The Bride Finder

Susan Carroll

The Bride Finder

The Bride Finder

  • Title: The Bride Finder
  • Author: Susan Carroll
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Chosen by the Bride Finder, a man blessed with amazing insight, Madeline Breton has come to Cornwall to meet her new husband, the enigmatic Anatole St Leger But her dream of happiness soon diffuses in his overpowering shadow Anatole knows only too well the legacies that to him have been curses than gifts But as Madeline embarks on an odyssey both otherworldly andChosen by the Bride Finder, a man blessed with amazing insight, Madeline Breton has come to Cornwall to meet her new husband, the enigmatic Anatole St Leger But her dream of happiness soon diffuses in his overpowering shadow Anatole knows only too well the legacies that to him have been curses than gifts But as Madeline embarks on an odyssey both otherworldly and undeniably real, she and her husband fall hopelessly in love until she sees a haunting vision of murder and a terrifying enemy emerges to threaten both their lives

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First things first Thank you for recommending this book, Fani! Who would have thought I'd enjoy a historical PNR so much? Fani, that would be you! ;)The Bride Finder is a romantic gothic tale, featuring a dark, tortured and brooding hero who lives in a haunted castle - where else could he live? - and a no-nonsense and engaging heroine.Anatole St. Leger comes from a long line of ancestors who are cursed - or blessed, depending on how one sees it - with paranormal powers. Anatole's "gift" is, he's [...]

Born with unusual gifts Anatole St.Leger comes from a long family whose powers and legends are known by many, through stories and whispers. Anatole powers have caused him more heartache then happiness. The time though has come for him to have his bride found. But, only the gifted Bride Finder can find the chosen mate of a St.Leger to insure happiness and love throughout their lives.The task doesn’t seem to be difficult for Madeline Breton who trades marriage to help her family out of debt. Hop [...]

”The Bride Finder” by Susan Carroll (published paperback edition 2006 (1/30/99 original publication))Anatole and Madeline(Gothic setting romance believed to be set in the Georgian period (probably more toward 1800), Cornwall, England (no actual date noted.)) Anatole St. Leger comes from a long line of men that hold a menagerie of mystical powers – anything from Anatole’s psychic abilities to know the future and levitate objects, to one of his cousins being able to “see into the true so [...]

I loved this book! I first discovered Susan Carroll's Dark Queen series and was impressed, so I decided to go back and read her earlier works. The Bride Finder is the first and best of the St. Leger trilogy. It's a beautiful, original love story between two wonderfully drawn characters: the dark and wounded Anatole St. Leger, and the smart and spritely Madeline Breton. Bound by a magical legacy, Anatole dispatches the Bride Finder, who comes from a long line of Bride Finders charged with helping [...]

I liked The Bride Finder, but not enough to give it 3 stars. I found the hero and heroine adorable, but the weak and unimaginative plot devices, lacklustre dialogue, and flat secondary characters just screwed the story up for me. At one point, anything, anything--the crack in the wall, the hundred year old family vase, my half-eaten apple pie--was much more interesting than reading the book. My attention kept on slipping, and not even the climax piqued my curiosity. It was such a shame because t [...]

The Bride Finder is about the St. Leger family, specifically Anatole St. Leger the current head of the family. The St. Leger family however is not your typical family. It traces it's lineage to a particular man who's as mysterious and enigmatic as his successors. Almost everyone in the family is gifted with a strange power or ability including Anatole. His particular gifts include dark visions of things in the future and the ability to move people and objects with his mind. He's managed to live [...]

Anatole St Leger has to marry soon. According to his family history for him to be happy his bride must be chosen by the Bride Finder.Madeline Breton falls in love with the portrait the Bride Finder shows her and accepts the marriage of convenience.Chosen by the Bride Finder, a man blessed with amazing insight, Madeline Breton has come to Cornwall to meet her new husband, Anatole St. Leger---a man whose midnight eyes conceal strange, paranormal powers. As Madeline embarks on an odyssey both other [...]

I'm about 120 pages in & I don't think I'll finish, which to me means automatic one star. Just cannot get into it. I need to make a new rule that if a main character has a name completely anachronistic to the period & location, I'm not going to read it. The author is just not on my wavelength. This is just way too slow, cliché ridden, & predictable. I really couldn't care about the constant hints about A BIG SECRET that come on every page. Also couldn't take the obvious lack of rese [...]

If anyone other than me has read this book you will understand when I say, Holy cow I am a bit embarassed. So let me start off by saying this book was on a list of recomended books by the Salt Lake County libary as a book you might like if you liked Twilight. So I thought what the heck. The story was really cool and I fell in love with the characters, until it hit the middle of the book. That's when the sex scenes came in. Now I don't read modern romance books (for that very reason), and I had n [...]

This beautiful story gets 4 1/2 stars from me, it pushed all the right buttons. I was caught up in the vivid tale of ghosts, mysticism, love, family tradition, legend & vendettas.The men of the St Ledger family must accept the partner chosen for them by the Bride Finder, to do otherwise risks disaster. Practical Madeline Breton arrives in Cornwall to meet her husband, the tormented Anatole St Ledger and the story that follows became a page turner for me (which pleasantly surprised me.) The s [...]

