Plant Life

Pamela Duncan

Plant Life

Plant Life

  • Title: Plant Life
  • Author: Pamela Duncan
  • ISBN: 9780385335263
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback

Her luminous first novel, Moon Women, won the hearts of both readers and critics Now Pamela Duncan returns to the rich landscape of the human heart with a lush, resonant novel about mothers and daughters, about family and friendship, about a woman at a turning point in her life and the extraordinary world she discovers in a place called home It s Christmastime in Russell,Her luminous first novel, Moon Women, won the hearts of both readers and critics Now Pamela Duncan returns to the rich landscape of the human heart with a lush, resonant novel about mothers and daughters, about family and friendship, about a woman at a turning point in her life and the extraordinary world she discovers in a place called home It s Christmastime in Russell, North Carolina For Laurel Granger, the holiday can t pass quickly enough With her fifteen year marriage ending, the visit to her hometown is bound to be even painful than usual And the worst part will be looking at the lives of her mother, Pansy, and Pansy s gossipy group of friends, for whom life revolves around the plant, the aging textile mill where for decades they have found companionship, a modest livelihood, and a purpose.But with her own marriage disintegrating the full scope of the disaster hasn t become clear to her yet Laurel has nowhere else to turn except Russell, and to the women of the plant And soon what Laurel begins to see is not the stifling town she couldn t wait to leave, nor women whose lives seem petty and plain, but a place where powerful secrets have been keptwhere hearts and lives have been brokend where a group of extraordinary women may have a thing or two to teach her about life Most of all, as Laurel starts to live and even love a little again, she is faced with her mother, and her mother before her, and what their complex relationship has meant for Laurel all these years.Weaving together the voices of several remarkable women across generations, Pamela Duncan tells a story of faith and forgiveness, acts of love and acts of betrayal With the same artful brushstrokes that made Moon Women a wonder, Duncan paints a masterful portrait of seemingly ordinary lives, and of what it means to grow a life and a future in the rich soil of the past.

Recent Comments "Plant Life"

I can't believe I forgot that I read this book. it just goes to show how I've grown over the years, and there is much more to gain from a book once you've lived some more.

It was ok, an easy read. I was surprised towards the ending. I would read another book by this author.

Great BookLoved, loved, loved this book. There were times I laughed out loud and times I cried. Great story whose characters came alive.

2.5Could be somebody else's 4 or 5. I'm just not charmed by Southern, small town lit

It took me a while to get into it, but I enjoyed the many characters.

Laurel Granger lived for her husband, Scott, then he left her for another woman. Depressed, rootless, and alone in Vegas, Laurel decides to head back home to Russell, North Carolina. Without telling her parents what happened, she moves in with them. Well, it becomes obvious that Laurel isn't going back to Vegas and she needs a job. The only place that will hire her is the plant (factory) where her mother has worked for umpteen years. Laurel isn't happy to be going to work there, but at least it' [...]

Loved this book. I finished it before I even had time to log in here and add it to my "currently reading" shelf. I almost did not even take the book off the library shelf when I saw the title on the spine. I thought it was a book about plants that you grow. Was I ever wrong. It is about life in a textile plant.Laurel Granger is the lead character in this book. After her husband leaves her for a younger woman, she decides to go home for Christmas in Russell, North Carolina. A small town she left [...]

I loved this book. Absolutely hated for it to end. Could have read another 300 pages of it. Great story about the relationships between long time co-workers in a mill. How lives get intertwined in both a small town and because you're working together all day. Pamela Duncan's use of language is spot on to what I heard growing up in Eastern NC. The story is one we're all familiar with. Small town Southern girl (Laurel) gets married, moves away, marriage ends, she returns home to and reluctantly mo [...]

