The Women of Eden

Marilyn Harris

The Women of Eden

The Women of Eden

  • Title: The Women of Eden
  • Author: Marilyn Harris
  • ISBN: 9780345289650
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Sweeping from England s Devon coast to London, Cambridge, and finally America, this new volume in the Eden family saga is surely the best yet.John Murrey Eden is the dominating force in the lives of the five Eden women Lady Mary Eden, John s cousin, is the recipient of his greatest beneficence and the object of his deepest rage Young and headstrong, Mary is stifled and eSweeping from England s Devon coast to London, Cambridge, and finally America, this new volume in the Eden family saga is surely the best yet.John Murrey Eden is the dominating force in the lives of the five Eden women Lady Mary Eden, John s cousin, is the recipient of his greatest beneficence and the object of his deepest rage Young and headstrong, Mary is stifled and eventually almost killed by John s zealous protection When she falls in love with Burke Stanhope, a man John despises, battle lines are clearly drawn Mary must decide if her love for Burke is stonger than her loyalty to the man who has single handedly rescued her family from financial ruin.Elizabeth Eden, the closest to a mother John has ever known and his staunchest supported, lives with Mary in her fashionable London home As she watches John destroy the family she loves, even she is forced to choose a life independent of him.Lady Lila Harrington Eden is John s charmingly free spirited wife, whose suffering at John s behest is perhaps the most devastating of all.Dowager Countess Harriet Eden, Mary s mother and John s aunt, lives in a self inflicted world of darkness as penance for a sin so heinous that only she and John know of its nature.And finally, Dhari, John s mistress, whose deep affection for John is replaced by an even stronger love for his solicitor, with catastrophic results.From Mary s homosexual brother, who s lover dies unexpectedly, to the editor of the London Times, whose illustrious career is placed in jeopardy, John Murrey Eden makes his indelible mark on all the book s characters.The Eden women s raging conflicts with John and their abiding love for one another provide the framework for this superbly written historical novel As in This Other Eden, The Prince of Eden, and The Eden Passion, the reader is so caught up in the family s dramatic events that the book s ending comes all too soon.The Women of Eden will certainly enrapture Marilyn Harris s wide audience and gain and devoted readers.

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I was a bit nervous when I picked this one up. John Murrey Eden (henceforth "JME") didn't thrill me as much in The Eden Passion as his daddy and grandaddy did, so I wasn't really looking forward to him being the "hero" again for an entire novel. Of course I shouldn't have been trepidatious, since Marilyn Harris upended all my expectations and delivered a juicy wallop of psychological terror and manipulation with JME as the main antagonist, lording it over a cast of characters. He's not put into [...]

Yup, I will be going on a Kindle book buying ban for several weeks. This will be my reward for good behavior.

This is the fourth book of the Eden series.In this book, the author shows how John Murrey Eden dominates all Eden women. The main plot is based on the story of Lady Mary Eden, John's cousin, when during a ball in Eden Castle mets the American journalist Burke Stanhope.The remaining female characters, Elizabeth Eden, Lady Lila Harrigton Eden, Countess Harriet Eden, and Dhari will suffer in John's hands, an authentic psychopath in my humble opinion.This is last volume I would read in this series s [...]

John Murrey Eden: one gloriously sick bastard.

One of the more brutal and emotionally wearing of the series. No one in this is safe from John Murrey Eden's machinations and plots. Not at all for the sensitive or timid. However there are some great descriptive passages and one that is especially tender, and proving that you don't need marathon, gonzo sex to show you love someone. Four stars overall. To read the longer review, please go here:epinions/review/Marily

Mr. Eden the Psychopath! Horror, nothing went right throughout except at the end! But we keep reading and hoping to get to the other book!! This engagement is well done by Mrs. Harris.

"Unfortunately he'd tried to remake human beings in his own image, and had found flesh and blood to be less malleable to his will than iron and brick."Against the odds, John Murrey Eden carved out a huge financial empire and he rules it all - including the Women of Eden - his childlike wife Lila, his foster mother Elizabeth, his Indian mistress Dhari and his cousin Mary. Unfortunately, John's passion for protecting his women ultimately becomes an obsession, and the more the women resist him the [...]

Dear God, what a ride this book turned out to be! Never have I despised a character as much as John Murrey Eden--vile, corrupt, psychologically FUBAR-ed. Possibly the most evil of the Eden Lords. And of course, I loved every single moment. I've yet to write reviews on the previous three novels, but do yourself a favor and snatch them up if you find them. What little romance exists between the pages is overshadowed by the holy-shit-did-I-just-read-what-I-think-I-just-read of it all.

#4 in the Eden series: This is the best historical fiction/romance series that I've read. From book 1-4 have been so good and well written. The Eden family is a dysfunctional family with lots of skeletons in the closet. The MC John Murray Eden has turned into a controlling tyrant trying to control everyone's lives. I couldn't wait to see what would happen yet dreading to see what he would do next. Now it's on to book 5. This is an old series, but I highly recommend it!

I do not have a quarrel about the writing, it is superb by the way. But the subject matter of incest and homosexuality are subjects I steer away from. VC Andrews have already prepared me for these and these topics have disturbed me then and they still do now. But I did read George R.R. Martin's books re~novels on A Song of Ice and Fire and watch the HBO series but maybe because the setting was a fantasy though as real as can be, 'Thrones will have to do for me on these same subjects. PS ~ I got [...]

Women of EdenPage turning visit to Victorian England studies the delicate dance between social convention and personal individuality. Excellent multi dimensional characters!Book three in the series, but the first I have read. Now I have to start at the beginning and read the others

The entire series (7) is a great look at way things were in these period pieces starting in 1890 and ending with WWW I. Takes place mostly in England and a little in India and America.

Book 4 out of 5 in Eden Saga. Good book. My favorite of the 5 is book #2-"The Prince of Eden". But this book covers what becomes of Edward's son, John & to James's kids, Richard & Mary. Introduces John's wife & 2 sons, as well as his mistress & her young son. Good book.

I still own this book, but I had no clue it was part of a series at all. In fact, if this isn't the first in the series, then it was not apparent by reading it that I had missed some of the back story. Maybe this is due for a re-read.

Incredible story ! This whole series grabs you and you have to keep reading !

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