Tyger Tyger

Kersten Hamilton

Tyger Tyger

Tyger Tyger

  • Title: Tyger Tyger
  • Author: Kersten Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780547330082
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Hardcover

Teagan Wylltson s best friend, Abby, dreams that horrifying creatures goblins, shape shifters, and beings of unearthly beauty but terrible cruelty are hunting Teagan Abby is always coming up with crazy stuff, though, so Teagan isn t worried Her life isn t in danger In fact, it s perfect She s on track for a college scholarship She has a great job She s focused on schTeagan Wylltson s best friend, Abby, dreams that horrifying creatures goblins, shape shifters, and beings of unearthly beauty but terrible cruelty are hunting Teagan Abby is always coming up with crazy stuff, though, so Teagan isn t worried Her life isn t in danger In fact, it s perfect She s on track for a college scholarship She has a great job She s focused on school, work, and her future No boys, no heartaches, no problems.Until Finn Mac Cumhaill arrives Finn s a bit on the unearthly beautiful side himself He has a killer accent and a knee weakening smile And either he s crazy or he s been haunting Abby s dreams, because he s talking about goblins, too and about being The Mac Cumhaill, born to fight all goblin kind Finn knows a thing or two about fighting Which is a very good thing, because this time, Abby s right The goblins are coming.

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I wanted to love Tyger Tyger. I’ve got a soft spot for teenagers-in-faeryland stories, and this one gets off to a terrific start. Teagan, the heroine, is working at a Chicago zoo; she plans to pursue a related career when she grows up. I can’t praise Kersten Hamilton highly enough for giving Teagan a concrete aspiration like this. The YA paranormal field is alarmingly full of heroines who seem bland without the magic or without the male lead, and have no idea what they want to do with their [...]

I reread this book hoping that I would have another book to read and to give it a review.I really liked Teagan. She was a strong character and smart. She was caring to her animals at the zoo and very protective of her family. I also found that Finn was a pretty good guy. He truly cared for Teagan as well as her family.I liked the romance between them even though I wish that there could have been a bit more between them. There were only a few scenes that I think were supposed to lead into the nex [...]

I'd read a number of glowing reviews for this book, most by some book bloggers whose opinions I really value, so I was really surprised to find that I was wholeheartedly disappointed. I mean, where was the story? Probably 90% of the book was dialogue exchanges between characters as way of explanation but it didn't provide much else. Lacking was character development, world building, and, most importantly, the opportunity for readers to connect with the character's emotions.The author's concept w [...]

When you first see the cover and title of this book you might hesitate to pick it up, but once you start you will finish in what seems like only minutes. There are many reasons you should read this book. One, the title is a poem, how awesome is that?! If you have seen the other two books you would understand that they all go together to form sections and meanings in this poem. Two, don't look at the cover, what matters are the words that take you to an incredible world within. Let me tell you th [...]

I didn't go into this book expecting much, I find I'm not much a fan of the current crop of YA fae books. This one was better than most, but was still lacking. I liked the story, and the author's world building, especially the Mag Mell, but the characterization was lacking for me.I liked that the main character, Teagan was not a TSTL, vapid teenager. She was smart and had goals for her life, and didn't act impulsively, which is pretty rare with a female protag in YA fantasy.I liked Teagan's fami [...]

Synopsis, definitely not make this book justice for some reason. I left it to luck when I ordered the book, or maybe instinct. I saw promises of Celtic myths in there and I just went on and pre-ordered it. And my instincts were right this time, because it exceeded my expectations.I’m a sucker for Irish myths, Irish accents, Irish characters and of course Irish boys. So Tyger Tyger was right up my alley. Read it in one sitting and grrrd when I reached the last page because I wanted more. The my [...]

I loved the idea of this novel. I've been doing a lot of reading myself pertaining to Celtic Mythology and the actual Fionn Mac Cumhaill himself, so I was intrigued right away. Plus, I loved the whole spin about the goblins. You don't see a lot of 'goblin' type literature in YA we have a lot of fae, but not many goblins!Unfortunately, the characters were lacking. Teagan's best friend Abby was the only character I felt like had a little bit of a personality or at the least was memorable. Teagan, [...]

I am reviewing an advance copy provided by the publisher.Teagan Wylltson has plans. She wants to attend Cornell’s vet-med school and thinks her part-time job at a zoo socializing with a female ape is a great step in that direction. There is little room for boys and romance, but all the time for her crazy best friend Abby, who thinks she’s a little psychic. Lately, Abby’s visions involve goblins and other undesirable creatures chasing after Teagan. Naturally, Teagan pays this no mind until [...]

