first novel . . . like many fantasy stories that I have read over the years, the first 150 pages of World of Grayham required some setup to establish a foundation for the worlds the author was trying to bring me into. After this setup was complete, the rest of the story exploded and continued at a satisfying pace all the way through [...]

I really enjoyed this series. I know there’s a third one coming and I can’t wait to read it. Personally, I think the second book was better than the first. Second books in a series can be disappointing, but not this one. It kept me more interested than the first one. I’ve recommended these books to anyone who will listen. The fun of the storyline and the twists of evil, really make this fun. I was disappointed when it ended… and to leave it at such a cliffhanger was totally unfair…lol. [...]

So my daughter and I have been going back and forth talking about these books. It’s been so engaging talking about the motivations and plot twists in these first two books. What looks like the beginning of a transformation for George and Sam and Shalee’s relationship struggles that take them to different worlds chasing after the crystal makes the series a page turner for us. I know we will have others reading it in the family soon. We’re already making it a subject of conversation at famil [...]

The second book has been a race to the finish between my cousin and me. We talk about this series every time we are together and find ourselves quoting lines from the story when we see something fitting in our own lives. To say I enjoy this series is an understatement. I'm having difficult finding the third book in the series though. If anyone knows when it will be published, please share with me.

Engaging with a surprise ending.In my review of the first book of the series, I said that gamers should get this book. It’s definitely true of the second book. The amount of adventure and quests and plot to find the Crystal Moon kept the twists and turns going. It was funny and even had a surprise at the end that I wasn’t axpecting. Now I can recommend the series. I’m looking forward to reading the third book.

This series has been a lot of fun to read. Book 2 keeps the gods busy and conniving just like the first book did. This time though, they aren’t the only ones who are manipulating. There’s good and evil battles throughout this second book. As I read it, I was thinking, when is book 3 coming out. I looked for the series online and found the Facebook page. They have said the 3rd book is coming out in June 2012. Can’t wait to read it.

As a fantasy neophyte, I wasn’t sure if I would like the second book in Mr. Jones’ series. His storytelling was so good in the first one, I was skeptical that he could deliver in the second. But, he did and the story is amazing. I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know what happened to the characters and their predicaments. My son and I were going to share the book, but I told him he couldn’t read it until I was finished.

I got the second book and started reading it immediately. The format of the covers and the color art inside was a real draw. Since I was familiar with the first book, I wondered where the characters would go in this second story and the possibilities seemed endless. Phillip Jones did a nice job of tying up loose ends and not giving too much away so the book was not predictable. I will definitely read the next one. Good job, Mr. Jones.

Diverse characters while keeping the thread of the story going. As I read the story, I wasn’t sure how it was going to get all tied up at the end, but it came together and culminated with a great triumph of good over evil. The descriptions of the places were so vivid and beautiful. I can’t wait to see these on a movie screen or even in a game.

I liked book 2 better than book 1. And the cliffhanger is amazing in it. The characters have more depth and are more intertwined. I kept turning the page to find out what would happen next. The resolution at the end was picture perfect and then I was hit with the cliffhanger. Wow! Way to keep me reading, Mr. Jones. Now I want book 3.

I was so enthralled with the first book, I had to get the second. The second book was engaging and took me away from this world, catapulting me into another where I wanted to live. Meeting Phillip Jones’ new characters and their predicaments and how he propelled the story forward kept me reading. Looking forward to reading book 3.

When I finished book 1, I was enthusiastic about reading book 2. Now, I'm really excited to get my hands on book 3. But from what I understand, it won't be available until June 2012. Book 2 was just as enthralling as book 1, but with a big surprise ending. I won't give it away, but if you haven't read the first book and savor the series.

After reading book 1 and reading the cliff hanger at the end, I needed to find book 2. Once I got my hands on it, I couldn’t put it down. I read book 2 while travelling during the holidays. Even had a couple of people on the train ask me if I liked it. I told them they should check it out. I’m looking forward to book 3.

