Nancy Is Happy: Complete Dailies, 1943–1945

Ernie Bushmiller Daniel Clowes

Nancy Is Happy: Complete Dailies, 1943–1945

Nancy Is Happy: Complete Dailies, 1943–1945

  • Title: Nancy Is Happy: Complete Dailies, 1943–1945
  • Author: Ernie Bushmiller Daniel Clowes
  • ISBN: 9781606993606
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback

A funny thing happened on the way to comic strip immortality For many years, Ernie Bushmiller s Nancy, with its odd looking, squat heroine, nearly abstract art, and often super corny gags, was perceived as the stodgiest, squarest comic strip in the world Popular with newspaper readers, true but definitely not a strip embraced by comic strip connoisseurs, like Krazy Kat,A funny thing happened on the way to comic strip immortality For many years, Ernie Bushmiller s Nancy, with its odd looking, squat heroine, nearly abstract art, and often super corny gags, was perceived as the stodgiest, squarest comic strip in the world Popular with newspaper readers, true but definitely not a strip embraced by comic strip connoisseurs, like Krazy Kat, Dick Tracy or Terry and the Pirates But then those connoisseurs took a closer look, and began to realize that Bushmiller s art approached its own kind of cartoon perfection, and those corny gags often achieved a striking zen quality In its own way, it turned out Nancy was in fact the most iconic comic strip of all The American Heritage Dictionary actually uses a Nancy strip to illustrate its entry on comic strip Charter members of the Nancy revival include Art Spiegelman, who published Mark Newgarden s famous Love s Savage Fury featuring Nancy and Bazooka Joe in an early issue of RAW Fletcher Hanks anthologist Paul Karasik Zippy the Pinhead creator Bill Griffith underground publisher Denis Kitchen, who released several volumes of Nancy collections in the 1980s Understanding Comics Scott McCloud, who created the Five Card Nancy card game Joe Brainard, who produced an entire Nancy book of paintings in 2008 and Andy Warhol, who produced a painting based on Nancy Beginning in the Winter of 2011, fans will be dancing with joy as Fantagraphics unveils an ongoing Nancy reprint project Each volume contain a whopping full four years of daily Nancy strips a Sunday Nancy project looms in the future , collected in a fat, square what else, for the squarest strip in the world package designed by Jacob Popeye, Beasts , Willie and Joe Covey This first volume will collect every daily strip from 1943 to 1946 Fantagraphics will eventually release Nancy s first five years, 1938 1942, but given the scarcity of archival material for these years we are giving ourselves some extra time to collate it all This first Nancy volume will feature an introduction by another stellar Bushmiller fan, Daniel Clowes from whose collection most of the strips in this volume were scanned , a biography of the artist, and much .

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This is kind of a treat. Growing up in the early sixties, the first thing I read in my daily Grand Rapids Press (from the back of the paper, of course) was the sports, and the second was the comics (or, funnies). For several years I would have read Nancy, though it was not my favorite daily. As I got older and more politically inclined I began to think of it as kinda square and corny. Now I see the place of Bushmiller’s work in a bit of historical perspective. I see how people like Bill Griffi [...]

I never thought a collection of children's funnies would contain some of the strangest, most interesting-looking artwork that I'm sure served as an inspiration for renowned artists such as Andy Warhol and R. Crumb. Then again, the introduction to this comic compilation is written by Daniel Clowes, so I should have known I would be expecting something interestingd yes, I can see the beauty in great childrens' comics such as Calvin and Hobbes and Cul de Sac.Yet before these two, there had to be a [...]

Just finished reading Nancy is Happy, and loved it. I've been a big Bushmiller fan for a long time (I got a Nancy tattoo on my 21st birthday!) but have never had the chance to read big chunks of the strip in chronological order before. That old adage about Nancy being easier to read than to not read is kind of true. Each strip is perfectly balanced, rendered, and expressed. I found myself staring at panel after panel with my mouth hanging open -- just absolutely impeccable cartooning!

I mean, it's Nancy, what more do you want?