Wow! What a wonderful book! The Bride Finder has one of the best character/love developments I've ever read. Madeline and Anatole's relationship started off rocky and they did not have the best first impressions of each other. They are the opposites of each other. Madeline was not what Anatole demanded for as a bride. Likewise for Madeline, she was lured in by Anatole's scholarly and calm character in the portrait she was given by Fitzleger. They did not get along from the start. There was no in [...]

Oh, Anatole St. Leger. You are so emo. It is so very hard to take you seriously, but I love you anyway.This book has the feel of a Gothic. Young innocent girl moves from the big city to a mysterious castle. There are servants who don't like her much, and the master of the castle, our hero, kind of reminds me of the Beast in the Disney movie. Only more emo. Basically, Anatole had a terrible childhood, which, combined with his being a St. Leger *thunder boom* means that he feels he is just too uns [...]

The St. Ledgers are all possessed of strange magical powers. Anatole moves things with his mind and sees visions of the future -- visions that warn him against a red-haired woman. But when he sends the family bride finder for his intended bride, with a detailed list of what he needed, he is presented with a red-haired woman who seems to be the opposite of everything he wants. Yet this, the bride finder assures him, is the woman he is destined to marry. I loved the magic of this story, seamlessly [...]

I spent all night devouring this book. What's not to love about a brooding, gothic hero with a sword, a castle and telekinesis? The misunderstandings between the characters were frustrating, but understandable -the hero had serious emotional baggage to get through and didn't know how to love. The first two bedrooms scenes were surprisingly awkward for a romance novel. Usually you find the hero possessed of awesome talent and the heroine swept up in an instant conflagration of desire from the fir [...]

I didn't think the plot was well developed and the relationship between the two main characters was not very well developed either. They are destined by fate to be together, but the whole time we see evidence that they should not in fact be together. The heroine was weak, cowardly and just plain annoying. We do not see the process of how the two protagonists come to see the lovable side of the other's character. Instead, we are lead to believe that a magic stone does the trick of bringing about [...]

In parts quite a fun paranormal read. Historical romance with a beauty and the beast flavour. The wife, Madeline Breton goes to Cornwall to meet with her new husband (they were married by proxy); Anatole St. Leger. A man who has been hiding out from his abilities and from the world. There are mysterious forces at work who want him dead and misunderstandings that keep them apart.The paranormal in this story falls into the Psionic end of the scale and it's quite well dealt with, not only the power [...]

Este libro me gustó tanto, la pluma de Susan Carroll me dejó atrapada entre sus páginas. Debo decir que no lo terminé en un dos por tres porque #vacaciones :3También quiero decir que no conocía nada acerca de este libro y que inicié con su lectura ya que un día pasando por una librería encontré un libro que me llamó la atención y estaba en oferta, así que lo compré. La cosa fue que era la tercera parte de una trilogía. Así fue como descubrí la trilogía St. Leger y me enamore de [...]

I gave up on this book the first time I tried to read it, but I'm glad I persevered the second time because I found it compelling. It would be a rather typical 'nice heroine heals scarred, brooding hero,' except for the danger, the magic, and the emotional impact. Occasionally, I got a little annoyed that the H&H didn't try to communicate things better, but then, really, how short do we actually want our novels to be? The relationship developed rather well, the villain actually managed to su [...]

After wedding Anatole St. Leger by proxy, Madeline Breton finds her new home haunted and her new husband possessing supernatural powers. Spellbinding. Creative. Clever. A quick and fun read. Likeable characters. Well-paced. Similar to the Beauty and the Beast tales. Very satisfying. Has a paranormal feel. You might also like The Ground She Walks Upon by Megan McKinney.

This book took me a little while to get into but I loved it. Anitole is such a deep character that it was interesting to read of his adventures. And here again we have some magical elements with the St. Ledgers. This is really a fun book.

Good overall story but the plot plodded along a little to slowly for my taste.

I enjoyed this book very much. To me one of the ones that was very hard to put down. Matter of fact stayed up till 5 in the morning reading it. This is actually the first paranormal I have read.

A beautifully written gothic romance with a paranormal twist of dark magic, curses and fate.

I really liked this story a lot. I thought the ending was really good and because of this I would give it 4 1/2 stsrs.

An enchanting tale of unlikely love, The Bride Finder takes readers on a romantic adventure of newlywed troubles, family drama, and ghosts of the past. Anatole St. Leger orders his Bride Finder to bring him back a wife, and the requirements his new bride is to meet are quite specific. Were Anatole or any St. Leger man to search out a bride without the Bride Finder's help, it would mean a life of tragedy, yet the woman sent to him isn't what he had in mind.Madeline is a practical woman who accept [...]

I read this trilogy several years ago, but didn't want to do a review unless I re-read the books. I have just finished the first one and recall now why they stayed with me! This is a wonderful story, and I enjoyed every second of it! Filled with paranormalcy and romance it held my attention from the get-go and kept it through the entire length of the book. I cannot say much more without giving some of the story away and there is enough info in the blurb anyway, so I will simply say that I highl [...]

DNF although it wasn't bad. The premise was great. Recently my ratings suffer because of my expectations. I imagined it would be more of a silly read like "Ravished" by Amanda Quick or "Charming the Prince" by Teresa Medeiros. Both H/h were way too serious about their surreal situation.

I loved this book when I first read it. I want to revisit it soon, but there are soooo many books on my TBR pile!

A bit like Wuthering Heights.


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