Fahrenheit 451: Alternative Assessment for Literature

Marsha James

Fahrenheit 451: Alternative Assessment for Literature

Fahrenheit 451: Alternative Assessment for Literature

  • Title: Fahrenheit 451: Alternative Assessment for Literature
  • Author: Marsha James
  • ISBN: 9780789116512
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback

Helps students understand and teachers assess student understanding of literature student activities reproducible for classroom use focuses on the Ray Bradbury classic

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Read this when I was much younger. It REALLY bored me at the time. I think about this book rather often, now that I'm older. As far fetched as this idea is, it becomes more achievable every day with the social media, electronic archiving, and cloud computing. I won't spoil it for those who haven't read the book, but the theme her is NOT a good one. The implementation "book burning" seems ludicrous. What's crazy is that that same agenda could one day be accomplished with the click of a button. An [...]

Of course, I'm not fond of the situation of society that this book portrays. Like "The Giver" and "The Handmaid's Tale," Farenheit 541 makes you feel uncomfortable and worried. This book is phenomenal, though. Like those others, it does serve as a sort of warning about the restriction of personal freedoms and education. Another book it reminds me of is "Blade Runner."

Definitely one of my favorites. This work is still relative, possibly even becoming more relevant as time passes on and more and more people leave the literary world for a world that is owned and dominated by television and computer screen/internet media.

great book about too much government

this book was assigned in school, but i'd seen the movie in 7th grade so i understood it a little bit better than everyone else. i thought it was really good and definately a great lesson learned.

The novel Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is about a society that is quite different from ours. Firemen who actually cause fires instead of preventing them. In a society where people owning books is a massive crime. People have seashells in their ears which blocks out the environment that they are living in. Seems as if the government is controlling what they do and how they do it, that they just choose to overlook the people around them with these seashells that make them listen to the radio. The [...]

“There was always a minority afraid of something, and a great majority afraid of the dark, afraid of the future, afraid of the past, afraid of the present, afraid of themselves and shadows of themselves." Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" captivates the reader with its distinctive symbolism and unique plot. The plot unfolds in a future time where books are outlawed and thus abolished by firemen. It is believed by the government that the knowledge obtained from these books and the ideas they may [...]

During this past summer, I read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. This book was recommended to me by my brother and it has also been a book that I have wanted to read for a while. This book has really appealed to me due to its abstract writing and concepts. I have not read many books like this, but I would say that these books tend to keep me interested. Reading Fahrenheit 451 was an enjoyable experience and kept me thinking because of the intellectual concepts. A few things surprised me about thi [...]

Lame. Really lame. I have always heard amazing things about this one and finally decided to look at it myself. There is no reason this should be considered a classic. I think what we have here is a bunch of English teachers trying to validate the benefits of reading. In their efforts, the have preserved this book and labeled it a 'must read' for all high school students. If students like it, okay. But I was terribly unimpressed. The story was weak and the characters were not worth connecting to. [...]

Overall, I found this book rather boring. It is the story of a civilization that has "banned books", and actively employs "firemen" to seek them out and burn them. The protagonist of the story finds himself caught up in a war and frantically trying to reproduce books. The book then ends with him meeting a band of refugees called the "book people", and they plan to rebuild society after the great war ended. In class, I would teach a lesson referencing this book about "why books, reading, and lear [...]

Guy's transformation throughout the book has been inspirational. This book takes place somewhere around 2053 where instead of stopping fires, firemen were starting fires to burn books. After meeting Clarisse and being introduced to a world he never knew about, Guy reevaluates his life and questions everything he thought he knew. This book made me question the future of humanity and how family and reading may soon become obsolete. Overall this was a great read. I plan to finish Brave New World an [...]

Farenheit 451 is a great book, that taps into some of our society today. It is about a futurist era, where instead of firemen putting out fires, they start them. They burn books. The government has ordered the burning of books because they are dangerous, since ideas can be hidden inside them. Farenheit 451 is about a fireman, who sees reality and saves a book and runs, just as his city is bombed.

I read this is my Freshman English class and I would have to say that this book's image was ruined by my teacher at the time.I would like to read it again and understand it with my own perception. The story felt like a tug of war with me. I was trying to understand but the book was pulling away from me. Yeah

I read this because my kids had read it in high school. The concept is interesting, with many of the ideas far ahead of the writer's time that were not terribly far off of what was in the future. I wish the author would have elaborated a little more on some of the aspects of society I may have missed them.

It took a bit of reading to 'get into it'-but when I did I found it to be a fascinating story. I would imagine that when it was written in1950 it probably was a best seller. It lends itself to an interesting discussion about the future; and of course brings the history of Hitlerordering books to be burned. I did not connect w/any of the characters but still found it a good read.

Way too dated for me. I read it so that I can discuss it with my daughter who must read it this semester. I hope my lack of enthusiasm for the story doesn't show through. Wish I had read it in 1971 when I was her age.

I read this book in the 7th grade. All I could remember was that firemen burned books. I'm in the process of reading it again. It's uncanny how relevant it is to certain aspects of our society today.

MehI enjoyed how the author wrote, I crave the ability to write as descripitvely as he. But I did not like the ending and found that Montag was simply a very bland character. Sure, he was curious, but aren't nearly all protagonists so?

Really confused during the whole thing Last time I read it was 5 years ago

Great book about a futuristic culture.

Nothing like what i expected but very descrpitive, thought provoking writing style. Weird way of executing the story. But I agreee world would be a very awful place with no books.

Well, that was depressing.

I liked it.

This book was really interesting but slightly confusing in the beginning. I found it really cool how the author practically predicted the future.

Really weird but thought provoking.

As good as the first time I read it!

I thought this book was ok, but it got boring at times and went really slow.


Reread this book because my son was reading it for his class. Don't think it stood the test of time very well, but still had a good message.

very confusing

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