First off, this isn't a deep book. There's no amazing serial or adventure to be found and it's more head scratching then deep thinking. It's also completely charming and surprisingly laugh out loud funny. Especially considering how dumb the puns are.So it's hard to explain why it's so enjoyable and readable. Nancy has been called the perfect comic strip, and it just might be.I love how she is drawn angry.The book itself is the typical top notch job from Fantagraphics. The Dan Clowes intro is a l [...]

Nancy is a classic. Maybe the best daily I've ever read. This book is tarnished periodically by racist "oriental" jokes, which is to be expected for the time, but still leaves a bad taste in the mouth. That aside, a great collection. Bushmiller is a master artist of the medium whose skills are deceiving. It looks simple to draw because the details are always perfect. I'll revisit it for years to come.

Ernie Bushmiller is truly one of the all-time cartoon geniuses. He assembled a huge amount of sequential strips and he never ever got astray from his brilliant technique: stating the obvious. There is nothing (intendedly) clever or hermetic about these strips - just pure steps towards the final gags. It all reads like a gagology, a collection of gags, symbols, landscapes, all fitting like puzzle pieces into the final laff machines - thus making clear why Bushmiller was considered more of a lingu [...]

I would have liked a few more bullshit academicky breakdowns of The Meaning Of Nancy and biographical details about Bushmiller's life and philosophy (I'm that one person in the world who reads those forewords), but all in all, it was chock full of gorgeous clean lines and sight gags. Lots of interesting references -- jokes! -- to civilian life during World War II, especially around rationing and teen fashion. (And some racist gags against Asians, of course, but far from the worst of the time.) A [...]

What a weird, weird comic this was. I really don't know how I feel about itI almost identify with the character in Ghost World walking around in the fetish cat mask, wanting to scorn and satirize, but also feeling a genuine affection. I've long only experienced Nancy second-hand as something alt-comics artists worshiped and satirized in equal measure, this is the first time I read them. The drawing is both solid and naive, the humor goes from trite to solid, the characters and lines are confiden [...]

What else can I say? It's Ernie Bushmiller's NANCY! I have waited my whole life to read this fantastic strip in a book that collected them in order. I wish it had not been a year late, it is not as though this were a Craig Yoe book full of history, original art and anecdotes. It really does nothing more than reprint the strips with a prerequisite Dan Clowes introduction and a Quote from Scott McCloud where he does not actually say he enjoys the work. But hell, I waited all of my life for it what [...]

This was a great three-fer: I enjoyed it, my kid enjoyed, and then we donated it to our local college library where it will be enjoyed by others. I was pleased to see the growth in the early months, watching Nancy grow from a silly confused kid into a little butch prankster. Reminded of when Peanuts finally found its voice when Charles Shultz started showing Snoopy's thoughts.I can't say I'd buy more if this became a series, but I was happy with this one.

Scott McCloud's blurb on the back sums up why Nancy is the best comic ever: "Ernie Bushmiller didn't draw A tree, A house, A car. Oh no. Ernie Bushmiller drew THE tree, THE house, THE car" Fantagraphics has done a top-notch job at repackaging these wartime Nancy strips in a stunning volume. Really psyched for more to be released as this comic hit THE peak in the 1950s.

i read pages of this in the bathroom and when boredom struck. being 13 i learned things about the old times i never knew. Wow, was soda cheap! my favorite character grew to be sluggo. (the tough guy) or at least tried to be. i also felt sorry for him because he was poor.i think.

As I am called Nancy, I felt a deep affinity with her from an early age and I fell in love with her almost immediately. If the cartoon had started in the 1960's then I would be sure that someone was following my life and putting it into cartoon form :)The greatest cartoon strip ever. x

As a curiosity for comics-fans it's wonderful: a collection of absurd strips that boil down newpaper humor to pretty much its barest elements.As entertainment we'll, it's clear these jokes are over 60 years old.

Really absurd, but only mildly amusing.

Female Dennis the Menace.

Aunt Fritzi outranks Blondie as the finest woman in comics.

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