★★★★☆ I loved itDon't you just love when books live up to your expectations? Tyger Tyger did exactly that for me. Kersten Hamilton has masterfully weaved Irish mythology into a modern day fairytale for a teenage audience and those young at heart. I even googled Fionn Mac Cumhaill, the goblin fighter that the story is based around and found that a tale that is retold in the book, to be actually taken from a real life legend. Like all those Prince/King Arthur stories, only this stars peo [...]

Rating Clarification 4.5Aside from Knife which I have read about two months ago, this book had the most understandable and acceptable boy/girl relationship I've read this year. And it's half the reason why I gave this book .5 star in addition. I've wanted to read this book ever since it came out last year and like it often happens, I have forgotten about it. Until I actually saw the 'paperback' version during my weekly visit to my favorite book store. I was so thrilled ! I had to buy the book th [...]

Whenever I start a book, I can usually tell within the first few pages whether I will like it or not. And I could tell that I was going to like, really like Tyger, Tyger from the first page. Right after I met Cindy, the possessive ape. There is a freshness to Kersten Hamilton’s prose that subsumes any initial objections the mind may bring up. The snappy dialogue and the fast pace of the story challenges the reader to plunge into the richly woven tapestry of myth and reality. Juxtaposing the co [...]

Teagan is a 16-year-old girl who just wants to help animals and go to a good college, and she's right on track. If all goes as planned, she'll make it into the best veterinary college in the States, and everything is going great. She has a family she loves, a loyal best friend, and doesn't know any guys that interest her.But when her orphaned cousin, Finn Mac Cumhaill, moves in after living on the streets, things start to go wrong. The goblins have arrived. Now the question is, instead of where [...]

TYGER TYGER begs for you to dive in and explore the wonders of Irish folklore flowing within the pages.When I first read the synopsis of this book, I knew I was in for a great adventure filled with danger and goblins. I’ve not read too many books dealing with goblins but Kersten’s world building and Celtic mythology had me sold. I absolutely adore the fantasy genre and when it’s done right, I find myself wanting to immerse myself deeper into the world that was created. Kersten’s TYGER TY [...]

Copy received from Netgalley Thanks!Review:So I've taken my time, trying to absorb this book as best as possible, so I could give you a great review. The thing is, this is one of those books that I can't even begin to describe.I LOVED it, and have already re-read it twice. There is a ton of action, the whole book is an adventure, and the budding romance is bitter sweet.At first I was skeptical that I would like it, because it's about goblins. I mean, really, i felt that it was more geared toward [...]

For some reason I'm having a hard time deciding what to say about his book.So all I'm going to say is that I enjoyed it very much. I adored the Irish Mythology and legends in this read and I especially liked that we don't find very many books about Goblins, so this was a real treat. Teagan and Finn were both likable characters and a great pair, but I think Aiden's voice didn't quite fit for a six year old.All in all, I thought that Tyger Tyger was a great book filled with adventure and entertain [...]

I finished my library book and then the power went out. I had my phone, but Tumblr eats my battery and Netfix eats my data. So I went exploring and fell back on a favorite that I haven't read in years. It's just as good as I remember it. Kersten Hamilton effortlessly weaves together a fast paced yet in depth adventure filled with great characters, beautiful relationships, creatures from myth, and a charming Irish boy from legend. Much simpler than most great YA fantasy, but still a great read. P [...]

A wonderful new young adult, urban fantasy series based in Irish folkloreSixteen-year-old Teagan "Tea" Wylltson speaks to apes in sign language while working as an intern at the Chicago zoo. She's determined to win a scholarship to a prestigious veterinary school, but in the meantime she's surrounded by fascinating people. Her father is a school librarian who loves to read aloud to his children and claims to be a descendant of Merlin. Her mother creates beautiful--and often frightening--illustra [...]

Originally posted at: rivreadsShort Review:Overall, it was an incredible book. It had the subtlest mention of romance, humor, tension, emotion, and everything in between. I highly recommend it for those who like action, but romance is not a priority.The Long Review:I really enjoyed reading Tyger, Tyger. It had bits of romance, which I enjoy more than romance being the whole plot. I read the book in one weekend, I think (and I slept a bit!). Rereading the back-cover blurb, I felt that it didn't s [...]

Teagan Wylltson has a happy home life, high expectations of her beloved job at the zoo and little interest in boys. Her life is changed forever when Finn Mac Cumhaill is sent to live with the Wytlltsons after being found on the streets his parents dead. There is something odd about him and when he is close to her she feels odd. Teagan’s best friend Abby has been dreaming and warns of death and goblins, but of course, Teagan does not believe her at all.Teagan is a very loving and loyal characte [...]