I picked this up ages ago, and suddenly the time was right for reading it. Laurel is back home in small town North Carolina where her mother and her mothers friends all work at the textile mill. Laurel is newly divorced and her life is up in the air, while her mother is going through the change and her life is in equal chaos. We get to know these golden ladies through their lunch room chats and as they pull each other through rough patches in their lives. It's a "nice story" which sounds cheesy, [...]

Duncan spoke at our library's book festival last year, and she was a riot! By day, she's a Social Services employee in N.C.; she writes nights and weekends.Plant life is a study of women and choices, some of which feel wrong but turn out very right. 20-something Laurel returns to the small N.C. town where she grew up after being divorced, and takes a job in the textile plant she went to college to get away from. With her mother, and her mother's friends, as contemporaries, she learns about life [...]

A sad woman betrayed by her husband whom she supported faithfully their entire relationship, Laurel is distraught and aimless. She moves back home and grows to love the town she grew up in and longed to leave. By spending time with her family, getting a job at the plant where most of the residents work, she grows to appreciate her roots and the quirky residents who support their neighbors through thick and thin. A nice, feel good read.

The author is able to portray a specific slice of southern life without resorting to southern stereotypes . Characters are well developed. Or at least the female characters are. The scenes set in a textile mill are realistic. While the title may confuse at first, southerners who worked in a textile mill or only lived in a town with a mill always referred to it as 'The Plant'. Hope to read more works by Pamela Duncan in the future.

Excellent story of multigenerational families and their lives in a cotton mill town in NC. Understand the author herself experienced acceptance letter to college being waylaid.The stories told are similar to those of Doug Marlette's "The Bridge." The primary characters in "Plant Life" are the women in the families - they held down full time, grueling jobs in a cotton mill while providing for all the needs of family and home.

Another amazing book by Pamela Duncan. I liked it even better than Moon Women. Her writing is so real and the characters and what happens to them, while (thank God) not Hollywood dramatic, is the stuff of real life and struggle. Her voice is true to her roots. I want to take one of these women home with me and have a nice long talk over hot chocolate followed by a glass of wine.

Humor infused and Southern wit and style injected, made this an enjoyable read. Not sure the title actually portrays the major plot line of the story; more geared toward the lives of very different women at very different stages of their lives and how they overcome past obstacles and present worries about husbands, lovers and children.

I enjoyed this but not as much as 'Moon Women'. I do love that kind of womens fiction though and this is very well written, and I would highly recommend it. The characters are great and you feel like they become your friends by the end of the book.

Story of Laurel, back at home in Russell, NC after a traumatic divorce. She ends up working at the same plant (textile mill) that her mother and her mother's friends work at. Good back story of her mother, grandmother and her plant friends. Highly recommend.

This is a great story about working at a plant in a small town, dealing with all layers of life: divorce, growing old, death, family and second chances for love. This is like "Steel Magnolias" meets "Hope Floats", a contemporary woman's fiction novel is how I would label it.

I read this book for my library's book discussion group. Sadly, I will not be able to make the meeting, but I did enjoy the book. The story revolved around the textile plant in rural NC. A sweet story with a little bit of NC history woven in.

I read this after hearing the author interviewed on NPR/Fresh Air. Having grown up around a lot of textile workers the characters here were strongly resonant. If you want to read about strong women coping with a trying environment then I can recommend Plant Life.

I really liked Moon Women and The Big Beautiful but this one didn't quite measure up. Looking forward to her next novel whenever that may be.


Great book on life after divorce and friendships

It's about working in a plant, not growing a plant. Very good, quick read.

Liked Moon Women better.

It occurs to me that one should not confuse this author with the prolific children's author, Pamela Duncan Edwards.


I have to put this book back on the shelve and maybe read it later. There is so many other books that seems more interesting to me at the moment.

I am very much enjoying this look into life in a small NC mill town. The values of family and tradition in this story are endearing.

This was a wonderful read. I had a hard time putting it down. Pamela Duncan has a talent for creating characters that are hard to say goodbye to when the book comes to an end.

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