When a friend recommended that I read these books, I was skeptical because I’m not a fantasy reader. I have now finished book 2 and both laughed my butt off and then cried like a baby. My daughter thought I was just being manic, but the storytelling by Big Dog is terrific. I highly recommend these books for someone who wants to go on an adventure.

You will want to read the first story, although you can get the gist without. As it continues the main characters are quickly evolving. Don't get too attached to a certain character's "TYPE" of personality, as it's clear things are changing.Even moreso in this book, the author seems to embed some "dark" tones that borderline on disturbing and contrast with the fact that this series is marketed to teens.Parents should read this before throwing it in the lap of their 14 year olds.I am interested i [...]

I enjoyed book one so, I had to read book two. Of course, the adventure continues with Sam, Shalee, and George, but now there are so many more characters on a new world filled with more magic, better, more calculated violence, and stronger characters. Luvelles is a world where I want to go. Living there would be a blast and a half. Purple skies with other worlds visible enough to see in the sky, and more. I can’t wait for the next book.

I enjoyed the World of Grayham so much that I decided I needed to get the second book. It was as intriguing as the first book and more so. The characters are developed more and there are new characters that we are introduced to. I found myself cheering and jeering again, just like in the first book. What an enjoyable read. This time, I’m doing the recommending. My co-worker should definitely read this book… :)

And the story continues. I must say that the teaser at the end of the first book really caught my attention and it's taking all my energy not to calling sick to work to read this. This will likely take me a long while to get through because my time to actually sit down and read is severely limited, but I may have to sneak in some bedtime moments under the covers with my book lamp.

When the second book in the series came out, I couldn't wait to read it. I was not dissapointed. Sam, Shalee, George, Kepler were as cool and intwined as the first book. New characters like Payne, the Id brothers, Mykklyn and Gage added great depth to the story and I can see thousands of tangential stories. I will read every book that Phillip Jones writes in this series.

Now that the characters have a basic development from the World of Grayham, the story in Magic of Luvelles gets much more interesting. Lots more twists and unexpected happenings, but each of them in character with what we know about Sam, George, and Shalee. I’ll be on the lookout for the next book, Kingdoms of the Ice Kings for sure.

I enjoyed book 1 so much, I thought I would try book 2. It was as great as book 1. The same roller coaster of emotions, but now there was even deeper emotions felt through the deceptions, and the love and the care and the “manipulations of the gods.” I have a nephew who would love this series. I can’t wait for book 3.

As a fantasy series, these books fly right in line. Because of the understanding I have about the series from reading the first book, the second book flies by. There’s enough reminder of what happened in book 1 to flash back to the scene momentarily, then the story bulldozes forward, keeping the reader engaged. For a fun read, this is a great series. Can’t wait for book 3.

I laughed in lots of places. The humor in this book often comes when you least expect it. It’s like a tickling slap in the face. Feels good, sometimes stings for a second from the shock, but then you keep going. Looking forward to book 3.

Well, the adventures of George, Sam, and Shalee just don’t quit. WOW! Different world, different adventures, different characters and encounters. I LOVED the fairy that could “bend moments.” The back cover says that it’s appropriate for readers 13 and over. I definitely agree with that.

Reading Magic of Luvelles was as enjoyable as the first book. The pace was quick, the suspense was strong, and the comedy hit you when you least expected it. The concepts of everything I said about Mr. Jones’ first book holds true in this second book. I will continue to read the series.

After I re-read the first book, I read the Magic of Luvelles. Now that I know how the worlds operate, it was easier to read. If I could live on these worlds, I would. The city of glass would be so cool to wake up in every day. I will definitely read the third book.

I decided I had to see where the adventure continued, so I got Magic of Luvelles. The characters and storyline continued to enthrall me, taking me right into the depths of this new and magical world. I want to live there.

My niece hasn’t read this book yet, but I’m going to tell her to get it. It was more fun than the first book. I decided that I liked George more in this book than in the first one. I also love, love, love…Kepler more. He’s so snobby and nonchalant. I’m definitely looking forward to Book 3 now.

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