Check out the full review @ leaveyoureyesbehind.cEvery once in awhile, I write something that sounds a little something like this:"I've never read anything like this before!"/ "This is seriously unlike anything I've ever read before!"And I mean it every time. And I mean it now. Tyger Tyger is worlds away different from anything I've ever read. As you can probably tell, I really like "different."Tyger is a book that has incredible strength in its fantasy universe. For one thing, it draws heavily [...]

Meet Teagan Wyllston. She is a high school student with aspirations to become a veterinarian. She spends most of her free time at the zoo, working with chimpanzees. Her life changes when her not-quite-cousin, Finn, moves in with her family, bringing with him some unfriendly supernatural baggage. The Celtic mythology that drives this story is fascinating. The reader is taken on a journey that includes goblins, the multiverse, Irish Travelers, hellhounds, angels and assorted other supernatural ele [...]

“I’m going to change that plan of yours.” - Finn Mac CumhaillGoblins are real and scary. Don’t ignore information such as that, Teagan Wyttson sure learned the truth the hard way. Life was normal for Tea. Her family is eccentric yet closely knitted. Her best friend, Abby, loves her like a sister. She has a cool job at the zoo and hopes to be a veterinarian in the future. Things did not stay normal, I’m afraid - tragedy, after tragedy struck her family. Good thing though, she has both F [...]

Man, this is one heck of a book. I was pretty reluctant at first what with the whole plot revolving around goblins but I quickly got over that and manned up. So glad I decided to try it out when I read awesome reviews about it, enough to stir my curiosity and interest. Was in the library when I came across it and thought 'hey, what the heck, might as well try it out' so I did and from the first page onwards, well okay, the first few pages onwards, the book totally held me captivated. I was so in [...]

This is one of my favorite new series of 2010Loved Teagan and little brother Aidan, Finn MacCumhail, the Grandma, crazy Abby - I loved all these characters. Their vibrancy and strength. Their interactions. I liked the world created - full of danger and wonder walking hand in hand. I appreciated the integration of so many Celtic myths, along with old saints and customs. The fact that she did not get Finn and Teagan together nor solve problems too quickly. It felt like it genuinely deserved a seco [...]

Love love loved all the mythology and ancient stories that were integrated into this novel - things I've never read about before, and this was a really vibrant reimagining of all this Irish lore. It was fantastic. I think in terms of the storyline, it was brilliant. Some characters were wonderful, others seemed a little two-dimensional (though I believe this is the start of the series, so hopefully they'll all have an opportunity to be further developed - Abby seemed as if she didn't serve much [...]

Teagan has a plan for next few years of her life. After high school comes college. No boys, no excitement until after college. Life has another plan for Teagan. One day after finishing her shift at the zoo, her friend Abby calls her frantic. Abby has had a horrible dream of goblins and evil shadowsd they were after Teagan. Teagan's brother, Aiden, has the remarkable talent of being able to learn songs immediately after hearing them and singing them back perfectly. He also never gets lost. The st [...]

When the Mac Cumhaill, a gorgeous young man who has been living on the streets, walks into Teagan's home her life is changed forever. Tyger Tyger is a story masterfully woven with threads of Celtic mythology including one of the most terrifying depictions of Cat-Sidhe that I have had the pleasure to read. Tyger Tyger is full of action, adventure and suspense, however, it is Kersten Hamilton's characters that bring this book alive. The Wylltson family is quirky and loveable making what begins hap [...]

It's a 3.5 stars YA fantasy novel. The writing is descent, the use of the goblins tales and Irish myths is respectful enough, also the plots have some interesting twist and turns. Comparing with a lot of crappy YA novels about faeries, Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton is a refreshing and delightful read.However, the book fails to gain a full 4 stars(but it's just one step away from gaining this 1 extra star) because I think the instant-love between the two main characters is very, very cliched, t [...]

I adored fact that this book wasn't the stereotypical fairy, vampires or werewolves kind of book. It was a amazingly awesome goblin story which is far from the norm but just as, if not more so awesome.I think I might be utterly truly in love with this book. Everything about it was just wonderful from the great back stories and myths to the action and plot twist that just kept me turning the page. The characters themselves were completely amazing.I was completely in love with the characters in th [...]

Kersten Hamilton retells the mysteries of Celtic mythology and brings a fantasy tale to life with the help of Celtic hero Fionn mac Cumhaill.Tyger Tyger was a fantastical read and throughly enjoyable. An amazing start to an amazing new series.One the many reasons this book made such an increadibe read was because of his main character: Finn. Mysterious and sexy Finn shows up to his cousin's house and with his arrival strange things start happening, not mentioning the weird shadows of legendary c [...]

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